The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 264 My Matured Body R-18

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Note: This chapter has matured contents. Read at your own discretion.

Regaleon gently pulled my arms that were hiding my breast up over my head and smiled with content. I felt so shy that I tried not to look at him on his face. By then, I felt his hands at the top of my mounds and squeezed them.

"What are you… ahhh." I soft moan came out from my lips.

"I missed you so much, my Lili." Regaleon said with a hoarse voice.

Regaleon\'s touch was gentle that it made my skin crawl with pleasure.

"Ahhmm…L-Leon." I felt my body heat with just his touch.

"Your body has matured beautifully." Regaleon said. His face was flushed with desire.

Regaleon at first was massaging my breast gently but then I felt his face came closer and took one of my mounds into his mouth.

"Ahhhh…" A moan escaped my lips once I felt the touch of his lips on my breast. "L-Leon…hmmm…no…"

Regaleon\'s tongue played with my nipples while his mouth sucked on my breast. I remember this sensation once in our engagement party, when he inhaled the aphrodisiac incense Veronica bought form him.

Regaleon\'s hands started to caress me, and the other one started to wonder down my body. His hand started to caress my thighs and in-between.

"Ahhhmm…haaa…L-Leon no…" I tried to resist his advance thinking that this room might have thin walls. "W-What if they hear."

"Don\'t worry. Nobody will dare listen to us." Regaleon smirked and then started to suck my other breast. His other hand massage my other breast while the other caressed my inner thighs.

"Ahhhh…Leon…." I moaned with pleasure.

This was not the first time I felt this pleasure, but now felt so different. I felt a more intense longing in my body that I cannot seem to understand.

\'Is this because my body has become matured?\' I thought.

Regaleon continued his caress on my body and the pleasure I was feeling is building up. By then I felt his fingers over my private area and pressed on it.

"Ahhhhh…." I felt the longing in my body intensify. I am longing for his touch even more. "L-Leon…haaa…"

"What is it my love?" Regaleon whispered in my ear. The tickling sensation just added to my body\'s frustration.

"Ahhh…I can\'t u-understand…" I said in between moans.

"What is it, tell me?" Regaleon said.

"Ahhh…hmmmm…. I-I want m-more…" I said with my face flushed.

Regaleon smiled teasingly. "I will insert my fingers. Brace yourself."

After Regaleon\'s warning I felt his fingers gently go inside my private part. The sensation in my body intensified.

"Ahhhhhh…" I moaned in ecstasy.

"Do you like that?" Regaleon whispered. "I will move inside. Don\'t worry, I will be gently. I promise."

Regaleon then started to move his fingers inside my private part. The sensation made my body shiver, there was a sensation that I cannot understand. All I can say is, that it felt good.

"Ahhh…Leon…" I was moaning with pleasure with his actions. His lips were sucking my earlobe that made my skin crawl and it only added to the sensation my body was feeling.

Regaleon\'s lips started to trail from my earlobes towards my neck. He rained kisses there and I felt my body heat up even more. By then Regaleon took out his finger and I felt empty inside. I felt my body longing for his touch.

"Still want more?" Regaleon smiled jokingly and then I felt his finger enter my private part once more, but this time it felt even bigger.

\'Two fingers?!\' I thought to myself and was shocked.

Two fingers were now moving inside my private area and the sensation doubled. I can feel the pleasure while Regaleon massage my insides and the same time his lips were raining kisses on my neck and chest.

"Ahhh…L-Leon…." I can feel something building up inside of me. It feels like it wants to come out.

"Let it out my love." Regaleon said. His breath tickled the skin under his lips.

"Ahhh…hmmmm…ahhhh…" I moaned in ecstasy. My body convulsed under Regaleon\'s skillful hands.

I was catching my breath while my body started to calm down. I felt Regaleon\'s fingers being pulled out from inside of me. He planted a kiss on my forehead.

"Are you alright my love?" Regaleon asked while patting my head.

"Hmmm." I nodded. My body was still coming down from the clouds of ecstasy.

"That\'s good." Regaleon smiled. "I am sorry if I pushed your body a little while you are still feeling sore." He said apologetically.

I blinked my eyes with his words.

\'That\'s right. My body felt soar and ached just a while ago. But why does my body feel rejuvenated after that rigorous activity?\' I thought.

Regaleon smiled looking at my confusion. "Are you thinking why your body ache seemed to have vanished and you feel fresh after what we have just done?" He was asking teasingly. I only nodded shyly.

"It is because of my white magic." Regaleon patted my head. "I only found out that I can use white magic two years ago. White magic is used for healing."

\'So that\'s why I feel vitalized rather than tired.\' I thought and nodded in understanding after hearing Regaleon\'s explanation.

Regaleon pulled the blanket over my body and planted a kiss on my forehead. "You still need to rest even after if I have healed your body." He said. "Your magic powers need to replenish after the outburst a week ago. I will leave you to rest then."

Regaleon stood up and was about to go out when I saw something. I held his hand and stopped him from going out. He looked at me curiously.

"What is it my love?" Regaleon asked.

"T-That…" I pointed towards his bulging trousers. "Doesn\'t that hurt?"

I saw Regaleon\'s building manhood under his trousers. When I pointed it out, I saw Regaleon blushed red. He covered his mouth and looked away in embarrassment. His ears were as red as a tomato.

"I was to do something with it when I left from here." Regaleon said shyly.

\'Was he going to work on it by himself?\' I thought. "Then let me do it." I told him.

"W-What?!" Regaleon\'s eyes darted towards me in surprise.

"I said let me help you." I told him once again.

"But I promised..." Regaleon said. "I promised to take your virginity only after marriage."

"I can still help you even without giving my virginity." I also looked down feeling shy.

While I was a hostage inside the Jennovian palace, I was still given proper education similar to those given for wives to be. I thought it was just a custom because I was of marriageable age. I never thought they were grooming me to become Gladiolus\' bride back then.

But thanks to those lessons, at least I knew how to pleasure my husband to be. I gathered my courage and looked at Regaleon.

"Let me." I said with conviction. Regaleon was a little hesitant at first but nodded after.

Last time, Regaleon pleasured himself by rubbing his manhood in between my legs. Now I want to be the one to let him feel pleasure.

I kneeled on bed and carefully reached his trousers. I opened the buttons and pulled it down with his underwear. Regaleon\'s manhood sprang out gloriously. It was bigger than the last time I saw it. It made me stop in my tracks.

"You don\'t need to do this Lili. I can handle it by myself." Regaleon said while looking down at me.

"No, I can do this." I said with resolution.

\'Let us hold it first.\' I told myself.

I held his large manhood with both of my hands. It felt hard and hot by touch. I started to rub him between my hands.

"Hmmm…" I hear Regaleon moan. I looked up and saw his aroused and flushed face and it just made me want to do more.

While rubbing his long shaft, I opened my mouth and inserted the tip inside.

"Ahhh…Lili…hmmm" Regaleon moaned with pleasure.

His moans gave me the courage to become even bolder. While I rub his shaft, I licked the tip. The speed increased by the moment.

"Hmmm…my Alicia…" Regaleon held my head and caressed it while I was working on his manhood.

By this time, I took in half of his length inside the mouth. This is the limit of what I can take into my mouth. I sucked him hard while playing with his tip using my tongue.

"Ummm…mmmm…" I was making noises while sucking him in. I never thought I would also be satisfied with what I was doing. Seeing my man wriggle with my touch and caress makes me feel content.

"Ahhh…Alicia…I-I am cumming." Regaleon said. "Please stop if you don\'t want me to cum in your mouth."

Hearing him say that just made me work on his manhood even faster. I sucked him faster and harder, making him moan even more.

"Ahhhh…Lili…f*ck. I can\'t take it anymore." Regaleon said and he groaned in ecstasy.

I felt hot sticky liquid sprayed into my mouth. I tasted his load and swallowed it in my mouth.

"Oh my God, Lili… spit it out." Regaleon was frantic and shocked with what I just did.

"Too late." I said and smiled at him teasingly. I was about to wipe excess liquid from the corners of my mouth when Regaleon did it for me.

Regaleon sat down on bed and used his thumb to wipe the excess liquid from my mouth.

"You silly girl." Regaleon smiled and pulled me to him.

Our lips met with each other and we shared an intimate kiss. The kiss tasted of him and I was content.

"Haaa…" Regaleon sighed and embraced me. "You really know how to torture me Lili. I need to endure until our wedding night."

Hearing Regaleon yearning for me made me happy but knowing that letting him wait was like torture made me regret a little.

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