The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 261 The Fight Between a King and a Queen 2

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

"Are you talking about this?" I took out the pendant under my clothes and let Queen Patricia see it. Her eyes shined as if this pendant was the most valuable treasure there in the entire world. "I am afraid this pendant is not yours queen. This is mine and I will never give this to anyone, especially to you."

Queen Patricia\'s greedy eyes burned in fury. "I will take it by force then. Be prepared to die here King Regaleon of Grandcrest!"

Queen Patricia embedded her sword with her magic and it glowed violet. I was able to see her first strike and was able to dodge the blade in time. But I was surprised that there was a fresh scratch on my left cheeks and was bleeding.

\'Her attacks are not normal.\' I thought to myself.

As I know so far, Queen Patricia has gravitational magic and can use it at ease. Looking at where I was standing a while ago, a huge slash mark was seen on the ground.

"Your magic may have doubled in power with the use of the pendant, but I won\'t be behind." Queen Patricia said. "I am a pure blooded royal of Atlantia and my magic won\'t be weak against yours."

The again launched an attack against me, this time I was able to block her sword with mine. The force of our magic clashing against one another created a wave of force that made the surroundings blown away like there was a storm passing.

"For an old lady, you are good." I gave the queen a sarcastic compliment that clearly infuriates her.

"How dare you!" The queen used her magic and thrown it towards me. The ground towards me is breaking apart.

Before it reaches me, I used my earth magic to make a stone wall to break the upcoming attack. The wall I created exceeded my own capabilities. The stone wall was several feet tall compared to what I can do before.

\'So this pendant really amplifies my magic to a high degree.\' I thought to myself while looking at the stone wall I created in awe.

But not long I heard the crashing of rocks and breaking of the ground. The stone wall I created was destroyed right in the middle. Debris came flying down that I stepped back to avoid them.

The stone wall I created was still standing but was cut right open at the center. The queen\'s magic powers aren\'t something to be taken lightly seeing that she was still able to destroy a portion of the stone wall.

The queen emerged from the debris and was glaring daggers at me. This just made me want to taunt her even further.

"It looks like the queen isn\'t bragging about her pure roots." I said with a sarcastic tone. "But just hearing the interbreeding within your royal family disgusts me so much. You can say that it was to keep the blood line pure but for other people, it is basically called incest."

"How dare you mock our royal family!" Queen Patricia yelled with fury. "You will die insulting my family!"

The queen raised her hand and aimed right at me. There was a sound of rumbling right under me and I was sure of what she was doing. I moved quickly to get out of where I was standing and when I just barely escapes, the ground under be crumbled and sank. It was like a very powerful force hit the ground and a huge hole was left there.

\'That was close.\' I thought to myself.

My tactic was to anger the queen to make lose focus and only aim her attacks towards me. And looking at it, my plan is working quite well.

Just as I was about to land on the ground a strong gust of wind blew its way towards me. I got out of balance just for a second when the queen was right in front of me out of nowhere. Her sword was held high and was about to land towards me.

Good thing I was able to get my balance fast to block the queen\'s sword with my own, but the blow felt quite heavy that my muscles in my arms felt like it was tearing apart.

"Ugh." I flinched with the force of the blow.

I knelt to the ground holding my sword to defend and my body felt heavier by the second.

\'She is using wind and gravity magic simultaneously.\' I thought. \'I feat for a royal blood like her. But I won\'t fall behind.\'

I enveloped my body with my fire magic once again and ignited it to explode in my surroundings. I saw the queen with wide eyes before I set the surroundings to explode.


I felt the heaviness of my body leave. I was panting hard after my body was freed and felt relief. My muscles ached from the force just now.

"I can\'t be caught by the queen\'s magic." I told myself.

Queen Patricia maybe superior using magic compared to me but I have more experience in fighting, this is my advantage.

A layer of dust was left after the explosion I made and was now slowly clearing out. I saw the queen with her dress tattered and had some wounds all over her body, but she was still in one piece.

"She really, is something." I had a smirk on my face.

That explosion could have shredded someone\'s body into pieces in that close range, but Queen Patricia got away with wound on her body.

"You think you can kill me with that?" The queen said with seething anger.

"Heh, I was holding back because you are still a woman." I said. "But seeing that you can take something like that, I can fight without holding back."

"You overestimate yourself, you brat!" Queen Patricia sneered in anger.

"Like I said queen, I will let you pay for what you did to my beloved." I looked at her with piercing gaze.

I concentrated my magic into every inch of my body. I can feel my whole body heating up. By then I can see my sword was also glowing red. It was blinding that I can feel so much energy in it. This was all thanks to the pendant that I was wearing. I can feel that my magic powers were magnified even more.

I readied myself to launch an attack. At the other side, I saw the queen was also embedding magic in her sword as well. This clash will be the final one and only one will emerge victorious.

Without any further actions, I launched my attack towards Queen Patricia. Everything in my path burned once I passed, a streak of flames is left in my wake. Queen Patricia was holding her ground, ready to take dodge my attack any minute but of course I will not let her.

With a blink of an eye I was in front of her and my sword was raised.


I slashed my swords towards her and she was able to block it with her own sword that was glowing violet. But her sword was only able to block my attack in mere seconds before it broke into pieces.

The time felt like it slowed down. All my rage and anger were in my sword, intending it to strike the queen\'s body. The queen was wide eyed with shock and that was the time when my sword made contact on her body.

A huge slash wound was on the queen\'s body, a portion on her face and a long one on her torso. Blood sprayed from her wound after my sword made contact. The queen kneeled on the ground and dropped on her back after.

I gripped my sword hard after seeing her go down in defeat. "You were able to at least absorb the shock of my attack at the last second, I complement you on that." I said while walking towards her.

I was standing at her side and looked down upon her. The queen was still breathing but with difficulty. Blood stained her dress and a slash mark was left on her face. If my attack were successful, the queen\'s body would be cut in half by now. But because she was able to use her magic to cushion the blow, she was still alive.

"You tried to survive until the end, but too bad I won\'t let you live." I looked at her with a cold gaze.

With everything she has done, to Alicia, this war and all the people affected by it, she is not worthy to live anymore. I raised my sword and pointed the tip directly at her heart.

"Goodbye, Queen Patricia of Jennovia." I held the sword tightly and aimed it towards the queen\'s heart.

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