The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 250 The Masquerade Ball 1

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I was surrounded by maids left and right. The four maids were working on me, brushing and styling my hairs, putting make up on my face, and readying my jewelry and dress for me to wear after everything is done.

The dress Madam Viola made for me is colored cream white with gold threads embroidered on it. Gladiolus had sent gold jewelry to match my dress. Looking at the dress and the jewelry, I sighed sadly. My attire tonight was like I was being presented as Gladiolus\' bride.

*knock knock*

There was a knock on the door and one of the maids opened it. There was a male servant outside that talked to the maid. After that the maid closed the door and walked towards me holding a bouquet of white snow lilies.

"Your highness, the crown prince sent these flowers for you." The maid said with a huge smile on her face. "The servant had sent the crown prince\'s message that he will be picking you up and escorting you to the masquerade ball later."

"Oh my princess, his highness the crown prince really adores you." One of the maid giggles.

"This is the first time we saw the prince to care for a woman." The other maid said.

"I am sure he is madly in love with you your highness." The other maid said.

"Do not worry your highness. We will make you the most beautiful girl in the ball. Well equally beautiful to her highness Princess Satiana of course." The other maid said and all of the four maids nodded in agreement and giggled.

I just replied to them with a smile. I am well aware of Gladiolus\' affection for me but it lean more towards on the obsessive side, which is very frightening.

The maids resumed their work on me and not long I was finished with my preparations for the masquerade ball.

"Princess, all is done. You just need to wear the dress." The maid said.

"Let us help you your highness." The other maid added.

"Okay. " I said with a faint smile.

I looked at the beautiful white dress in front of me. It was so beautiful that I wished that Regaleon could see me wearing it. I close my eyes and envision myself wearing this on our wedding day. I can imagine that we were inside a huge church saying our vows to one another.

I open my eyes once again to see that the maids are done and I was now wearing the beautiful white dress. The maids ushered me in front of a full size mirror so that I can see myself.

"You are so beautiful your highness." One maid said.

"Yes indeed." The other maid said.

"No wonder the crown prince is head over heels in love with you princess." The other maid added.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I indeed looked beautiful. My hair was tied up into a braided bun. I dazzling golden tiara was placed on top of my head. The gold jewelry I was wearing accented my dress beautifully.

I sighed knowing that Madam Viola\'s dresses are really are a work of art. I wished that I can also wear a wedding dress she made for my wedding with Regaleon.

\'When this is all over, I will surely as Madam Viola to design my wedding dress.\' I thought to myself.

I smiled thinking of the future when I saw someone\'s reflection in the mirror I was facing.

"You look very beautiful my bride." Gladiolus walked towards me with a satisfied smile on his face. "I hope you have forgiven me my love."

Gladiolus stopped behind me and he didn\'t get near me further. He was wearing a matching attire to mine, a cream white colored tuxedo with gold accent. I looked at him with hatred and scorn directly to his eyes.

"I am sorry once again. It is my fault to lose control over my feelings for you." Gladiolus said with sincerity. "I won\'t ever do that again, I promise you that upon my name as crown prince of Jennovia."

I scoffed on his words. "I just hope you keep your word crown prince Gladiolus." I said with seething anger.

"I will keep my word my love." Gladiolus smiled. "If I may, we need to get going to the ball room before the masquerade ball starts."

Gladiolus offered his hand to me and I looked at it scornfully. I inhaled and took his hand with great disgust.

\'I need to do this.\' I convinced myself. \'This will be the last time.\'

Gladiolus smiled happily when he saw I took his hand. "Do not worry Alicia, I will take care of you." He kissed the back of my hand gently.

Gladiolus put my hand in his arm and escorted me outside my private quarters. The four maids that was attending to me were all bowed down in front of the crown prince\'s presence but I can hear them giggling. I guess they were happy to see their crown prince very satisfied with their job on me. Well I can\'t blame them. They see me as the future crown princess of her kingdom.

Gladiolus escorted me thru the corridors of the palace then outside. The palace grounds are filled with decorations for the coming of age ceremony. The gates are also opened for the commoners to come in for the event. Food and beverages are arranged outside for the commoner visitors.

When the commoners on the palace grounds saw Gladiolus and I, they bowed to us and greeted us with smiles on their faces.

"Greeting to the future sun and moon of the Jennovian Kingdom."

"Glory to the Jennovian Kingdom."

"May you be blessed with good fortunes."

They were happy to see their kingdoms royalty. I know that Duke Matias has staged this event to also get the hearts of the common people of Jennovia. This event is for their Princess Satiana and was a publicity stunt to boost the princess\' fame for the common people.

Looking at these people made me think that this war is really not needed. This people only need a good ruler that will tend to their needs and govern this kingdom in the right path. I am sure that Satiana will do a good job on this, with Duke Matias by her side as adviser.

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