The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 263 Waking Up and Seeing You

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I opened my eyes when I felt the brightness of the sun. I was lying in bed inside a small unfamiliar room. I slowly sat down and felt my body sore and aching.

"W-What happened?" I said to myself.

I was still disoriented and held my head that was feeling an upcoming headache. I inhaled and exhaled, trying to remember what had happened. That was when I remember the arrow that pierced my shoulder.

\'Was that real?\' I was frantically remembering.

I remember trying to escape from the Jennovia palace with Jack. But before we were able to escape, a volley of arrows rained from above us. I thought I would die that time but to my surprise, Elizabeth used her body to shield me from the arrows.

"No…" I said. My body was shaking with the memory.

My half sister Elizabeth, just when we were trying to mend our relationship, she died blocking the arrows meant for me. I remember Elizabeth\'s body was pierced with numerous arrows and I lost control over my magic powers seeing her breath her last breathe.

I felt my body shiver with the thought. I was hyperventilating just remembering her cold corpse that was cradled in my arms. That was when I remember an arrow pierced my left shoulder. I slowly parted the night gown I was wearing and saw a faint pinkish scar where the arrow hit me.

"It wasn\'t a dream." I told myself feeling my emotions in turmoil. "E-Elizabeth… she is dead."

Tears started to stream from my eyes. I felt my body shaking and with it the ground, as if the earth were feeling my pain.


The door to the room I was in opened. I saw the person I have always yearned for these past two year. He looked at me with such worried eyes.

"L-Leon…?" I was in disbelief.

"Lili, my love. I am here." Regaleon came to my bedside with quick strides. He pulled me in his embrace the moment he reached me. "Hush now, my love. You are safe."

"I-It wasn\'t a dream." I said. "You came for me." Tears now streamed from my face. "Leon, Elizabeth she… she…" I was not able to say the end of my sentence.

"Hush now my love." Regaleon was trying to comfort me while patting my head. "It is not your fault. She decided her actions on her own."

Regaleon knew What I was thinking. I am blaming myself for the death of my half-sister.

"B-But if not for me, she…" I was sobbing and my words were a little incoherent but Regaleon was calm and comforting me with his caress.

"It is not your fault Lili. Do not blame yourself." Regaleon said with a comforting voice. "I am sure that your sister has done so as means of compensation for the bad things she has done to you in the past."

Regaleon\'s words helped me to calm down. My loud sobs died down into sniffing and my body stopped shaking.

When I calmed down, that was when I felt other\'s presence inside the room. I saw my mother, Dimitri and William. I felt embarrassed when I saw them looking at me clinging to Regaleon. I tried to hide my face in Regaleon\'s chest.

"I think we are not needed here." My mother said playfully. "Now let\'s go out and give this couple some space."

I peaked from Regaleon\'s shoulder and saw my mother wink towards me. She pushed the two men towards the door.

"Then we will be going your majesties." Dimitri nodded and walked out first.

"I am happy to see you awake and well your highness." William said next. "Please rest a little more and regain your strength." Then he left next.

"Then I will leave my daughter to you your majesty." My mother smiled at us.

"Of course, mother in law" Regaleon smiled at her.

"M-Mother!" I scold her but she just giggles and closed the door. Now Regaleon and I was alone inside the small room.

"How are you feeling?" Regaleon asked while caressing my cheeks gently.

"I feel a little sore." I said feeling awkward. It has been a long time since I last saw Regaleon.

Two year has been a long time. Regaleon seemed to mature in that time. He looked more manly and handsome as ever.

\'Oh my god Alicia. You haven\'t seen the love of your life for two years and all you can do is stare at his manly beauty.\' I scolded myself inwardly. I felt shy thinking of such things.

"What are you thinking of my love." Regaleon said with a warm tone while cupping my cheeks in his broad calloused hands.

"I-I was just thinking how much more handsome you have become these past two year." I said shyly. "You have become an accomplished adult and is now a great king." I averted my eyes from his gaze feeling embarrassed with my thoughts.

"You also have become much more beautiful these past two years." Regaleon smiled warmly.

My heart skipped a beat seeing Regaleon\'s smile for the first time these past two years. I have missed his smile that I loved so much.

"Thank you." I felt a blush crept on my cheeks. "By the way, how long was I asleep?" I asked.

I remember William telling he was happy to see me awake. The last time I lost control over my powers, I was asleep for half a year.

"You were out for nearly a week." Regaleon replied. "We arrived in a border village of Alvannia a week ago. We rode on Tempest\'s phoenix form with Dimitri and mother in law. The others came to the village after five days of travel by horse."

"M-Mother in law?" I asked in astonishment. "When have you and mother became close?" I asked out of curiosity.

"Well we hit it the first time we met." Regaleon said and chuckled. "Your mother approves of me." His smile was so genuine that it made me smile too.

"That\'s good." I said. "I missed you so much Leon." I encircled my arms on his waist and hugged me tight.

"And I missed you too, Lili my love." Regaleon hugged me bug and planted a kiss on my head. "Once your body has recovered, I\'ll show you around the village."

"Hmm, okay." I said while my face is rested on his chest. "Do they know that I am their princess?" I looked up and saw him looking at me with gentle eyes but there is something hidden within them.

"We came here in the disguise of an engaged noble couple traveling with your mother and my attendant." Regaleon replied. "So, they do not know that you are their third princess."

"I see." I said and smiled. "I think that\'s for the best."

Regaleon looked at me for so long that it made me a little embarrassed.

"L-Leon… what is it?" I asked awkwardly.

Regaleon laid me down on the bed gently while he was hovering on top of me. My heart was thumping really hard by this point.

"L-Leon…" I called out to him again and saw his eyes looking at me intently. That was when I recognized that the hidden meaning behind his gaze was lust.

Regaleon lowered his face and his lips touched mine. The feel of his lips was soft and smooth. How I missed his lips and his touch.

At first Regaleon\'s kiss was as light as a feather but then it deepened. I can feel his passion of these past two years within his deep kiss. I felt the longing when our lips touched, and I cannot seem to get enough of it. I felt that he was the same as well. His hands started to touch my body, the heat from his hand made my skin sensitive and yearning.

Minutes have passed once our lips parted. We were both panting heavily, catching our breath. I felt that I was in the clouds after the kiss and my body felt like jelly.

"Lili I am sorry. I am at my limit." Regaleon said hoarsely. "Seeing you like this… I cannot seem to stop myself.

"S-Seeing me like what?" I asked curiously. That was when I saw myself only wearing a thin white night gown. I was embarrassed that I tried to hide my full breast that was protruding the white thin night gown.

My body has matured into a woman these past two years. My breasts have become large as two melons. My once straight body formed curves in the right places. The thin night gown I was waring cannot hide my body underneath.

Regaleon chuckled seeing me try to hide my protruding breasts. "Why are you hiding them? I haven\'t seen them for a long time, and they have grown to be like this."

Regaleon gently pushed my arms that were hiding my breast and smiled with content. I felt so shy that I tried not to look at him in the face. By then, I felt his hands at the top of my mounds and squeezed them.

"What are you… ahhh." I soft moan came out from my lips.

"I missed you so much, my Lili." Regaleon said with a hoarse voice.

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