The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 260 The Fight Between a King and a Queen 1

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(Regaleons\' POV)

"Please take care of her for me." I said to Dimitri.

Dimitri took my place by Alicia\'s side and looked up at me with a questioning gaze. I pulled out my sword out if its scarab.

"I will let that f*cking b*tch pay for what she did." I said with fury.

Queen Patricia had done so many things that brought my rage. I can feel the anger burning up inside of me. I can feel my chest literally in heat.

I started to step forward where the battle is raging. My men were fighting the palace guards of the queen. They may be many in number, but my men are Atlantians that can use magic in a fight. My men were at an advantage in the battle, for now.

I looked at the Jennovian palace that was near here. I have heard that its walls are made with janetite rocks. With the distance from here, I thought we cannot use our magic abilities but for some reason we can.

\'Was it because of Alicia\'s outburst of her magic power?\' I thought to myself. But whatever the reason was, we can use our magic that can be an advantage.

But there were disadvantages as well. The queen can use her magic as well. She was using her magic to suppress my men that were standing on defense rather than offense.

"Secure our defensive line." I ordered. My men heard my call and saw me stepping in the battlefield.

When they saw me, their bravery shone I their eyes. Seeing their commander enter the battlefield gave them a boost of strength and courage.

My objective was none other than the queen. My eyes were glued to where she was standing. Many place guards are standing in my way, but I walked in that direction unfazed.

"Protect the queen!" High Priest Hector ordered the palace guards. "Your majesty, it is not safe here. We must leave." He told Queen Patricia.

"No!" The queen yelled. "I won\'t leave until I see them all dead." She said with burning hatred.

"Please stop this, mother." Gladiolus was still under his mother\'s magic and cannot move a muscle. He was trying so hard but cannot even move a muscle. "Please spare Alicia. She is my beloved."

The queen turns a deaf ear to her son\'s pleading. She only focus on the death of her enemies.

I on the other hand have set my resolve. I will release this anger here and now.

"Queen Patricia!" I yelled to get her attention.

The queen heard my loud call in the noise of this small battlefield. My eyes caught hers and was locked to one another. I am sure she realized who I was the instant our eyes met. The same hate and anger are evident in our eyes.

"You will pay for what you did." I said with the most cold and menacing tone I have ever given in all my life. "You won\'t leave here unscathed. I promise you that."

I held my sword firmly with both hands and charged towards the queen. The queen was surprised with my sudden advancement and was evidently in panic.

"Get him!" The queen ordered his men. "Anyone that can kill that son of a b*tch will be rewarded handsomely."

The guards that heard this all charged towards me. There battle cries are heard. But this people are no match for me. They may use magic stones at their disposal but compared to us Atlantians they are nothing.

One by one the guards charged towards me with their swords and magic stones, but I was able to block every attack that came my way. My sword was stained with the guards\' blood, all of them dropping dead in my path.

"H-He is a monster." I heard a palace guard shriek in fear.

The fury that I was feeling was burning up inside me that I can feel that my whole body was in heat. It was as if my body was enveloped in flames. But I was not hurt by the heat, in fact I felt more powerful than ever before.

"Oh my God, he is a demon." Another palace guard said.

"His whole body is enveloped in flames." One palace guard said.

\'My body enveloped in flames?\' I thought to myself.

I looked at my body and in fact it was enveloped in flames. The flames were not burning my flesh or my clothes, but it was clearly burning anything in my vicinity. I can feel so much power surging inside of me. I smirked with the thought of such power.

"No one can stop me now." I looked directly at the queen.

Queen Patricia\'s expression now changes in fright. I am sure that she was now trembling in fear seeing me with such power.

"My queen, we have to leave now!" The high priest said more forceful now. Seeing my power must have given him more reason to retreat with the queen.

"Take the crown prince and leave." Queen Patricia\'s fear disappeared when she looked at her son. "Get him to a safe place."

"But how about you, your majesty?" High Priest Hector asked with worry.

"I am afraid I am the only one that can stop his advance." Queen Patricia was looking directly at me.

"No, mother you can\'t." Gladiolus said. "I will distract him and you le…" But then he fell unconscious. High Priest Hector caught the crown prince\'s body.

"My son, you must survive." Queen Patricia said. "You are our only hope now."

"Your majesty, are you really…" High Priest Hector was cut off his sentence.

"You go on ahead. I will deal with this brat." Queen Patricia said.

"Then be safe your majesty." The high priest bowed and gave the queen her sword. He stood up and carried Prince Gladiolus with the help of a palace guard and retreated.

Queen Patricia stood her ground and looked at me directly. The fire swirling around me was serves as a defensive wall against my enemies.

"So, you didn\'t run like what you did before, Queen Patricia." I said to her.

"I will not let you do anything you want in my own palace." Queen Patricia said. "And you have something that belongs to me."

I traced her gaze and saw that she was looking directly at my chest. There I saw the pendant that Alicia had given me as our engagement bond. The blue gem was glowing blue brightly under my clothes on my chest. It was the same as two years ago.

\'So, was this the reason why I can feel so much power right now?\' I thought to myself.

"Are you talking about this?" I took out the pendant under my clothes and let Queen Patricia see it. Her eyes shined as if this pendant was the most valuable treasure there is in the entire world. "I am afraid this pendant is not your queen. This is mine and I will never give this to anyone, especially to you."

Queen Patricia\'s greedy eyes burned in fury. "I will take it by force then. Be prepared to die here King Regaleon of Grandcrest!"

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