The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 254 An Unexpected Death 1

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I ran towards where the explosion is. I am sure that masquerade ball was also halted with the explosion and the nobles inside the ball room are panicking. The guards will have a lot of work to calm the noble people down.

I tried to be extra careful going to the explosion site. Many guards are on high alert right now.

\'Jack, please be safe.\' I thought and wished in my heart.

When I arrived at the scene, I hid behind a tree. At the ground I saw a huge hole and the smoke was coming up from there. When I looked around the hole I saw people lying down. They were wearing black clothing and I knew they were the duke\'s men that accompanied Jack for the mission. Some are groaning in pain while others were lying there not moving.

I looked frantically for Jack and then my eyes caught sight of him. He was coughing hard, maybe from inhaling smoke from the explosion. I was about to run to him when knights came and surrounded them.

"Look what we have here." It was the voice of Aunt Patricia.

I stood my ground and hid at the back of tree. \'I cannot expose myself yet.\' I thought to myself.

"Oh my, if it isn\'t the queen hehe." Jack mockingly laughed.

Jack and the other men stood up despite some minor injuries they were feeling and pulled out their swords. They made a defensive circle while the knights were encircling them.

"Oh… it looks like the rat got away." High Priest Hector was seen walking towards the queen. "I am sorry my queen, I wasn\'t able to exterminate the rat." The high priest bowed down while asking for an apology.

"It is okay high priest." Queen Patricia said. "They weren\'t able to escape at least. My knights, kill them!"

"Yes your majesty!" The knights bowed in unison to their queen\'s order.

"What, kill?!" Jack was shocked. "Not arrested? That is a little harsh queen, hehe."

I face palmed myself. \'Jack, this isn\'t the time to joke.\' I thought to myself.

"Sorry, but I won\'t be killed just yet." Jack held his sword tightly and pointed it towards the knights. "Someone still needs me."

Just then a fight ensued, the queen\'s knights and Jack with his men clashed swords with one another. As I see, Jack and his men can hold their ground against the queen\'s knights but with the explosion for sure the queen\'s guards would be here in no time.

\'I need to help them.\' I thought to myself. And by then I saw Jack using his fire magic with his opponents. \'That\'s right. The palace made of janetite is far from here. I can also use my magic.\'

"What… that young man can use magic?!" The queen was surprised when he saw Jack using his magic abilities.

"Yes your majesty. After I have this rat investigated, I found out that his father was an Atlantian researcher by the name of George Wilson." High Priest Hector said. "He is half Atlantian but his magic is quite strong."

"I want him alive, bring him to me. For the rest, kill them all." The queen gave her order.

"Yes my queen. You heard the queen\'s orders." High priest said to the knights. "If I may ask my queen, why would you like the rat to live?"

"The researcher you have mentioned George, he was the one that found the forbidden magic. If I get him to my side, this war is nearly won. I can get my hands on the forbidden magic and we will rule this continent." The queen said with a glint on her eye. High Priest Hector smiled with the queen\'s words.

"I wish for your success my queen. Just do not forget our agreement." The high priest reminded.

"Do not worry high priest, I will not forget our agreement. You will have your just compensation." The queen smiled in delight.

\'No, they want Jack as a hostage for George to work with them.\' I thought. \'I must help Jack!\'

Without second thoughts I jumped into battle. I used my ice magic to freeze the knights\' feet and they cannot move.

"P-Princess?!" Jack cannot believe his eyes. "Why are you here? You should have escaped safely!" He scolded me.

I stood by his side and looked at him. "When I saw the explosion I knew you were in trouble. Do you think I can just leave you behind?" I told him.

"You really are a kind person princess." Jack said. "Let us use this chance to escape while they are bounded." I nodded in agreement.

Jack, his men and I opted to escape from there.

"I won\'t let you get away!" Queen Patricia yelled. The ground we were standing on started to shake violently. This was her earth magic.

"I-I can\'t get myself to stand." I said. The ground is shaking violently that we can\'t stand properly.

"Let me handle this." Jack used his fire magic and made fire balls from his hand and whirled it towards the queen.

"Watch out my queen!" High Priest Hector yelled and pushed the queen out of the way.

With the queen out of concentration, we were able to regain our footing.

"Let\'s escape before the other guards get here." I told them.

"Excuse me princess." Jack said and then swept me from the ground and put me on his shoulder.

"J-Jack!" I yelled. "What do you think you are doing?" I scolded him.

"This will be much faster." Jack said while starting to run. "I will apologize to his majesty after this. This is an emergency after all." He said with a grin.

"I-I can run too you know." I complained but Jack didn\'t put me down.

Jack and his men was running and when I was looking back, I can see the queen\'s guards and knights were behind as trying to catch up.

*Swish swung*

Arrows were flying towards us.

"Be careful. They are firing arrows towards us." I told them.

But even with my warning, some of Jack\'s men were struck by arrows and fall.

"Find cover!" Jack ordered.

All of the men with him took cover behind trees. Jack put me down gently. When I looked around the area we are at is near the ball room.

"Jack, just further out is the wall. We can go thru there." I told Jack.

"Well luckily I got some explosive here with me." Jack took out some explosive from his pocket and showed it to me.

I smiled knowing that Jack really is a dependable guy. He relayed what I just told him to his men and they all agreed to go to the wall where the hole was and blast it away for us to escape from here. Some of the men would be behind to stop our pursuers and will join us after we blow up the wall.

With that we ran towards the garden where I was just a while ago. The guards that were there before were now missing, maybe because they were called out after the explosion earlier. We rushed towards where the hole was hidden.

"Here, Jack." I pointed where the hole was to Jack.

"Thanks, princess." Jack smiled and got to work. He placed the explosives he was carrying into the hole and ignited them. "Fire in the hole!" He yelled. We rushed to find cover. I covered my ears and eyes anticipating the loud explosion.


The explosives made a huge explosion. When I opened my eyes I saw the wall had crumbled down and the debris littered everywhere. There was now a way out of the palace.

"Come men, let\'s go." Jack waved to his men.

I also got up from where I was hiding when I saw arrows flying towards us.

"Arrows!" I yelled.

Just then I didn\'t realize that an arrow was heading towards me.

"ALICIA!" Jack yelled.

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