The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 259 A Tearful Reunion 2

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(Regaleons\' POV)

My men and I galloped at a fast pace towards the Jennovian palace. The twenty minutes travel time by horse was shortened to between ten to fifteen minutes. The palace walls were seen by a distance.

\'I am nearly there Alicia.\' I said inwardly.

My eyes were surveying the palace walls for an entrance. William had told us about a hidden passage way in the palace walls hidden with thick bushes. He has told me that the indicator was cypress trees lined in one side of the palace walls. I started to search for the cypress trees but what I caught was a collapsed portion of the wall.

"Your majesty, right there…" Dimitri pointed out the collapsed side.

"Yes I see it." I said.

From where we are right now, we can see a very huge collapsed side of the palace wall. Judging by the size, there must have been a huge explosion that could have destroyed such a tall and thick wall.

By that time I had a flashback from two years ago. It was the time when Alicia and I were to embark from the kingdom of Alvannia to the Grandcrest Empire. It was the time of our engagement parade when Prince Gladiolus and his men attacked us out of nowhere and endangered the residents of the Alvannian capital.

Fire was raging everywhere and I was fighting Gladiolus one on one when I was nearly defeated by him. That was the time when Alicia saw me about to be struck. She lost her control with her magical powers and it blew out, obliterating a part of the capital.

I came back to the present and thought that the damage to the wall is without a doubt Alicia\'s doing. That light from a while ago was exactly similar that of from two years ago.

\'Something might have happened to Alicia.\' I thought to myself.

Alicia won\'t lose control of her magic power if there are no outside factors that could trigger a huge emotional reaction.

"Let\'s head to that location in haste." I ordered my men.

"Yes." They all answered in unison.

We head towards the direction of the damaged palace walls. When we got nearer and nearer, we saw people in the vicinity. I saw Jack who was hunched on a broken statue looking injured. But then my eyes were drawn to a dome of light like a force field. At the center of the dome of light was Alicia whose back was facing me. I knew it was her in just one glance because of her long silver swaying. Arrows were raining down on her location. Luckily the force field was protecting her from the arrows that bombard her.

"Hyah!" I kicked Midnight to hasten the pace. I was afraid that my love would be in danger if I don\'t get there in time.

By then, I saw from a distance Queen Patricia and Prince Gladiolus. The queen holding a bow and aiming an arrow embedded with magic. I can hear Gladiolus faint pleas for his mother to stop but to no avail. The queen let go of the arrow and was heading right for Alicia.

"NO!" I yelled with fright. I tried to use my fire magic to burn the flying arrow but it missed by a second.

I see the arrow hit Alicia\'s shoulder, Red blood started to stain her white shirt. The force field that was surrounding her was disappeared in an instant.

*throb throb*

Seeing her hurt felt like my heart was in so much pain. I held my chest but still persisted to advance. Time seemed slow even when I quickened the pace towards her. By the time I got to her, I jumped from Midnight and held Alicia in my arms before she fell.


The sound of another arrow flying was heard. I saw it immediately and was flying towards us. Now, all of my focus was on the arrow and burned it in mid flight. I had my guard still up for upcoming attacks when a black shadow surrounded us like a shield. It was Dimitri\'s black magic at work.

Together with Dimitri, I saw Alicia\'s familiar Snow. She was in her white tiger form. Tempest also flew down from the sky and transformed into his red phoenix form. They guarded us from the enemy right in front of us.

"Alicia, my love." I looked at her with worry and fright.

"L-Leon, is that you?" Alicia looked at me lazily. "Is this a dream?"

"No, this is not a dream." I said, trying to hold back my tears from falling. "I am here to get you."

I saw the arrow sticking on her left shoulder. Fortunately it was far away from internal organs, but the she was bleeding heavily.

"I-It really is you? I am happy to see you again, my love. You don\'t know how I wished everyday to see you once again and be by your side." Alicia lifted her right hand slowly as if there was no strength left in her. I took her hand and pressed it on my lips.

"I as well have been yearning for you every single day my love." I said and forced a smile. "I am here now. I won\'t let anyone take you away from me ever again." Alicia smiled with my words.

"L-Leon I… feel cold." Alicia said in a weak tone.

I held her hand with some force, feeling anger build up inside of me. "Don\'t worry my love, I will keep you warm."

I looked at the arrow that was still lunged on her shoulder and held it from end to end. "My love, this will hurt a little, please bear with me."

I broke the other end of the arrow carefully. I see Alicia flinch with my action and my heart started to hurt as well.

"I will pull the arrow out my love." I told her and she nodded. I held the other end of the arrow and pulled it in one go.

"Ahhh…" Alicia shouted in pain once I pulled out the arrow from her shoulder. Blood was now flowing from her wound none stop.

I held the wound with my left hand and concentrated. Fortunately I have light magic and can heal her wound quickly. Light shone from my hand and to her wounded shoulder. It stopped bleeding and the wound slowly closed.

Once I was done healing her, she fell unconscious in my arms. I was startled at first but when I saw her breathing steadily, I sighed in relief.

Around us battle was ensuing. The queen\'s guards where fighting my men that were outnumbered. And reinforcements are clearly on the way on the queen\'s side. This was their turf after all.

"Don\'t let her get away. Kill them, kill them all!" I heard Queen Patricia\'s voice emitting in the battle field.

Anger and fury were now burning inside of me.

"Dimitri." I called out to him. "You can maintain your black magic while guarding Alicia?" I asked.

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri looked at me with confusion.

"Please take care of her for me." I said.

Dimitri took my place by Alicia\'s side and looked up at me with a questioning gaze. I pulled out my sword out if its scarab.

"I will let that f*cking b*tch pay for what she did." I said with fury.

Queen Patricia had done so many things that brought my rage. I can feel the anger burning up inside of me. I can feel my chest literally in heat.

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