The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 262 The Escape

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

"Goodbye, Queen Patricia of Jennovia." I held the sword tightly and aimed it towards the queen\'s heart.

But before I was able to plunge my sword to her body, I felt danger behind me. When I looked around a volley of arrows came raining down upon me. I use my sword to block the arrows that was nearly upon me and burn the other upcoming arrows with my fire.

Because of the endless rain of arrows, I was pushed back. That was when I realized that there was a huge distance from me and the queen.

"Tch." I felt irritated. This was the enemy\'s true intention, to separate me to where the queen was.

Out of nowhere, I group of knights came to defend the queen. The high priest that took the crown prince away has come back with reinforcements.

"Do you think you can stop me from killing that b*tch?!" I said with anger.

I threw a huge fireball towards them but before it reached the queen\'s location, the knights that stood in defense used water magic to block my fire ball.

I was surprised to see that they were able to stop a huge fire ball that I have made. With my power up, it was much bigger than the ones I can conjure normally. When the steam from the extinguished fire ball disappeared, I see at least five knights were the ones that used water magic to block my single fire ball attack.

I smirk learning this advantage. \'So, they are also Atlantians that use magic. They may have numbers on their side but with my power up, I can easily break to their defense.\'

I conjure the same size of fire ball from earlier, but I made three at the same time. I can see the surprised expression of the knights from the opposing side.

\'This is my limit.\' I thought to myself. I may have a power up using the pendant Alicia gave me, but I can now sense the toll on my body.

I launched the three fire balls their way. The knights scrambled to defend from those three fire balls. A group of knights tried to build an earth wall, while the other group readied their water magic.

The three fire balls reached the earth wall. It was able to block the first fire ball but it broke when the second one came into contact. The next was the water magic users, they tried to extinguish the two fire balls but only succeeded in extinguishing one while the last one reduced in size but still was going to the direction of the queen.

"Protect the queen!" High Priest Hector yelled.

The knights made a line before the queen and tried to block the upcoming fire ball. They were swept away upon impact. When the fire ball was near the location of the queen, I knew it will not successfully reach her, and so I let the fire ball explode.

The explosion was not that big because the fire ball was reduced. But at least the knights that were guarding the queen decreased in number after the explosion.

I was intent on killing the queen here and now. The rage I was feeling will not stop until I do. I held the hilt of my sword tightly, preparing to attack the remaining knights that were standing guard upon the queen.

"Leon…" A sweet voice called my name. This was the voice I have always yearned to hear these past two years. "L-Leon…"

I looked back and saw Dimitri still cradling Alicia where I left them. She had her eyes still closed, but she seemed to be distraught in her sleep.

"Your majesty…" Dimitri shook his said.

I knew what Dimitri was trying to say. If I kept on trying to attack Queen Patricia with so many knights guarding her, more reinforcements will come and we would be in danger, Alicia would be in danger.

I looked at the direction of the enemy queen and grimaced. "Tch…"

I put my sword back on its sheath. "Everybody, fall back!" I ordered my men.

My men who were still fighting heard my ordered and immediately fall back. I walked towards where Dimitri and Alicia were.

"How is she?" I asked once I reached them.

"She is safe, but she is feeling a little cold." Dimitri stepped back gave us some space.

I scooped Alicia gently and carried her into my arms. I can she that she was shivering.

"Leon…" Alicia whispered my name once again.

"I am here my love." I kissed her forehead gently. "You are safe."

Alicia cuddled closer to me and my heart felt warm with her action. I used my magic to warm her body temperature.

"Tempest!" I called.

Not long a huge gush of wind blew around and from above, Tempest\'s large phoenix form came down upon us. I carefully climbed on his back with Alicia in my arms.

"You should have told me that you can transform like this." I told Tempest.

\'I also did not know until now that I can transform.\' Tempest told me telepathically. \'I just felt a gush of power coming from you and I was able to transform into this form.\'

I smiled knowing that the power up that the pendant gave me was also extended to my familiar.

"Then let\'s go." I told Tempest.

Tempest\'s large wings flapped, and a huge gush of wind was blown on the ground. We were air born in no time.

"Head to the rendezvous point. We will meet the others there and continue east." I ordered.

Tempest flew towards the direction where William and the others were waiting for us. My other men followed us by horse from behind.

Traveling by flying on air was faster than by horse on ground. We arrived at the rendezvous point in only five minutes time.

The men I left was on guard when they saw our arrival. They have not seen Tempest in this kind of form.

"It is me!" I yelled to tell them my presence.

"Your majesty?!" My men lowered their weapons and bowed in my presence.

I came down Tempest with Alicia in my arms.

"Oh my God, my baby." Leticia came running towards us when she saw Alicia unconscious in my arms. "What happened?" She held Alicia\'s forehead to see if she was alright.

"She is fine mother in law." I assured her. "She is just sleeping."

"Thank God." She sighed in relief. "But what happened? You are also covered in scratches."

"Your sister Patricia, she…" I was not able to finish my sentence, but Leticia surely knew what I was about to say.

"Oh my God… how could she. My sister…" Leticia was stunned.

"Fortunately, I arrived just in the nick of time." I said. "I am afraid that we need to leave quickly. The other will be arriving soon. William…" I called out to him.

"Yes, your majesty." William walked towards me after my call. He was looking at Alicia worriedly.

"I will be taking mother in law and Alicia with me on Tempest." I told him. "Traveling by air is faster and we need to go to a safer place. Traveling east to Alvannia is much faster than going south to Grandcrest."

"I understand your majesty. We will meet up at the borders of Grandcrest, correct?" William asked.

"Yes, that is correct." I said.

After waiting for a little while, Dimitri\'s group arrived.

"We will depart quickly." I ordered. "As planned, we will take the route to the east and we will meet up in a border town in Alvannia. Dimitri, you will go with me on tempest."

"As you command your majesty." Dimitri said.

"As for the others, you will follow Sir William\'s orders." I said.

My men scrambled to their horses and prepared to leave. I walked towards William and patted his shoulder.

"Sorry William, I can\'t take you. There is not that much space on Tempest, and I chose Dimitri because he can help me protect Alicia and mother in law." I explained.

"Do not worry about me your majesty." William said solemnly. "I know you will keep them safe your majesty."

"Then we will wait for you at the borders, William." I said his name in a more informal speech. I have treated William as a friend rather than one of my knights within these past two years. We have gone thru a lot, all of us have gone thru a lot.

I was about to walk away when I heard William call me by my name softly. "Regaleon…"

I looked back at him waiting for him to talk.

"Please take care of them." William bowed.

"Do not worry, I will." I said confidently.

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