The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 251 The Masquerade Ball 2

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The sun had just set and Gladiolus and I got to the ballroom just in time. Inside was filled with nobles invited for the said event. They were all wearing their masks with different decorations.

"I guess we need to wear our masks now." Gladiolus said and waved to his servant.

Not long the servant came back with a box. When he opened it, there were matching white masks with gold accent inside. Gladiolus took out the female mask and looked at me.

"Here, let me help you." Gladiolus said. He gently placed the mask on my face and tied it. "I am a little sad that I cannot fully see your beautiful face." He placed a kiss on the back of my hand. Gladiolus then wore his mask on.

At the entrance of the ball room the herald announced our arrival.

"Crown Prince Gladiolus and Crown Princess Alicia." The herald said with a loud voice.

All the people inside the ballroom stopped with whatever they were doing and all looked at us. Gladiolus placed my hand in his arms and slowly escorted me thru the ballroom.

The nobles inside the ball room all bowed down in our presence with respect. I walked with confidence side by side with Gladiolus. We walked towards the throne area where the royal family should be. There seating by her seat was Satiana. I can identify her even with her mask on because of her beaming smile.

"Big Brother, big sis." Satiana was waving at us. She was wearing a mint green dress with gold embroidery. There was a beautiful tiara on top of her head filled with emerald stones. She looked so beautiful in her big day.

"Happy coming of age Sati." I came close to her and placed a kiss on her cheek.

"Happy coming of age my dear sister." Gladiolus also gave her a peck on her cheek.

"Thank you big sis, big brother." Satiana giggled.

"I have a gift for you in this important day." Gladiolus waved at his servant again and the servant pulled a box and offered it to Satiana.

"Oh brother, you didn\'t have to." Satiana said.

"I insist." Gladiolus smiled at his sister. "Open it."

Satiana opened it and saw a beautiful diamond necklace with a big emerald stone at the center. Satiana looked shocked.

"T-This is…" Satiana became speechless. Gladiolus nodded.

"Yes this is the necklace father gave to mother." Gladiolus took the necklace out of the box and placed it on Satiana\'s neck. "I asked mother if she would like to give it to you as a coming of age gift and she agreed. I took it to the jewelry craftsman to add some diamonds, so my part that is my share on this gift. Do you like it?" He asked with a smile.

"Y-Yes, I love it so much?" Satiana was emotional.

"Don\'t cry, or you will ruin your make up." Gladiolus teased and chuckled.

"I am not crying." Satiana said but I can see her eyes turn red. She was clearly fighting the tears.

Looking at the necklace, it looked like it was really an important piece of jewelry. But I am afraid that Aunt Patricia doesn\'t didn\'t shed even an ounce of importance about that necklace, knowing that it came from the man that abused and raped her.

But I am happy that Gladiolus gave the necklace that came from Satiana\'s father. She deserves that necklace rather than Aunt Patricia. It was like a memento from her father.

"Thank you big brother." Satiana said.

The music started to play in the background and the people started getting their partners and dance on the center of the ballroom.

"May I?" Gladiolus looked at me and had his hands stretched out.

I was a bit reluctant but I have to play the part of the crown princess and just go with the flow. I placed my hand on Gladiolus\' hand and he smiled happily. He escorted me at the very center of the dance floor and we started to dance.

"I am so happy that you are now accepting me." Gladiolus said while we are dancing. "I will surely make you happy for the rest of your life Alicia."

Gladiolus thinks that I am being docile and accepting my fate as his future wife and crown princess. I am just relieved that he doesn\'t have an idea of our plans of escape tonight.

"Well do I have a choice?" I said with a sarcastic tone. "I was taken against my will and will be married to you. Even though I don\'t like it, I don\'t have a say on it do I?"

Gladiolus simply smiled on my words. "Even it is against your will, we are fate to each other. It is our fate to continue the Atlantian blood line and rule this continent together."

This ideal was planted on his mind by his mother and our grandfather had planted it on his mother. This will never end if they pass this idealism down to the next generation.

\'No, I am against this.\' I thought to myself. \'Even if I am an Atlantian, I would never pass this idealism down to my children.\'

When the song ended, Gladiolus and I bowed to each other and walked back to the throne area. When we came back, Satiana was not there.

"The princess was asked to dance by a young nobleman." It was Duke Matias that answered my silent question. He was wearing a black tailcoat tuxedo and mask. "Greeting to the future sun and moon of the Jennovian Kingdom. I am also with my daughter, Karolina." He bowed down and presented his daughter.

"Greeting to the future sun and moon of the Jennovian Kingdom." Karolina also greeted and curtsied. She was wearing a peach colored dress and a matching mask.

"Rise Duke Matias, miss Karolina." Gladiolus said.

The father and daughter pair rose after Gladiolus\' word. A waiter walked towards us holding a tray of wine glasses. Each of us took one glass. The crown prince and the duke started to chat about political stuff while Karolina and I chatted. Not long the herald announced Elizabeth\'s arrival in the ballroom. She was a little bit late but at least she came.

Elizabeth walked towards us in the throne area. She greeted us accordingly and curtsied. Our eyes met and we nodded at each other respectfully. I still remember the night when I saw her cry. We have exchanged some words and said our apologies to one another. Our relationship might not mend but at least we aren\'t against odds with each other any longer.

After some time, Karolina and I had eye contact and that was when I knew that the plan needs to commence.

"Please excuse me, I need to go and rest for a while in the lounge area." I said. "I think the wine is a little strong and I feel dizzy."

"Haha, I never thought the future crown princess is weak with alcohol. If I knew I would have ordered you a much lighter wine." Duke Matias said. "Karolina, why don\'t you accompany Princess Alicia to the lounge area."

"No need, I will escort my fiancée myself. Come, let me take you." Gladiolus said with a worried look on his face.

"I am afraid that you cannot go just yet your highness." Duke Matias said to Gladiolus. "You still haven\'t asked your concubine to dance. There are many nobles whose eyes are on the royal family. If they see that you are neglecting your legally married concubine to your still fiancée, I am afraid that rumors will spread in the noble society."

Rumors and gossips in the noble society is something that is never to neglect. The power that the noble society has can also topple the current reigning monarchs. Duke Matias has already gotten most of the noble society\'s influence and not long a civil strife will start in the kingdom of Jennovia.

Gladiolus knowing how the noble society works, hesitated on accompanying me to the lounge area.

"It\'s okay Gladiolus. Karolina will accompany me. Please dance with Elizabeth first." I said. "I will be back after this wave of dizziness fades." I assured him.

"Okay." Gladiolus sighed. "Elizabeth, may I have this dance?" He offered his hand to her and Elizabeth took it and stood up from her seat.

Once I saw Gladiolus and Elizabeth head to the dance floor, Karolina and I head towards the lounge area.

"Our plans will now commence." Karolina said and I nodded in understanding.

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