The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 241 Elizabeth’s Jealousy 2

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\"That\'s good to hear.\" Gladiolus smiled. \"Dinner is served in the dining room. \"Let us now head there. I am sure all of you are famished.\"

Gladiolus took my hand and escorted me along the way. It was a gesture of a husband escorting his wife. Even though we were not yet married, he did such things anyway. It was like slapping Elizabeth on her face because she is the one who already married to him.

The dinner was eaten in peace, much to my relief. I heard from Gladiolus that the knights from earlier that offended me were punished with fifty lashes of the whip each. It was said that Gladiolus wanted to punish them with death but the high priest opposed to it. Being that the knights were under the queen\'s command, she is the only one to give a death penalty. So for now Gladiolus gave them other harsh punishment.

I was lying on bed but wasn\'t able to sleep. I was thinking of the coming of age ceremony that will be held just a few days from now. We will be executing our escape plan at the same day as the ceremony is being held.

I was also thinking about the information that Regaleon was coming to get me. I was excited to know that in just a few days time I will be seeing him once again.

I heaved a sigh and sat up in my bed. Sleep won\'t be coming anytime soon and so I stood up and got my robe and put it on. I walked towards the door and opened it.

\"Is something matter Alicia?\" It was William that was guarding my door.

\"Why aren\'t you resting?\" I asked. \"Isn\'t it Jack\'s turn to guard?\"

William and Jack had turns in guarding me at night. This was to ensure that both of them can have a good rest every other night.

\"Well Jack is out of the palace right now because of an errand.\" William replied.

\"Is that so?\" I said. \"Well then can you accompany me for a walk? I can\'t seem to fall asleep.\" I asked.

\"Of course.\" William smiled and escorted me.

The both of us walked towards the nearest garden to get some fresh air. The weather has improved a lot since I unknowingly affected it with my magic, but the cold is still there.

\"Aren\'t you cold?\" William asked worriedly.

\"Don\'t worry, this robe is rather thick.\" I said confidently.

The night sky was clear with no clouds covering it. The stars were twinkling while the full moon was shining brightly and illuminating our surroundings.

*sob sob*

I can hear someone crying in a distance. I looked at William and he also heard the same.

\"Let\'s go and see who it is.\" I told William but he grabbed my hand.

\"What if it is something dangerous?\" William said and was against searching for the person.

\"Judging by the voice it was coming from a girl.\" I said. \"Don\'t worry, I can defend myself. And you are also with me so what is there to be worried about?\" I said proudly.

William sighed and gave in to my request. The both of us walked towards where the sobs are coming from and I saw in between the bushes a hunched figure of a girl. Her long blond hair was flowing freely from her back. She was wearing fine looking robes like mine. Judging from her robe and her hair, there is only one woman that fits this description.

\"Elizabeth?\" I called to her. Hearing her name, she looked back to me. It really was Elizabeth.

\"W-Why are you here?\" Elizabeth asked with embarrassment. Her face was stained with tears and she looked very haggard. \"No, don\'t look at me! Get out of here, leave me alone!\" She shouted and continued to cry.

Her crying pulled some strings inside my heart. Seeing Elizabeth like this just made me pity her.

\"Elizabeth, let\'s go back. It\'s cold out here.\" I said worriedly.

\"No, leave me alone.\" Elizabeth yelled angrily. \"It\'s your fault, all your fault.\" She said while sobbing.

My image of Elizabeth that was proud and confident was replaced with the figure in front of me now. She was like a lost kitten, shivering and crying in a corner.

\"Why is it my fault?\" I asked.

\"If not for you I wouldn\'t have been here.\" Elizabeth hissed. \"If not for you then William should have been titled duke and I would have been married to him. If not for you, I won\'t have to suffer like this in an unwanted marriage. You stole everything from me and Veronica. Why, why do you have everything now?\"

Some of what Elizabeth was true. If not for me William should have inherited his father\'s title as duke. I looked at William who was behind me sadly. He shook his head as if ensuring me that his decision was solely his and I should not blame myself for it.

\"I am sorry.\" I said to Elizabeth sincerely. \"I never had the intention of stealing anything from you. I came to your life only wishing for you my step sisters to treat me as family.\"

I squatted down in front of her to see her properly. I didn\'t expect that seeing you like this would make me feel sad also.

\"I only wanted the both of you to treat me like a sister. Even if you didn\'t love me as you love each other as siblings, at least some respect would have sufficed.\" I said with a sad and heavy heart. I remembered my childhood with them. \"Richard at least loved me as a sibling and grandfather as well treated me like his real granddaughter. And William, he was my very first friend. I was happy to have him by my side but I never stole him from you. Regaleon also, he picked me as his crown princess. I never stole him from Veronica.\"

Tears started to fall from my eyes as well. The hurt I felt in my childhood is resurfacing again now.

\"I have never felt the love of father even once in our childhood. Seeing all of you happy when I was inside my cold courtyard nearly forgotten hurt me the most. How I envied you and Veronica so much because the love I sought for from father was all showered to the both of you. I was never a part of your family, even once in our childhood days.\" I can feel the heartache of my childhood.

\"But that family was ruined by you!\" Elizabeth growled at me in anger.

\"No, I never ruined your family. It is all of your doings.\" I said while tears were flowing. \"Step mother had done a sin against mother and I that banished her from the kingdom. Veronica planned something against me but she was the one stumble on her own plans.\"

\"I…*sob hic*… I know what I did wrong…\" Elizabeth said crying even louder. \"I am sorry!!! Because of my selfishness, all of it has gone back to me….*sob hic*\"

Hearing those words from Elizabeth made me happy. At least she knows what she has done wrong. At last she realized what she did.

\"I forgive you…\" I pulled her into my arms and hugged her.

\"I am sorry Alicia. It is my fault…*sob hic*\" Elizabeth cried even louder. \"I was jealous because of William\'s affection towards you. That is why I did all those things. And I was also swayed by mother. I know these aren\'t valid reasons but…*hic*… I am really sorry.\"

\"Hush now…\" I patted her. \"I forgive you.\"

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