The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 253 The Escape Plan 2

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I looked around and when I saw no one around I was about to dash towards the bushes when I heard a guard speak.

"Hey you!" The guard said. I was frozen in place after hearing those words.

\'Oh no, sh*t!\' I cursed inwardly, my heart was thumping really hard right now. \'Was I caught? Just when I was half way trhu.\'

"Why are you dilly dallying while here?" The guard asked. That was then when I saw he was talking to another guard. This made sigh in relief.

\'So I wasn\'t found out. Thank God.\' I thought.

"Well there is nothing to guard here in the garden right?" The other guard replied. "It is rather boring you know."

"Well you are correct there." The guard said. "But we cannot be lax. Did you hear about the knights that were punished because of their misconduct in their work? I heard they were given fifty lashed of the whip." The guard shivered in fright.

"The crown prince is sometimes fearsome." The other guard said. "Even though those knights were from the elite under the queen\'s authority, he was able to punish them severely even without the queen being here."

"Yes, well they were lucky to have only fifty lashed of the whip as punishment. I heard if they were not under the queen\'s elite knights, then they would have been beheaded." The guard explained.

"What?!" The other guard was surprised. "What the hell did they do to get the crown prince\'s wrath?"

"Well I heard they mistreated the crown princess to be." The guard replied.

"You mean, that beautiful princess from Alvannia?" The other guard asked.

"Yep, that\'s the one." The guard replied. "I guess the crown prince really loves the princess from Alvannia."

"But I heard they were first cousins right?" The other guard was dumbfounded. "Why then will he marry his cousin?"

"Well I don\'t know why but let\'s not talk about the royal family. I still want to keep my head intact." The guard replied.

When I saw that the two guards were busy with gossiping I took this chance to slip away unnoticed. I crouched low and moved as silently as possible below the bushes. I sprinted fast behind another statue and looked around.

\'The coast is clear.\' I said to myself and sighed in relief. I looked towards the wall that was just a few meters away. \'Just a little more and I am free from here.\' I had a determined look and continued to the direction if the wall.

The rest of the garden was clear from guards and I crossed the garden faster. Not long I was just below the wall. I had a triumphant smile on my face.

"At last." I told myself and felt so happy. But I have to find the hidden hole in this wall. "The duke said there will be a sign to mark where the hidden hole was. He said the sign won\'t be too conspicuous."

I started to look at the wall searching for any signs. The lower part of the wall was covered with thick bushes. For sure this hole would be covered safely so that other people won\'t find it. After some time I saw that some bushed in the other side are filled with white snow lilies while the other areas don\'t have any. I tried to look under the bushes and squeeze myself in between them and saw the hole on the wall.

"It\'s here." I smiled with triumph. Freedom is just beyond this hole on the wall.

I squeezed myself carefully so that the branches of the bushes won\'t graze me much.

\'It was good that I was wearing something easy to move on. If I was wearing a dress, it will be surely ripped and torn after this.\' I thought to myself.

When I was about to go thru the hole I big explosion was heard from a distance.


My heart jumped at the sound and turned around squeezed myself back. When I stood up and looked at the distance I saw fire and smoke going up in the sky. I gasped looking at the direction it was the direction where the queen\'s treasury was.

"Oh my God, Jack." I said with a feared voice.

I looked around seeing the wall behind me. My freedom was just some feet away but Jack was in danger. I cannot just escape knowing that he was in danger. I firmed my resolve and ran towards where the explosion has taken place.


*Cough cough*

"T-That was close." Jack was lying in the ground. When he looked around he was outside on the palace grounds.

(Thirty minutes before)

Jack and his team the duke has given him were inside the queen\'s treasury. Their mission was to steal the pendant that the queen has hidden in her underground vault.

Like princess Alicia had said to him, the way towards the vault was lined with magic traps. Thankfully, he was adept in disassembling such magic traps. His father has taught him everything that he could to live in this harsh and cruel world for someone with Atlantian blood.

Since he was little, his father has told him to keep his Atlantian blood and magic powers a secret to anyone even inside the Crimson Bandits. He was only half Atlantian but still his magic was powerful. His father taught him how to control it and he was also happy that he can use it in emergency situations. But still he kept this secret to himself, not able to share it to anyone and that made him lonely.

But after meeting Princess Alicia and King Regaleon, he knew that others like him still exist in this continent. He was not alone and his loneliness faded away. When King Regaleon sent him for a mission to infiltrate the kingdom of Jennovia and keep the princess safe until she can escape, he was happy to be of help.

Here in Jennovia, he became close with the Princess Alicia who was also a half blooded Atlantian and a royal to top it. He was also able to meet Princess Satiana who was also a half blood like himself but with weaker magic powers. He worked with the princess\' personal knight William, which was also sent by the king. These two years had been the most happiest he can ever remember in his life, not feeling alone any longer.

\'I will surely complete this mission.\' Jack told himself. \'This is for my friends.\'

They were able to get thru the magic traps in the corridor leading to the vault slowly but surely. Disassembling the magic traps needed some time and full concentration but they were able to reach their goal.

Jack saw the jewelry box at the center of the round room.

"Don\'t go further." Jack stopped the other men to go further. "The room also has a trap."

Jack kneeled down and put his hands on the floor. He felt the strong magic that Princess Alicia had told them before. This was truly a more tremendous magic power that he ever felt.

But fortunately his father had told them what to do. By using a magic stone, they made Princess Alicia embed her magic power. His father said that the princess\' magic power is powerful and can counter the magic trap the queen had placed in the vault.

Jack took out the magic stone with the princess\' embedded magic from his pocket and placed it on the floor. He concentrated hard to let the magic inside the stone battle it out with the trap\'s own magic. There was a slight tremor inside the vault room sparks were flying inside the room and the men with him were amazed and also nervous at the same time.

After a few minutes, everything is over and Jack sighed in relief.

"It\'s good that father was right with this one." Jack said silently. He stepped one foot slowly on the vault room, being very cautious. And when he saw nothing happened he heaved a deep sigh.

Jack and the men walked towards the center of the vault room. He then took the jewelry box and opened it. Inside was the pendant Alicia was looking for.

"Mission accomplished." Jack smiled. He took the pendant out of the box and put it inside his pocket. "Let\'s go." He told the other men and they nodded in confirmation.

When they were about to set out a voice was heard. "Do you think you could leave here that easily?"

Jack looked back and saw High Priest Hector blocking their way in the corridor with hand full of knights.

"You?!" Jack was surprised. They were sure to be careful not to alert anyone but why was the high priest here. "This was a trap!"

"Hahaha, of course we need to trap a rat that was lurking inside the palace." The high priest said. "And of course we need to terminate that rat after. Light it up."

The knights nodded with high priest orders and lit what looks like a flint on the floor.

"The floor is filled with explosive." The high priest said. "I guess this will be your grave in the end. Goodbye to you, rat."

A stone door came down blocking their way. "No, no, no!" Jack rushed but was too late. The only path out was now blocked and the flint underneath them was burning. They cannot do anything.

Jack looked up and thought of a way. They were underground and he had some earth affinity magic. He used his magic to make a way out before it was too late.

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