The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 239 Meeting with Duke Matias 2

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As we were still discussing, one of Duke Matias\' subordinates came inside from the other door.

\"My lord, forgive me for being rude.\" The male subordinate said and bowed. \"I have some important information that you need to know urgently.\"

\"What is it?\" Duke Matias seemed irritated with the sudden intrusion of his subordinate but brushed it off.

The male subordinate came closer to the duke and whispered to his ear. I see Duke Matias nodding and then looked surprise. He waves to his subordinate to go and the subordinate left courteously.

The duke looked at me with a serious face. \"I have word from his majesty King Regaleon for you Princess Alicia.\"

My face brightened up upon hearing Regaleon\'s name. \"Tell me, what did he say?\" I said enthusiastically.

\"His majesty King Regaleon is on his way here as we speak.\" Duke Matias said. \"With his group\'s current pace, he will be here the day after Satiana\'s coming of age ceremony.\"

My eyes brightened with this information. \'My love is just a few days away from me. I will be able to see him once again.\' I thought to myself.

\"I have send word to his majesty. You can wait for him at a meeting place that is in a safe distance from here. Once you have successfully escaped, you and your group will hear there to wait for his majesty\'s arrival.\" Duke Matias said.

I can feel great joy just knowing that Regaleon is coming for me. He is a king now and a very busy man. I am happy that he made time to come here and get me himself.

\'I hope that this didn\'t disrupt his work managing the empire and the war.\' I thought to myself.

After talking a bit more about the escape plan we heard footsteps coming from the staircase. All of us were on edge but when we saw who it was all of us relaxed.

\"Sorry to disturb you my lord and your highness.\" It was Kristina. \"But the knights upstairs are becoming aggressive. I am afraid her highness\' personal knight that is guarding the door will be getting into a fight if the princess does not go back.\"

\"Then I need to head back now.\" I stood up and got ready to go. \"Thank Duke Matias, Karolina. Thank you for everything.\"

\"It is our pleasure Princess Alicia.\" Karolina said.

\"It is us who should be thankful to you.\" Duke Matias replied.

I took the staircase back to the dressing room. Once I got back I can hear the commotion outside.

\"Kristina, please help me get this off.\" I said while taking of my clothes.

\"Of course your highness.\" Kristina helped me to take off my dress and only left my undergarments.


\"What do you think you are doing?!\" William shouted angrily at the knights in front of him.

\"The princess has been inside for quite too long.\" One knight said. \"We just want to see if her highness is safe.\"

\"You can\'t just barge in like that when the princess is trying on her clothes.\" William said. \"It is my duty to keep the princess\' dignity safe.\" He held the hilt of his sword ready to pull it out.

\"The crown prince has ordered us to also watch over the princess, now move away.\" The other knight said.

The knights were also holding the hilts of their sword ready to pounce at any moment.

\'Let them come in.\' I talked to William telepathically.

\'What?!\' William said on his mind as a reply and hissed angrily.

\'Don\'t worry. Just act like you were pushed back by them.\' I said.

\'I don\'t know what you are planning, but here goes.\' William said. He was about to draw out his sword but slower than he usually does.

When the other knights saw this, they pounced on William immediately and pushed him against the door. The impact wrecked the door open and I saw William fell on the floor. I was in the action of putting on the dress I chose when the two knights under Gladiolus came inside. I looked at them wide eyes with surprised and screamed on top of my lungs.

\"Aaaaahhhhh.\" I shouted. \"P-Perverts!\" I used the dress I was holding to cover my body that was only wearing under garments.

\"How dare you barge in here?!\" Kristina also put on the act.

\"W-We are sorry…\" The knights said in unison.

William was on his feet in no time and took off his cape to cover my body.

\"Do you know what punishment you will have seeing the princess in her under garments?\" William said with rage. \"For sure your life is on the line from your actions.\"

The two knights kneeled on the ground in fright. \"W-We are sorry your highness.\" One knight said.

\"Have mercy, please spare us.\" The other knight said.

I looked at both men kneeling on the ground with their head bowed down.

\"The crown prince will hear of this disrespectful action of yours.\" I said while coldly staring at the two. \"I will let him punish you two.\"

\"Please spare us your highness.\" The both said in unison.

Footsteps running towards us were heard.

\"What happened here?\" Satiana was the first one to arrive. \"Oh my, big sis!\" She saw me being covered in William\'s cape.

\"Detain these two.\" I ordered the other knights that were behind Satiana. \"They barged in the dressing room while I was in my under garments. They should be punished accordingly.\"

\"Yes your highness.\" The other knights detained the two knights that were still kneeling on the ground.

\"Please have mercy. Spare us.\" The disrespectful knights said.

\"I will be asking the crown prince to punish these two with their disrespectful behavior.\" I said coldly.

The knights took them out. At least I have avoided Gladiolus\' subordinates knowing of my secret meeting with Duke Matias.

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