The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 247 The Announcemen

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After the whole ordeal was over, William took me back to my private quarters. He laid me down in bed gently but his face was full of rage like he was about to kill somebody.

"Martha, please prepare me a hot bath please." I ordered Martha. With what had just happened, I felt quite dirty all over my body.

"Y-Yes, right away your highness." Martha hurriedly went out to prepare my bath.

"Will..." I called out to him but didn\'t answer. It was like he was not in his body. "William!" I called with a more clear volume.

William snapped back to himself and looked at me worriedly. "Alicia, h-how are you?" He asked. "Why didn\'t you call me when that happened? You should have called me. I should have…" He trailed of looking so fierce.

"You should have what, Will?" I asked with knowing the answer. "I know what you would have done. You would have pointed your sword against this country\'s crown prince."

William shook with what I have said. "I should have been there to protect you Alicia. It is my job to see that you are safe!" I can see that he was also angry at me for not calling him for help.

"And I am safe now, aren\'t I." I said forcing a smile. "I came there prepared Will. Of course I won\'t let him get his way with me."

But remembering how Gladiolus had touched me in my private parts made my skin crawl. If I was just a few seconds late, he would have done something to me that I wouldn\'t want to even think about.

"If I called you for help then you have pointed your sword at him, you would be in trouble." I told him. "Our plan to escape is all set and ready tonight. If you have been imprisoned because of pointing your sword to the crown prince even if it is for saving me. Then we couldn\'t proceed with our plan to escape tonight. Please understand me Will, I did it to for our sake."

William had a bitter face hearing my reason. "I know, but still…" William wasn\'t able to finish his sentence and had a hurt expression.

"William, please forgive me. I know that I was also in the wrong for not calling of your help. I don\'t want to see you hurt like this." I said. "This isn\'t your fault. Besides nothing bad happened to me."

I held my hand out and reached for William\'s face. I touched his cheeks to comfort him. He took my hand and kissed my palm gently.

"Please don\'t ever do that again." William asked sincerely. "I think I would die of a heart attack because of you, hehe." He chuckled lightly.

"Of course I won\'t let you have a heart attack." I giggled with him. At least it elevated the tension we were feeling in the moment.

*knock knock*

William quickly stepped back and Martha came in.

"Your highness, the hot water is here. I will prepare your bath immediately." Martha said while carrying a tub full of steaming water.

"You are dismissed." I told William. He bowed and left my room.

Martha was finished preparing my bath and waited for me.

"Martha, you can go first. I would like to bath alone." I said.

"Y-Yes, of course your highness." Martha looked worried but followed my orders.

Once I was alone, I took off William\'s cape and walked towards the bathroom. I looked at the mirror and saw how tattered my dress was. Kiss marks was seen on my chest and at my back. Thinking of what just happened just a while ago, I felt the helplessness I felt once more. Tears started to trickle in my eyes.

I took the tattered dress off my body and slowly went in the bath tub filled with warm water. Feeling relaxed and exhausted, I made myself cry all of my helplessness and frustrations. After this, I won\'t have to feel this way anymore. Once I escape, I will be united with my love once more. I know that I will be safe by his side.


It was afternoon and Satiana was all dressed up regally for her coming of age ceremony. She was wearing a dark green dress with gold flowers embroidered. This dress was one of Madam Viola\'s creations. I was a little curious how she was able to finish such a beautiful and elaborate dress in only a few days time.

I, on the other hand was wearing a light blue dress with blue sapphire jewels sewn in patterns. I was also wearing the sapphire jewel set Satiana bought for me in town. I wore my hair in a fish style braid with blue flower accessories hanging.

"Big sis, you look beautiful ." Satiana said with a happy smile.

"Not as beautiful as you Sati." I smiled at her. "You are the star of the day."

The information what happened this morning was suppressed by the queen. She ordered for all who was present to not let any information out or they will face a grave consequence in their action. And so Satiana didn\'t know what had happened to me and his brother.

"My little sister is very beautiful today." I heard Gladiolus\' voice and I involuntary shivered.

I looked around and saw him walking towards us. He was wearing his formal white uniform with gold threading. He was looking rather dashing in his outfit. The wound on his forehead was concealed with his hair style.

"Happy coming of age my dear little sister." Gladiolus kissed Satiana\'s hand.

"Thank you brother." Satiana replied joyfully. "Um, where is mother? I heard that she had arrived today correct."

Looking at Satiana, she was still longing for her mother. I cannot blame her, she is still young and wanted her mother to love her. I know what she felt because it is the same feeling when I longed for my father\'s affection. Satiana was still hoping that her mother would at least make her presence felt in her coming of age ceremony.

"Mother had just returned from a tiring journey Sati. She needs some rest." Gladiolus replied.

Satiana\'s happy face turned into a scowl. Her hopes were shattered once more.

"Don\'t worry Sati, big brother is here." Gladiolus cheered his little sister up. "I will be the one to announce your coming of age." He assured her and Satiana sadly nodded in understanding.

"Your highnesses, it is time." The organizer said.

Satiana took a deep breath and composed herself. By this time Gladiolus silently went near me and I didn\'t even look at him.

"Alicia… I am sorry." Gladiolus whispered his apology to me. "I didn\'t know what had gotten into me. After hearing that b*astard\'s name, it all went dark."

I simply ignored his words. Whatever he says or even if he kneels in front of me with many people watching, I won\'t ever forgive him.

"Please talk to me Alicia. I don\'t want for you to continue to get mad at me. I am really sorry." Gladiolus said. "I promise, I won\'t do anything that you do not like even after we are married. I will wholeheartedly wait for you to fall in love with me and give me your approval."

In my head I was thinking many things like \'I will never ever forgive you\' or \'it will never happened because I won\'t marry you\'.

*toot toot toot*

The sound of trumpets was starting. It was the sign that the coming of age ceremony is about to start.

"I will be your escort in the masquerade ball later my Alicia." Gladiolus said. "So I hope by then at least we will have an understanding." He sadly smiled at me and walked towards Satiana.

I scoffed on his words. \'After tonight, you would never see me again.\' I thought.

Elizabeth arrived just in time before it all started. She took her place right beside me. She was wearing a violet dress with silver embroidery. I nodded at her and she nodded as a reply. We stayed silent and didn\'t exchange any words.

The heavy curtains to the royal veranda were lifted and I saw a huge crowd on the palace ground below. The noble as planned were seated in the front row while the commoners are at the back standing. I can hear the people down people cheering with the curtains lifted.

Gladiolus took Satiana\'s hand and escorted her unto the veranda. Elizabeth and I followed from behind slowly.

When the crowd saw Satiana, they cheered even louder. The trumpets stopped playing and Gladiolus waved his hand to silence the people below.

"Greetings fellow Jennovians." Gladiolus said with a loud voice. "I am here today to announce to you that my sister, Princess Satiana Elissar the first princess of Jennovia, has now come of age."

The crowd below was silently listening to Gladiolus\' announcement earnestly. At least the people present here today has given their visible support to Satiana. They whole heartedly accepted her even though her own mother left her in this important moment of her life.

"I give to you my only sister, the first princess of Jennovia. Princess Satiana Elissar!" Gladiolus said with a proud voice.

The people down below started to applause and cheer.

"Congratulations Princess Satiana…"

"We are all here to support you."

"Our beautiful princess has grown into a beautiful young lady."

"We are proud to have you as our princess."

The cheers of the people are all warm. I can hear Satiana sobbing and it melted my heart knowing that the people of Jennovia will never abandon her.

"Thank you very much, people of Jennovia!" Satiana said. The crowd started to hush down their cheers. "Thank you for all your warm congratulations. I am here today to celebrate my coming of age ceremony with all of you here present. I promise that I will be a good example as a royal of this country. I will work hard for our country and people to prosper."

The crowd cheered once more after hearing Satiana\'s words. I am sure there was also a hidden meaning in her speech. Satiana would be the future monarch and queen of this country if we are able to over throw the current queen and end this war. The future is starting to be paved by the young people like us.

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