The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 248 Preparations Before the Escape 1

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After the annunciation ceremony, I have gone back to my private quarters to prepare for the masquerade ball. But before everything else I have to call on William and Jack to run through on our escape plan for the final time.

"Martha, can you please call sir knight and my male servant." I ordered. "I want to give them some instructions before the masquerade ball starts."

"Yes your highness." Martha politely bowed and exited my room.

After a while Martha came back with William and Jack.

"Your highness, they are here." Martha announced. I looked around and saw them standing at the door.

"Thank you Martha." I smiled. "You can go now. I wouldn\'t want you to miss your carriage home."

This will be the last time I see Martha. Inside my heart, I wish her the best in the future. Maybe when this is all over, I can visit her on her family\'s farm.

"Y-Your highness." Martha let out a small sob. "Why does it feel like you are saying goodbye for good? It is like I won\'t ever see you again." Her face was contorted, trying to stop the tears from falling.

"Silly Martha." I force a smile. I also feel like crying seeing her like that. But I cannot let her se me this way. "Of course this is just a goodbye for now."

I stood up from my seat and walked towards her. She was now shedding tears and sobbing.

"Can I hug you Martha?" I asked. She nodded while wiping her tears away. I pulled her in my arms. "Thank you for taking care of me while I was here. You have been very good to me Martha. I hope that your family\'s farm would do well so that you don\'t have to go back to work here again."

"B-But your highness… serving you has been a happy experience for me. Of course I will come back again." Martha said.

I shook my head. "I will do fine Martha. Do not worry about me." I smiled. "If your family needs you more there in your home town, then you don\'t need to go back here."

"B-But princess…" Martha wanted to say otherwise but I stopped her from saying any further by pressing my fingers on her lips.

"Promise me that you would do your best in your family\'s farm." I said with a smile. "You do not need to go back here. Understand?"

Martha was surprised but nodded in agreement after.

"That\'s good." I said. "You may go now Martha."

"Thank you your highness." Martha curtsied and was about to exit the door.

"Oh and Martha…" I called out to her and she looked back. "Please be safe and happy with your family." I said sincerely.

Martha smiled. "Thank you your highness. Please be safe as well." She bowed and left the room.

With the door closed, Jack, William and I were left inside the room.

"You let her go home to her family?" Jack asked.

"Yes. It will not be safe for her here if she is left after we escape." I said. "She has informed of her vacation in advance to her superiors. Our escape will not implicate her."

"That is so kind of you princess." Jack said with a smile.

"Martha has been very good to me in these two years." I said to him.

I have been a prisoner here in the palace of Jennovia for two years now. I may not be imprisoned inside a cell and I am able to go out of the palace from time to time, but all of my actions are being monitored here. I cannot see the people I love and cannot contact them. I am the kind of prisoner that is free to move around but doesn\'t have the freedom to do what I want. I am a prisoner inside a golden cage if I might say.

"At least, we can escape this suffocating place." Jack said with a lively voice. "By the way, I heard what happened this morning. Are you alright, princess? Is that why this guy beside me has this dark aura emitting from all over his body all afternoon?"

I looked at William who was just standing there with his arms crossed. Jack was correct to say that William has been in a bad mood since the incident this morning. I just sighed seeing him like that.

"Don\'t worry about me, I am alright." I replied. "What happened earlier was a shock but it was lucky of me to be prepared."

I took out the crystal I have used and showed it to Jack. It was now glowing red and yellow alternately.

"This crystal, it is a magic stone right?" Jack looked at it curiously. I nodded in reply.

"This was given to me by a fortune teller back in Alvannia, her name was Anna. She was also a surviving Atlantian. She had given me this after reading my fortune." I said.

"This thing is glowing because of some reason right?" Jack asked.

"Yes." I smiled at him. "Because the two of you are the ones I saw while seeing my future. You are like my protectors."

Remembering the future that I saw, it made me nervous once more. As best as I could, I want to change it. But looking and William in front of me, I am sure I can change it.

"Hehe, I am happy to know that I am one of your knights in shining armor." Jack grinned like a boy.

"I would like to talk about your father more about this. But first we need to talk about our escape plan tonight." I said. "Jack, the duke said you are in charge of stealing the pendant, correct?"

"Yep. Leave it to me." Jack said bumping his fist on his chest confidently. "I am the best thief there ever in this continent." He said proudly.

"Is that something to be proud of?" I giggled. "But please be careful. The path leading to the pendant is filled with magic traps." I looked at him worriedly.

Jack might be the best thief there is. But what he was stealing is not something ordinary. It was well guarded and filled with magic traps along the way.

"Do not worry about me princess. I will surely be fine." Jack reassured me. I smiled knowing that Jack\'s capabilities can help him in his mission.

I then looked at William who was still in a bad mood. I am sure he was also mad at me.

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