The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 245 Confronting the Crown Prince 2

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"The first time I laid my eyes on you, I knew for certain that you are the one for me." Gladiolus took my hand and pressed it on his cheeks. "I fell for you at first sight. I then knew why Sati was not meant for me, it was because you are the one for me."

I believe that his feelings for me are genuine but what disgust me were his delusions. Why would he think that we are meant for each other? Has his mother injected such thoughts into him?

"You are mine, and mine alone." Gladiolus said with eyes filled with desire. It made my skin crawl.

Then I felt his hand pulled me forcefully to his and it caught me by surprise. His lips locked mine into a kiss.

"Hmm…no..mhmm." I tried to push him hard but my strength is nothing compared to his.

Gladiolus\' arms locked around me and I cannot get out. My lips are in his possession and I cannot do anything but to squirm in his embrace.

"Haah..haah…" I took in breaths when Gladiolus let go of my lips. His lips trailed towards my neck. "P-Please no…*sob*…Le-Leon." I unknowingly called for Regaleon\'s name.

Gladiolus\' attacks stopped midway. My tears were falling and a sob was breaking out of my lips. When I looked at him, his face was full of rage that froze me in place.

"You.Are.Mine…" Gladiolus sheeted in his anger. He carried me abruptly and took me by surprise.

"No… let go of me…" I tried to punch and kick him but to no avail.

Gladiolus took me to another room and closed the door behind him. He laid me down in bed forcefully.

"W-What are you doing?" Fear had taken over my whole body.

"I will take you here and now." Gladiolus face looked dark, unlike the one that expressed his love for me just a while ago. "You are mine and no one will ever have you other than me."

Gladiolus started taking his clothes off. I took the opportunity to get out of there but I was grabbed by him in an instant.

"Where do you think you are going?" Gladiolus\' eyes looked dark. He held my hand on top of me force fully and tore my dress slowly.

"N-No…" I was frozen in fear and can\'t think straight. Gladiolus started kissing me from my neck to my chest.

Then I remembered the magic crystal that I placed inside the secret pocket of my dress. My dress right now was torn by Gladiolus into pieces. My chest now has been exposed to him.

"You look so fine." Gladiolus said looking at me lasciviously. "I wonder how you taste."

Gladiolus\' kisses trailed from my chest to my breast. I endure this disgust hoping that I can find where the magic crystal went.

My eyes were darting left and right while enduring Gladiolus\' touches on my body when I saw the small crystal just on my upper left corner. It must have flown there while Gladiolus tore my dress.

My hands were still being held by Gladiolus\' hand firmly while his lip was abusing my body. I tried my best to pull at least one hand free while openly resisting Gladiolus\' abuse on my body.

"No…please…" I sobbed. I was disgusted with what he was doing to me but still needed to act that I was under his mercy.

"You are mine, and mine alone." Gladiolus said.

I was able to nudge my hand free. I overturned my whole body and tried to reach for the crystal overhead but then Gladiolus pulled me.

"What I feisty kitty, I like it." Gladiolus pinned my body down and trailed kisses on my back. My skin crawled in his actions and disgusts flooded me.

I looked at the small crystal that was in reach. Fortunately Gladiolus was preoccupied with abusing my body and didn\'t see the crystal. I outstretched my arms and the crystal was so close.

\'Just a little more.\' I thought to myself.

Then I heard Gladiolus opening the zipper of his pants that made me alert even more. With all my force, I kicked him and was able to reach the crystal.

With the crystal at hand I harnessed the little magic inside of it.


A loud explosion was heard. Gladiolus was sent flying and hit the wall hard. I looked around and there was a force field with a dim glow around me.

"*Cough cough*… w-what…" Gladiolus opened his eyes. The room was a mess after the explosion. There was a trail of blood dripping from his forehead.

Footsteps were heard from outside and not long a group of people came inside.

"Your highness, what happened?!" The male servants that were outside were the first one to arrive. They saw Gladiolus who was clearly injured sitting on the floor and they ran to assist him.

"Princess!" William was there in no time and ran towards me. He passed the force field without difficulty. "What happened to you?!" He was seething his anger.

William took off his cloak and hurriedly and covered my exposed body. He looked at Gladiolus and I saw him holding the hilt of his sword. I hurriedly held his hand and shook my head as to tell me to not do anything for now. Our plans would be in danger if something bad happens now.

The maids that saw me in that state tried to go near me but were electrified when they came into contact with the force field around me. That means only the people I trust can come into contact with the force field I made.

"A-Alica… w-what have I done?" Gladiolus was still sitting on the floor as if he was not in his right mind. His forehead was trickling with blood.

William was trembling in fury. He hasn\'t let go of his sword\'s hilt the whole time and so I held his hand more forcibly which was trembling as well. His look on Gladiolus was full of killing intent.

"What is happening?" A high voice rang inside the room.

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