The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 243 The Morning of the Big Day 2

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After bathing, Martha helped me get dressed. Meeting with the crown prince is important to the maids that they have prepared me a beautiful dress with matching accessories.

\"I am ready, let\'s go.\" I said and Martha nodded in understanding.

Inside my pocket was the magic crystal that Anna the fortune teller gave me before. With this crystal I knew that Jack was one of the stars from the prophecy, and like the prophecy said Jack had become a very big help to me.

I once again remembered the prophecy, the one that I was afraid would happen. And so far that prophecy is really happening. Looking at the crystal, it is glowing yellow in color. I have already known that William was the yellow star in the prophecy, the one who was always beside me, guarding me.

I also know that the blue star was Regaleon. He was doing everything to take me back to his side. I am happy that I will see him again tomorrow, my heart was thumping hard just thinking of meeting him once more. But what I am afraid is that what if my magic will get out of control and will hurt him like what the prophecy has foretold.

I squeezed my eyes shut forcing that thought away from my mind. \'No, I won\'t hurt Leon. I can never hurt the person I love the most.\' It was my mantra that I tell myself over and over again.

\"Princess Alicia, are you sure you are fine?\" William asked worriedly. He might have seen my action just now.

\"It\'s okay, I am fine.\" I replied with a forced smile.

What I need to focus right now was to get thru this breakfast with Gladiolus safely. It is true that he had been docile these past few days, but that was because I never met him alone. I know that we will be having breakfast in his private quarters but for sure there will be maids to assists us, so that at least made me calm down.

I took the magic crystal with me with a purpose, and that is to harness what little magic it has embedded inside. I can\'t use my own magic, but harnessing magic embedded from magic stones and crystals can still be used even with janetite around. This magic crystal if my last line of defense if something goes wrong.

I was walking towards Gladiolus\' private quarters with Martha and William accompanying me. We passed by busy employees decorating the palace for the event today. I can see different kinds of flowers being put into beautiful vases, the curtains on windows are being replaced with ones that looked even grander, and the maids are cleaning every inch of the palace diligently. Everyone we passed by stopped, giving me a respectful bow. Of course the news that I was to be wedded to their crown prince has circulated already. They were looking at me as their future crown princess.

\"Everyone seems to be quite busy today.\" I said. \"I am sure Satiana is also busy preparing for her big day. The coming of age ceremony will be held at the palace ground this afternoon, correct?\" I asked Martha.

\"Yes your highness.\" Martha replied. \"Princess Satiana will be announced to be of age at three in the afternoon. As custom, a senior from the royal family will escort and announce her highness has come of age.\"

\"A senior?\" I asked. \"Because Aunt Patricia is not here yet, it would be Gladiolus to escort her then.\"

The coming of age ceremony here in Jennovia has a different custom. Unlike in Alvannia where I was announced in my grand ball, Satiana will be announced of age at the palaces royal veranda. Nobles that are invited would be seated at the front rows to watch this joyous occasion while the back row will be where the commoners can watch. The palace gates will be open for the commoners in such event. This gave them the chance to meet Satiana who is a part of the royal family.

This was also the day where Satiana can take in official suitors from noble families. Now that she has come of age, young men of nobility can catch a gaze of the now mature princess and can ask for her hand in marriage. Of course that is only asking for a formal engagement, marriage can only be held when the princess turns eighteen years old.

Thinking about this, I was now eighteen years old. I have been here in Jennovia for two years now and that is how long the war has been going on as well. I have never celebrated my seventeenth and eighteenth birthdays here in Jennovia, knowing that I am a prisoner here I don\'t have the mood to celebrate my own birthday.

\'I also have been engaged to Regaleon for two years now. If I was with him, then I would have been married to him a long time ago.\' I thought to myself. I sighed with the realization.

Thinking of my beloved just made me more excited to see him. \'Just wait a little more Alicia and you could see him once more.\' I thought to myself with a fleeting smile on my face.

Not long we have reached Gladiolus\' private quarters.

\"Princess Alicia has arrived.\" The servant outside announced our arrival.

\"Let her in.\" Gladiolus\'s voice from inside said.

The doors were opened by the servants. Inside I saw him sitting in front of the small table arranged for two persons. I flinched seeing him.

\"Don\'t worry, I am right outside if you need me.\" William whispered from behind me.

\'Thank you.\' I told him telepathically.

But I do not plan on getting him entangled in this. William is posing as a Jennovian knight and he can be punished if he offends Gladiolus.

\'No, I have to do this on my own.\' I thought to myself.

We are going to escape tonight so we cannot have any problems. I composed myself and walked inside Gladiolus\' private quarters.

\"Greetings to the future sun of the Jennovian Kingdom.\" I curtsied.

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