The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 249 Preparations Before the Escape 2

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"Yep. Leave it to me." Jack said bumping his fist on his chest confidently. "I am the best thief there ever in this continent." He said proudly.

"Is that something to be proud of?" I giggled. "But please be careful. The path leading to the pendant is filled with magic traps." I looked at him worriedly.

Jack might be the best thief there is but what he was stealing is not something ordinary. It was well guarded and filled with magic traps along the way.

"Do not worry about me princess. I will surely be fine." Jack reassured me. I smiled knowing that Jack\'s capabilities can help him in his mission.

I then looked at William who was still in a bad mood. I am sure he was also mad at me.

"William…" I walked towards him. He was still giving me the cold shoulder. "I am really sorry. I have my reasons why I didn\'t call for you for help." I said apologetically.

William was still silent and with a frown on his face. I held his hand and squeezed it gently.

"I am really sorry Will." I looked up at him.

William sighed after some time. "How can I be angry at you for so long if you do that?" He looked at me with a sad smile. He pressed his big palm on my cheek and caressed it gently. "I was just angry that I wasn\'t able to stop that b*stard on getting his hand all over you. It is my job to protect you Alicia, so please let me do my job properly." His eyes were pleading towards me.

I know that I am also in the wrong. I am always taking William\'s kindness for granted. I feel that I am a bad person towards him.

"I… I am sorry Will. That would never happen again, I promise." I said while trying to fight back the tears.

I felt William\'s thumb wipe the tears starting to gather on the rim of my eyes gently.

"Don\'t cry." William said with a soothing voice. "It is not like I am scolding you or anything. I also know your reason why you didn\'t call for me. I would have cut that jerk\'s head off if you have called for help and all of our plans would have been for naught." He sighed depressingly.

I nodded with his words and smiled at him. "Then let\'s go over with your part of the plan."

"Hmm." William nodded and stepped back from me. "My mission is to take your mother and escape safely from the palace."

I nodded in agreement. "While the masquerade ball is being held, many of the guards will be stationed in the ballroom and the outer vicinity of it." I said. "The guards inside the palace will be reduced to a minimum and so taking my mother out from inside the palace will be easier."

The plan was set up perfectly. All of us have our own missions and the rendezvous point was set in a place that was safely set by Duke Matias himself. That place is where I will also wait for Regaleon\'s arrival. My heart was racing just thinking that after just a few hours I will see my beloved once more.

"Will you be okay on your own princess?" Jack asked me.

The plan was set for me to escape on my own while the masquerade ball was commencing. Duke Matias\' daughter Karolina is to become my body double at the middle of the party. My mission is to try and escape from Gladiolus\' side for a few minutes to do the switch with Karolina. Once done, she will do her best to at least stay a few feet away Gladiolus so that she won\'t get caught.

"Do not worry. I will surely get away from Gladiolus by all means." I said with confidence.

"That b*stard would be your escort for the masquerade ball." William said, seething in his anger. "He will make sure to keep you in his vicinity."

What William said was correct. Because Gladiolus has announced that I will be his main wife, I am the one he would escort in the masquerade ball. He surely won\'t let me get away from him the whole evening.

"I have a plan." I said. "Of course I am still a lady and there thins that ladies have to do." I winked at them.

Jack chuckled and William sighed. Our plans are set up smoothly. There is no room for errors tonight.

"We should go thru this plan without delay." I told both of them. "Jack, Will, I am counting on you two."

"Do not worry princess." Jack said with a confident smile. "You can count on me."

"I will surely get your mother to safety." William said with a smile. "Snow will be coming with me, so I am sure we will be safe."

"Thank you, both of you." I said with heartfelt gratitude. "Without the two of you here beside me, I do not know what will happen to me."

The two men came towards me and comforted me while I was getting all emotional. It is true that if I was left alone here in Jennovia, I will not know what to do. I am happy that they were sent here by Regaleon to assist me all the way.

\'Leon… we will see each other again my love.\' I whispered inside my heart.


(Regaleon\'s POV)

In a place not so far away from the Jennovian capital, me and my men were having a short break.

"Your majesty, is there something wrong?" Dimitri asked me when I just stopped drinking from my water bottle midway.

"It\'s nothing." I brushed off Dimitri\'s question. But the truth is I felt that Alicia was calling out for me.

The capital of Jennovia is near now and I will soon see my beloved once more. I stood up signaling my men to stand up as well.

"I hope you had a good rest." I told them "From here on out, we won\'t stop until we get to the capital of Jennovia and get Alicia back." My men bowed down to my order.

Just a few days ago, Duke Matias sent a messenger stating that tonight Alicia and the others will escape as planned. He had given us the rendezvous point as to where we will be meeting up Alicia and her group.

Just thinking of seeing my beloved once more excites me. \'I will see you again Lili. Please wait for me.\' I said inside my heart.

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