The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 240 Elizabeth’s Jealousy 1

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After the whole ordeal in the Prima Bella Clothing Store was over, the two knights was quickly detained and sent back to the palace. We, on the other hand continued our shopping here in town.

\"Big sis, are you really all right?\" Satiana asked with a worried tone.

\"Do not worry Sati, I am fine. Nothing bad happened and those offenders have been quickly detained.\" I assured her with a smile. \"I am sure your brother will give them the right punishment for offending a princess like me.\"

\"Hmph…\" Elizabeth scoffed. Both Sati and I looked at her but she didn\'t say anything after.

\"I have already got all of your measurements. Rest assured that the dresses for the princess\' coming of age ceremony will be done and delivered as scheduled.\" Madam Viola said with a smile. \"Do you have anything else you need?\" She asked.

\"Oh, we are also here to look at jewels and accessories.\" Satiana said.

\"There are many good jewelry and accessory stores in the plaza. Feel free to look over there. I am sure you would find great works that you might be interested with.\" Madam Viola said.

\"Thank you for assisting us Madam Viola.\" I said with complete gratitude.

With Madam Viola\'s help, I was able to meet his brother Duke Matias and talk to him about the most important matters. I also got the information that Regaleon was coming here to get me personally. My heart was filled with happiness.

\"Then we will be going Madam Viola.\" Satiana said with a smile and waved goodbye.

\"Please come back some other time. You can also send word if you like me to make your dresses in the future.\" Madam Viola said as a parting word.

\"We will surely come back.\" Satiana said.


Our group walked back to the plaza. Like Madam Viola said, there are many jewelry and accessory stores to choose from.

\"Let\'s try this store big sis.\" Satiana said while pulling me.

\"Okay, okay. No need to pull me.\" I giggled with her enthusiasm.

We went in a jewelry store that sells beautiful pieces of jewelry. The crafting of each and every accessory was beautiful and exquisite.

\"I will go and have a look around here big sis.\" Satiana said and walked to the other side of the store. I on the other hand looked at the display cases with jewelry sets on display.

My eyes were caught on a piece of jewelry set, that was made with sapphire stones. The color of the sapphire was the same as Regaleon\'s eye color, a deep blue hue.

\"Would you like to see this set your highness?\" A store clerk asked.

\"May I?\" I asked and the clerk nodded. He took out the set out if the display cabinet.

The set consists of a pair of earrings, a necklace, and a bracelet. I touched the exquisite piece of jewelry and was in awe with the beautiful color of the stones. This just made me yearn for Regaleon more.

\"How much is it?\" I asked the store clerk.

\"This set has a price of five hundred gold coins your highness.\" The store clerk replied.

\"F-Five hundred gold coins?\" I was surprised by the price.

Gold coins are the highest value of money in the continent. For this set having that said amount, it was quite expensive.

\"Why don\'t you just buy it?\" I heard Elizabeth\'s voice behind me and was surprised with her presence. I was so engrossed with the jewelry set that I didn\'t even realize that Elizabeth was behind me.

\"But it is quite expensive.\" I replied to her question.

\"Heh.\" Elizabeth scoffed. \"Didn\'t the crown prince of this country promised to pay anything that you want.\" She said mockingly.

It is true that Gladiolus said he will pay for any purchase I make today but looking at this jewelry set, I wouldn\'t want him to pay something that reminds me of Regaleon. I wouldn\'t want to spend Gladiolus money in any way as much as possible.

\"Let me pay for that big sis.\" Satiana also came. \"Please also pack this with the others I have bought.\" She told the store clerk.

\"Of course your highness.\" The store clerk smiled wide knowing that he had sold a lot for this day. And with the other nobles knowing that the royal family bought their jewelries here, the store would be famous for quite some time.

\"You really don\'t need to Sati.\" I told her. \"I just admired it.\"

\"Oh big sis, it\'s no big deal.\" Satiana said. \"And I can see how you looked at it. You really liked it, right?\" I nodded as a reply and smiled at her.

\"Hmph.\" I heard Elizabeth scoffed once again and walked away.

\"What\'s her problem?\" Satiana asked looking quite irritated. \"She has been scoffing too many times now, hmph.\"

\"Oh don\'t mind her.\" I said. \"Have you bought everything that you came here for?\" I asked.

\"Yes, I have bought everything I needed for my attire in my coming of age ceremony.\" Satiana smiled joyfully.

\"I am glad.\" I smiled back at her.


After buying everything we need, we stopped by on a café to eat some snacks and then we departed the town to go back to the palace. Like the trip to the town, the trip back was also silent. Satiana was visibly exhausted and I let her take a nap on my lap. Elizabeth on the other hand was looking at outside the window as usual.

The trip back was much faster than earlier and we were back in the palace. After we got down of the carriage I saw Gladiolus was standing by the entrance to greet us with a smile on his face.

\"It is good that you have returned safely.\" Gladiolus walked towards us. \"I can see you have bought many things in town.\"

Shopping bags and boxes was being brought down from the carriage roof carefully by the servants. Satiana and I have bought some readymade dresses from Madam Viola\'s boutique while some of Satiana and Elizabeth\'s orders will be delivered by schedule.

\"Yes big brother. I had a great time shopping with my big sisters.\" Satiana walked towards Gladiolus and hugged him merrily. \"Thank you for giving us permission to go shopping. You are the best.\"

\"I am happy that you are happy Sati.\" Gladiolus patted his sister\'s head with loving affection.

I can see how close Satiana was to his big brother. It just pains me that our plan would put a crack on their sibling relationship.

\"How about you Alicia, did you buy everything you liked?\" Gladiolus turned to me and asked.

\"Yes. I only bought what I needed.\" I replied flatly.

\"You should have bought some more that you really fancied.\" Gladiolus walked towards me. His arms encircled my waist affectionately that I was frozen in place. \"You are my wife to be. I will buy anything that you want. I will give you anything your heart desires.\"

Gladiolus placed a kiss on my cheek and smiled in content. Deep inside me I felt disgusted by his actions but all I can do is endure.

\"How about you my dear concubine, did you buy everything you need?\" Gladiolus asked Elizabeth while still holding me in his arms.

Elizabeth looked bitter and forced a smile. \"Yes dear husband, I have bought many things I liked.\" She said words of gratitude but her gaze towards me felt piercing.

\"That\'s good to hear.\" Gladiolus smiled. \"Dinner is served in the dining room. \"Let us now head there. I am sure all of you are famished.\"

Gladiolus took my hand and escorted me along the way. It was a gesture of a husband escorting his wife. Even though we were not yet married, he did such things anyway. It was like slapping Elizabeth on her face because she is the one who already married to him.

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