The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 265 Sleeping Beside Him

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The entire day I was on bed resting to regain my depleted magic power. Two years ago, when I had the same outburst of my magic, I was unconscious for half a year. It is fortunate I did not need the same amount of time to recuperate and woke up just after a few days.

The day has gone by quick and Regaleon never left my side. We talked about lots of things, we needed to catch up to the two years we were apart. I was lying on bed while he was sitting beside me. Our hands are intertwined with one another all day long that we both did not want to let go.

"Are there any news from Jennovia?" I asked him. "What happened to Jack and Duke Matias\' men that helped steal Queen Patricia\'s pendant?"

I was worried to the people that were left in Jennovia. I am sure that Jack did not come with Regaleon\'s men because if he did, then he would have also come to see me as soon as I woke up.

"Before escaping, Dimitri saw the injured Jack." Regaleon said. "Jack was able to give the pendant he stole from the queen to Dimitri, but he decided to stay in Jennovia."

"He decided to stay?" I asked in confusion and worry. "But it is dangerous to be left at the enemy\'s base."

I became agitated with worry and Regaleon tried to comfort me by patting my head.

"Do not worry Lili. Before Dimitri left, he saw the duke\'s men came to help Jack so he left him knowing he would be fine." Regaleon said with a soothing voice and I sighed in relief.

"That is good then." I said in relief. "I wonder how they are doing, Satiana and Jack. Do you have any news?" I asked Regaleon.

"Duke Matias had maintained contact with us and send information of what is going on back in Jennovia." Regaleon replied. "When Dimitri left, the duke\'s men helped Jack but the queen\'s guards with the high priest came back in the scene and started to engage on battle. They were able to escape from the palace successfully with minimum casualties."

"What?!" I was shocked. "Then that means Duke Matias…"

Regaleon nodded. "Duke Matias is now deemed a traitor by the queen\'s faction."

"Oh no." I was worried once more.

I remembered how kind Duke Matias and his daughter were to me. And I cannot but help feel worried about Satiana. Regaleon saw me worrying once more and lightly squeezed my hand.

"Duke Matias was prepared for this." Regaleon said. "He has spread the information about Gladiolus not being the son of the late king of Jennovia. The rumors spread like wildfire and a great faction of the nobles in power demanded for Gladiolus to be stripped of his title and crown prince and Queen Patricia to step down from her position. They asked for Princess Satiana, who is clearly the late king\'s daughter to ascend to the throne."

"Oh my, so that is what\'s happening in Jennovia right now." I said. "I wonder how Sati is doing?"

Satiana is only fourteen years old. The nobles are pushing her to be queen in such a young age. This position is a great burden on her small shoulders.

"I know you care for your cousin." Regaleon said with a gentle voice and cupped my cheeks. "You have been with her and thought her well. She is now under the care of Duke Matias and as I can see, she will be a befitting queen."

"Hmm I understand." I nodded and smiled at Regaleon. He really knows how to comfort and encourage me with his words. "And I am sure that Jack stayed behind to protect Sati."

"Because of the rumor of the crown prince\'s linage, the common people of Jennovia were also in an uproar." Regaleon said. "Because of this a civil war has started inside the Jennovian kingdom."

"A civil war." I repeated Regaleon\'s words.

This was my goals since the time I was in Jennovia. I saw how Aunt Patricia only used the Jennovia kingdom and its people for her own agenda. She had left the country to freeze these past twenty years or so and left the people to suffer because of her own revenge.

I was happy to hear that what little work I have done was paid off. My plan was for Regaleon\'s sake at first, but it changed when I saw how the people of Jennovia was suffering with my aunt\'s revenge. I whole heartedly wanted to help Jennovia gain their freedom from a queen that does not have any compassion and sympathy for them, and only see them as tools for her revenge.

"Why are you smiling?" Regaleon asked while looking at me.

"I\'m smiling?" I did not realize it. "Well I guess because it was my plan at first to have internal turmoil for the queen to get distracted and for you to have an upper hand in this war. But while I was doing it, I just realized that I really want to help the Jennovia people to know their queen\'s true nature and for them to be free from her clutches."

"So, you were doing it for me?" Regaleon beamed a smile.

"Yes." I replied. "But I also did it for the people of Jennovia as well."

Regaleon lowered his head to mine and plated a kiss on my lips.

"I know that you are a smart and intelligent woman." Regaleon said while looking at me with gentle eyes. "Kind and humble as well. That is why I fall for you deeper every single day. I love you Alicia."

"I love you as well Regaleon." I smiled at him. I was filled with happiness.

I felt content being here beside him. Everything felt in place. I am back in his arms where I truly belong. The loved ones I left in Jennovia are also fighting for their freedom I felt at ease and smiled knowing that the Jack and Satiana are together. They have one another to rely on. I am sure Jack will support and protect Satiana with his life. I giggled with the thought that maybe their feelings would nurture with this kind of happening.

"And why is my princess giggling?" Regaleon asked with a playful smile.

"I am just thinking if I had become a good matchmaker for Jack and my cousin Sati." I giggled.

"Well that is their problem. You have done what you can for them." Regaleon said. "Isn\'t it time for you to put your attention your husband to be?" He said teasingly.

"W-What do you mean?" I looked at him with shyness.

Our conversation turned around in an instant.

"I mean this…" Regaleon cupped my chin and pulled my lips to his.

His lips felt soft to touch, his tongue started to explore inside my mouth.

"Hmmm…" I moaned with the sensation and my body felt hot with his touch.

We were both catching our breath when our lips parted. Regaleon\'s face was flushed and his eyes were looking at me with longing.

"It\'s late. You need to have a good night rest." Regaleon said and kissed my forehead. "Tomorrow, I will take you around to see the village."

I nodded with his words. I would like to go out with Regaleon like normal couple would do. Regaleon got up and was about to walk out when I held his hand, stopping him from walking further.

"What is it my love?" Regaleon asked gently.

I was having internal turmoil. I know that asking him to stay here would not be good, but I felt a pang in my heart separating from him. Regaleon sat down the bedside and caressed my cheek.

"What is it Lili? Tell me." Regaleon asked once more.

"Please don\'t go." I said with a weak voice.

Regaleon smiled and sighed. "If that is my princess\' wish then I will abide. You know you can act spoiled with me whenever you like."

Regaleon kissed my forehead and tucked me in bed. He took of his shirt and laid down beside me. Seeing his naked upper body made my face feel hot. His skin was flawless, and his abdominal muscles are carved beautifully. He had some scars on his arms, but it was light unlike the scars on his back.

Regaleon spooned me into his arms and kissed my forehead once more. "Goodnight my love."

"Good night, Leon." I closed my eyes in content.

Feeling his body heat on my let me feel at peace and sleep came in no time.

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