The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 266 The Village by the Border 1

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The next day I woke up earlier as expected, dawn was just breaking. It must be because I did not do anything the whole day yesterday but rest. I opened my eyes facing a beautiful face by my side.

Regaleon had his eyes closed and was breathing steadily. Looking at him sleep made my heart feel warm from the inside. I used this time to look at him closely, because of he was awake I would feel shy just by looking at him for so long.

I looked at his closed eyes and saw his long eye lashes. I never realized he had long lashes until now. He has a tall bridged nose and his eyebrows are arched perfectly on his face. The contours of his face are just right, and his lips have the right thickness. All in all, he was born with a handsome face that all women would fall for.

I giggled thinking that I was one of that women that fell for his handsome face. Well I did not really fall for his face because he was in disguise the first time I met him, but I fell for him all the same. Regaleon came into my life when I was at my lowest and he stayed by my side ever since. We were separated with unseen circumstances, but we tried so hard to be together and helping each other along the way. And now we are together at last.

\'I will never part from him again, ever!\' I promised to myself.

"Are you enjoying the view, princess?" I heard Regaleon\'s hoarse voice. I saw him opening his eyes sleepily. "Good morning sunshine. It is still a bit early to wake up don\'t you think?" He pulled me closer to him and wrapped his arms around me.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" I snuggled my face on his chest.

"Don\'t mind me. If it makes you happy looking at my face while sleeping, then I will indulge you." Regaleon planted a kiss in top of my head.

"I just missed you so much." I hugged him more tightly. "I was afraid that all of this was just a dream."

"This is not a dream my love." Regaleon said with a smile. "We are together at last, and I will never let you go again."

I smiled hearing his words. We are thinking the same thing and it made me so happy.

"I love you Leon." I professed what I was feeling now. "I don\'t want to part with you again."

"Me to my love. I love you my Lili." Regaleon cupped my chin up and planted a kiss on my lips. It felt that I was melting in his arms.


When the sun had risen, Regaleon and I came out of the room. We both have gone our separate ways to freshen up. By the time I was done, I came down the stairs to find the others.

The house we were in had two-stories and it was just right for a normal sized family.

\'I wonder if Regaleon rented this house out while we are staying here?\' I thought to myself.

I quite like the interior of the house. It was small compared to the palace, but it has warmth that the palace does not have.

"Good morning sweetheart." My mother greeted me as soon as she saw me walk inside the living room.

"Good morning mother." I smiled at her sweetly.

\'Good morning Alicia.\' Snow jumped towards me in no time. I caught her and started to rub her soft white fur. \'You\'re feeling okay now, right?\'

"Hi Snow. Yes, I am feeling a lot better now." I replied with a smile. "How about you?"

Because Snow was my familiar, we have a connection that feels what the other is feeling. I am sure she was also weak when I was unconscious.

\'I am fine when you are Alicia.\' Snow said and jumped down from my arms. \'this handsome man had been taking good care of me.\'

William stood up from his seat when he saw me. Snow jumped on his arms and felt at home.

"Good morning your highness." William said with a smile. "Has your body recovered?" He asked with a hint of worry on his face.

"Do not worry Will, you know that I am strong." I pump my fists jokingly. William and mother giggled.

"That is good to hear." William said.

"Thank you, William. For taking care of mother and Snow." I said with all sincerity.

"You don\'t need to thank me your highness." William gave me a warm smile. "I will do this willingly even if you don\'t tell me to."

My heart felt a little pinch from William\'s words. He was always with me when I was in Jennovia as a hostage and he did that all with sincerity towards me. I know that he still has feelings for me, and I cannot but feel guilty to let him still stay by my side now that Regaleon and I are together again.

\'I need to talk to Will after all of this is over.\' I told myself. I do not want to take him for granted.

"By the way, where is Leon?" I looked around searching for him.

"His majesty came down before you." Mother was the one to reply to my question. "He just went out for a while with Dimitri. He will be back soon."

By then we heard the front door open.

"Well speaking of the devil." Mother giggled when she saw my face brighten up when Regaleon arrived.

"You are done freshening up?" Regaleon walked straight towards me and scooped me into his arms. He gave a peck on my forehead.

"Y-Yes… sorry to keep you waiting." I felt embarrassed with Regaleon\'s sudden closeness. "What are you doing? We are not alone." I whispered to him feeling awkward.

"They are practically family." Regaleon whispered back. "And judging with there faces, they probably think we have done the \'deed\' last night." He said playfully.

I was surprised with what Regaleon said but I doubted that mother and the others will think such things. I glanced towards Dimitri and William and they had awkwardness etched on their faces. They were trying to avert their eyes from us. My mother on the other hand was smiling broadly.

\'W-What the heck were they thinking?\' I thought to myself.

"Well they probably heard our moans." Regaleon whispered. "Well, the walls in this house are thin so the sounds would have been heard." He chuckled.

I was filled with embarrassment that my face felt like it was burning. I was irritated with Regaleon that he was still adding fuel to their imagination.

"Stop that!" I scolded him and hit his chest.

"Hahahaha…" Regaleon laughed out loudly that made me more irritated. "Sorry, I did not mean to irritate you my love." He took my hand and kissed it.

My irritation quickly faded with Regaleon\'s sweet gesture. Now I am irritated with myself. I cannot believe that I can be coaxed this easily. My irritation towards Regaleon was replaced with my heart thumping for this man I love.

"If you are ready, let us eat breakfast first. And then I will take you out to look round the village." Regaleon said with a sweet smile.

"Y-Yes." I answered. I cannot believe that I am still feeling flustered with the sweet gestures given by Regaleon. Even after this many years, I still feel like a little girl in love.

"Your highness, your majesty, breakfast is served." I heard a familiar voice. When I looked around, I was surprised to see a person that I was not able to see for long.

"Tricia…" I saw the personal maid who was with me since I was young. She was like an older sister to me.

"Your highness. It is good to see again." Tricia said with a tearful smile.

I walked towards her and hugged her in an instant.

"I missed you, Tricia." I said with tears falling from my eyes.

"Me too princess." Tricia said while crying as well. "I was worried about you all these years."

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