The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 24 Horseback riding 4

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Leon looked at me with sad eyes.

"Don\'t worry about me. I have alway known that I was never welcomed here and accepted that." I said sadly.

"Tell me Alicia, what are the things you want to do if you were given and opportunity to travel?" Leon asked me.

I looked at Leon confused why he asked that. He was waiting for my answer patiently.

"If ever I was given an opportunity to travel then I want to see the sea first. I want to see the vast water that stretches as far as the eye can see." I said. "Then I want to see the valleys and mountains. Maybe also see the snowy caps of Mt. Theses. I want to also visit farms and look at different kinds of animals."

"Hmm that is such a long list." Leon was nodding.

"That isn\'t even the half of it." I said with a smiled. I look at him. "I also want to meet different kinds of people. I want to learn many..."

I wasn\'t able to finish my sentence when I felt lips pressed on mine. Leon stole a quick kiss from me. I look at him with surprise and held my lips.

"You look so gullible when you are happy that I wasn\'t able to resist in stealing a kiss." Leon smiled his bright smile.

I blushed embarrassed.

"Huh? Umm...I...uh." I don\'t know what to say that I stuttered trying to form a sentence. "Let\'s pick up the pace okay." I awkwardly said.

I kick Margaret and she sprang forward.

"Wait, Alicia!" I heard Leon yell after me but I was running in front now.

Then I felt something not right. Margaret was acting strangely. Margaret was trashing on place.

"Margaret what is it?" I was starting to get nervous. I hold the reins tight just to balance but I can\'t calm Margaret down.

I was getting frightened. I don\'t know what to do.

"Alicia!" Leon was riding Midnight and caught up to me.

"Leon! I don\'t know what happened to Margaret." I yelled at him frightened. "What will I do?"

I was balancing my self in top of the trashing Margaret. I was afraid that I would fall.

"Alicia just hold in. Balance yourself so you won\'t fall." Leon instructed me.

"Leon, help me." My eyes were shedding tears now. I was so afraid

Leon stopped meters away and alighted his horse.

"Margaret shh girl." Leon tried to calm her down.

"L-Leon!" I was now holding on Margaret\'s neck for dear life. She was trashing all around like crazy.

"Hold on Alicia, I\'ll surely save you." Leon yelled.

His words gave me courage. I know whatever happens he would be there to save me.

\'Neigh!\' Margaret said loudly. She was standing on her hind feet while her front feet was tossing in the air.

"Ahhhh, Leon!" I yelped. I lost my grip in Margaret\'s neck and I felt my self falling.

"Alicia!" I heard Leon scream.

I saw the blue sky overhead and I felt falling.