The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 255 An Unexpected Death 2

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The explosives made a huge explosion. When I opened my eyes I saw the wall had crumbled down and the debris littered everywhere. There was now a way out of the palace.

"Come men, let\'s go." Jack waved to his men.

I also got up from where I was hiding when I saw arrows flying towards us.

"Arrows!" I yelled.

Just then I didn\'t realize that an arrow was heading towards me.

"ALICIA!" Jack yelled.

I looked at the flying arrows towards me with wide eyes. It was like time was in slow motion; I could not move an inch.

\'Will I really die here?\' I thought with regret. \'I still want to live. I still want to see you. Leon.\'

If only I could use my magic right now, all would be fine. But this side of the palace grounds is still near the palace made of janetite. I also left the magic crystal to my mother if ever there would be an emergency on their way out to escape.

I heard Jack screaming and I see him running towards me, but he was at a distance that won\'t reach me on time. I closed my eyes bracing myself for the arrows to hit me.

*Swish swish twong*

The sounds of flying arrows were heard around me. I heard them landing on the ground and some of it had grazed my arms and legs. I felt a tinge of pain but that was all. I was surprised that none of the arrows have hit my body directly.

"Ahhh.." I heard a low cry right in front of me.

\'Someone blocked the arrows in front of me.\' My heart was thumping so hard. I was afraid to see who used their body to shield me from the onslaught of arrows.

I slowly opened my eyes to see a woman wearing a very beautiful gown in front of me. Her back was facing me and I could see the arrows lunged on her body.

\'This dress is…\' I remembered who was wearing this dress just a while ago.

Inside the ball room, all of the female guests were wearing such beautiful gowns and the men were wearing stunning tuxedos. I will never forget who was wearing such a beautiful dress.

"Elizabeth?" I was shocked that she was the one right in front of me.

"A…Alicia…" Elizabeth looked back towards me. "T-That\'s good…you are…safe." Elizabeth struggled to let out her words. I can see a trickle of blood from the side of her mouth. Elizabeth then lost her balance and was about to fall on the ground.

"Elizabeth!" I screamed her name and ran towards her.

Fortunately I was able to catch her before she fell down on the ground. I wrapped her body around my arms.

"Elizabeth, Elizabeth…" I was frantically calling out her name. I can feel tears running down my eyes.

"W-Why are you crying for me?" Elizabeth opened her eyes and looked up at me. "I always did bad things to you in the past and yet… here you are shedding tears for me."

I can see that she wasn\'t looking good. Three arrows are lounged in her body. Her beautiful pink dress is now stained with her blood.

"D-Don\'t talk…*hic*… conserve your energy." I told her while sobbing. "W-Why did you do such a thing? Why did you save me?"

I was really not expecting for her to save me. Of all people that resent me, I know she is number one.

"I-It\'s just... my body moved on its own." Elizabeth said with a weak voice. "W-When I saw you running and was being chased…I-I thought that you were in trouble. The l-last time we talked…I-I thought of many things." Elizabeth said. "I-I would like to know you more as….as a sister. I have many things to atone."

"Then you need to hang in there okay." I told her with a forceful tone. "Don\'t you die on me now. I-I also want to know you better as a sister." My tears are falling nonstop.

I really don\'t want Elizabeth to die. After that night when we talked and brought all of our grievances, I felt a little close to her. I never thought that Elizabeth and I will be on the same page.

"I…I think I can\'t…*cough*…last long." Elizabeth said with a sad smile. "I am just sad that we can\'t…get to know each other."

"No! Don\'t say such things.You are going to be fine, you hear me." I looked around searching for anyone that can help. "Help! Please, anyone. My sister needs help!"

I held Elizabeth\'s hands and it felt cold. I was afraid…afraid of losing her.

"Alicia…please relay to father that I am sorry." Elizabeth looked at me with such sad eyes. "I have caused him nothing but problems. Please tell him that I love him so much."

"No, you tell him that yourself." I said while crying.

"And please tell big sister Veronica to let go of her hatred." Elizabeth said. "After I have let go of mine, I felt lighter. Alicia, I would have loved to be your big sister. I…I am sorry…"

Elizabeth\'s face looked very pale and she was getting colder by the second. I was feeling regret and pain. If only I was able to use my magic, then this would not have happened. I should be the one struck by those arrows. The guilt inside me was forming. I don\'t want Elizabeth to die.

Then Elizabeth inhaled deeply as if she can\'t catch her breath. And with that she had breathe her last breath. Her hand that I was holding went limp. The warmth of her body left her.

"No…no…no…" I can\'t believe this. This wasn\'t supposed to happen. "This…this is my fault. She should not have died here now and in my arms." My tears are falling on Elizabeth\'s beautiful dress. The blood stains have covered her upper body.

"A-Alicia…this is not your fault." Jack was by my side without me knowing.

"Jack, please… please save her." I said with pleading eyes but he shook his head with sadness.

"It\'s too late Alicia. She is already gone." Jack said with remorse.

"No, no, no…she cannot die, just when we have fixed our relationship as sister." I said with regret. "No, this isn\'t happening."

"Stop firing!" Gladiolus\' voice was heard from a distance. The guards that were after us stopped with his order. "Can\'t you see that you are firing towards my wife and concubine?!"

Gladiolus took a sword from a guard and stabbed the guards that fired the arrows upon us.

"Stop attacking!" Queen Patricia arrived at the scene. I looked at her and she did that same towards me. "Alicia dear, just come back and I promise you that your friends would be spared."

Seeing my aunt just made my hatred towards them more intense. Because of them, many bad things happened. And now my sister Elizabeth is dead in my arms. I can feel something boiling inside me. I cannot control it any longer.

"Aaahhhhhh." I screamed at the top of my lungs. Light flashed from my body and a huge gust of wind pushed everything surrounding me flying away.

And then my mind just became blank.

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