The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 25 I will make them pay

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\'Neigh!\' Margaret said loudly. She was standing on her hind feet while her front feet was tossing in the air.

"Ahhhh, Leon!" I yelped. I lost my grip in Margaret\'s neck and I felt my self falling.

"Alicia!" I heard Leon scream.

I saw the blue sky overhead and I felt falling. I brace myself and closed my eyes waiting to feel the pain. But to my surprise I didn\'t feel anything.

Then I can warn hands gently holding me. I open my eyes slowly and saw a familiar face looking at me with worry.

"Alicia, are you okay?" Leon asked worriedly.

I nodded slowly, still feeling and gauging my whole body for any pain or discomfort. But I can\'t find any so that means I\'m fine.

My thumping heart just a while ago felt calm and at ease seeing Leon now. The adrenaline rush that I felt lost it\'s power.

"Princess, princess!" I can faintly hear Tricia yelling worriedly. My consciousness seems be fading.

"Princess Alicia!" Tricia\'s voice was now near me.

"Alicia. Alicia?" Leon was calling me worriedly. I want to tell them that I am fine but my consciousness was darkening until all was dark.


"How is the princess?" Leon asked.

After the incident on the horse Alicia lost consciousness due to fright. Leon took her to her bed chambers to rest.

It was night time when Leon visited Alicia in her chamber again.

"She is still sleeping sir Leon." Tricia said. "I will take my leave now sir."

"Okay. You may leave." Leon said. Tricia bowed and exited the room.

Leon walked towards Alicia\'s bedside. He looked at her with affectionate eyes.

The doctor said that the princess fainted because of the shock. She has a weak body so this is the way her body is coping up from the shock.

"My Alicia." Leon brushed her cheeks affectionately.

Then he saw her hands. He picked it up and saw red marks from holding the reins too tightly. Leon\'s face flashed in anger. He clenched his fists hard.

"My beautiful Alicia. I will surely find the one who is responsible for this." Leon said. "Dimitri." Leon whispered.

"I am here your highness." Dimitri emerged from the shadows near the rooms window.

"Have you investigated this incident?" Leon asked coldly.

Dimitri felt the chill from his prince. He has countless of times seen the prince this cold.

Leon has done many things just to take the crown prince\'s position. The battle with his brother\'s were bloody and countless of lives were lost.

If Dimitri would describe him, he would say he is a cold blooded demon to his enemies. The master mind of this incident will surely get what he deserves.

"Yes your highness. We found something under the horse\'s hoof." Dimitri replied. He get something in his pocket and gave it to Leon.

Leon took the object and inspected it in his hands. He saw a sharp object like a shard. He looked at Dimitri for further information.

"This was placed under the hoof. And if the horse moved faster and faster the object would burry itself more and more. Then the horse will be in pain. Any rider would be in danger after." Dimitri explained.

"They tried to harm my future wife, I won\'t forgive them. They would pay the price." Leon said with a scary tone.

Dimitri cringed. The perpetrator asked for this. Leon is scary when he is angry.

"We have captured the one that placed the sharp object on the horse\'s hoof. We just need to interrogate her to know who the master mind of this your highness." Dimitri explained.

"Take me to her. I want to know who did this to my future wife." Leon said coldly. Anger flashed in his eyes.

"Yes your highness." Dimitri bowed and left.

"My wife, I will surely let them pay for what they have done. They will have double the pain they gave to you I promise you." Leon leaned closer to Alicia and gave her a kiss in the forehead.