The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 258 A Tearful Reunion 1

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(Regaleons\' POV)

My men and I arrived at the location point Duke Matias have told us to wait. The sun had just set when William and a lady with Alicia\'s looks arrived at the meeting area. This woman would be Alicia\'s mother no doubt.

"Your majesty. Greetings to the sword and shield of the Grandcrest Empire." William kneeled before me gallantly.

"Rise Sir William." I said. "No need for formalities here."

We are currently in the enemy\'s territory and are under disguise. Even though this location is remote, we still need to be careful. William stood up and presented the woman he was with.

"Your majesty, this lady is Princess Alicia\'s mother." William said.

"Greetings to the king of the Grandcrest Empire." Alicia\'s mother curtsied before me. "My name is Leticia Von Heist, your majesty. I am Alicia\'s mother."

"It is nice to meet you Lady Leticia." I kissed the back of her hand with respect. "I am Regaleon Yosef Astley, your daughter\'s fiancé."

Leticia giggled. "I have heard many things about you from my daughter." She said. "It is true that you are truly the looker. You are very handsome indeed."

I felt shy with Lady Leticia\'s praise. "T-Thank you so much for the praise my lady." I said shyly.

"Please call me mother. You are my daughter\'s most important person and I would like us to know each other more." Leticia smiled charmingly. Now I know where Alicia got her charming smile came from.

"Yes of course, mother in law." I smiled heartedly. "We will have much time to know each other after this. Please rest first while you wait. Our journey back will surely be tiring."

"Thank you, son in law." Mother in law smiled.

"Let me lead you to the tent we have made for resting." Dimitri who was beside me offered to lead mother in law.

I look at Dimitri lead my mother in law towards the tent and I sighed in relief. I never thought that meeting my mother in law will let my nerves tense. She looks a lot like Alicia. She is still young and for sure she was very beautiful when she was younger. I am sure that the king of Alvannia was love struck towards her like I was with Alicia. He was just foolish to choose power more than the woman he lives. If ever I was in the same position as him, I would abandon the throne for Alicia in a heartbeat with no questions asked. Alicia is more important to me than the throne, she was my life.

Not long now, Alicia will be here as well. I will be reunited with my love after two years. Many things happened these past two years. From being a crown prince, I have ascended the throne and become king. But before I took this position, there was a civil war in the empire of Grandcrest. I fought against my brothers and the factions supporting them. It was a bloody war but I triumphed in the end.

After ascending the throne, my first agenda was to get my fiancée Alicia back from Jennovia thus the war started. The war was just like a dance of advance and retreat. It prolonged for until now because of so many factors. But Grandcrest is already leading this was war and victory was close at hand. I know that we are not far from victory but I cannot wait to see my beloved and so here I am now to get her after their escape.

After some time has passed, I am becoming impatient in waiting. William, Dimitri and I were waiting while looking at the direction of the palace.

"How far is it from the palace to here?" I asked William after a while of waiting.

"By horse your majesty, it takes at least minutes." William replied.

The plan was Alicia will follow in the middle of the masquerade ball. Duke Matias\' daughter will take her place in disguise as her while she slips out of the ball room. Judging by the time now, the masquerade ball was near the middle. Alicia would be executing her escape by now.

"Do not worry your majesty." Dimitri said. "I am sure the princess will be fine. She is a brave young girl."

I nodded in agreement with Dimitri\'s word. Alicia is an independent and strong woman. She is not like any woman that will be a damsel in distress if danger occurs. She would stand by my side and find rather than flee to safety.

I sighed with such thinking. \'If I can only chain her to me all the time, them I can guarantee her safety.\' I thought to myself.

But Alicia was a free spirit. She has been living inside the palace of Alvannia like a prisoner, stuffed away from the public\'s eyes. After she had tasted freedom, her cheerful self appeared. She shined more if she was free and I wouldn\'t want to hinder that freedom.

I looked at the direction of the Jennovian palace, waiting and longing for her arrival every minute. That was when I saw a flash of light that blinded me and the others.

"What was that?" I heard my men said in alarm.

I opened my eyes to look at the surroundings. The light was starting to wane and it came from the direction of the palace. My heart started to thump rapidly. I knew something went wrong.


After whistling, my horse Midnight came galloping and stopped before me. Without saying anything I climbed my horse and held the reigns. Dimitri did the same and called for his horse and climbed it, ready to depart with my order.

"Half of the men come with me while half stand guard here." I ordered.

The men heard my orders. Half of them scrambled to depart with me while half stood their ground to guard.

"I don\'t have time to explain, just follow me to the palace now." I said while pulling the reigns towards the palace\'s direction.

"I am coming with you your majesty." William was about to get his horse.

"No Sir William." I told him. "You need to stay here. Alicia entrusted her mother to you. You need to protect her." I said.

William has a face with contradiction. He knows something wrong happened back at the Jennovian palace and wants to go to Alicia but he has an important role given to him as well.

"Yes your majesty." William sighed and gave in. "I will ensure Lady Leticia\'s safety." I nodded after hearing his decision.

"Be prepared to depart if we don\'t get back after two hours." I ordered him and my men. "Keep mother in law safe, I will entrust her to you."

"Of course your majesty." William\'s eyes were now filled with resolve.

The role that Alicia and I entrusted to him was great. He knew what he must do.

"Please, promise me that you and Alicia will come back here safely your majesty." William pleaded.

"Hmm." I nodded. "I promise."

I pulled Midnight\'s reigns and started to rush towards the Jennovian palace.

\'Alicia, wait for me. I am coming for you.\' I said inside my heart.

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