The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 238 Meeting with Duke Matias 1

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I followed the staircase down. It was not that far when I reached the end of the staircase and saw a door. I knocked on the door as respect.

*knock knock knock*

\"Please come in.\" The voice of Duke Matias was heard inside.

I opened the door and saw a small room lighted up by a lamp. At the center of the room, were table and three chairs. Duke Matias was seating on one when I saw him and on the other chair was Karolina, Duke Matias\' daughter.

\"Greetings your highness.\" Duke Matias and Karolina said in unison as they stood up and bowed upon seeing me.

\"Greetings to you too Duke Matias.\" I curtsied in return.

\"Please take a seat.\" Duke Matias offered me one of the chairs and I took a seat. \"I am sorry if we have to meet like this princess. With the crown prince return, he has his eyes glued in you and meeting you with many eyes watching would be difficult.\"

\"Yes, I understand duke.\" I said. \"Then what would you like to tell me?\" I asked curiously.

\"The preparations of your escape has been prepared princess.\" Duke Matias said. \"I would like to tell you of the plans so that it will go flawlessly.\"

His words made me happy and a smile broke out from my face. This was the best news I have heard since the past days that I was down.

\"Thank you Duke Matias. This really means a lot to me.\" I said with gratitude. \"I will surely repay your kindness.\" I bowed my head.

\"No need for you to bow princess.\" Duke Matias said and stopped me from bowing.

\"Yes princess, we are doing this from our own good will.\" Karolina said. \"I will also be helping you escape princess. This is also our thanks for taking care of our Princess Satiana.\"

\"That is correct Princess Alicia. If not for you we won\'t know the things the queen was planning and also the real linage of our own crown prince.\" Duke Matias said. \"This is the least we can do for you.\"

Actually I also have my own selfish reasons why I helped them. But I am happy that this selfish reason of mine has helped them in the future.

\"If this is all over, let our countries be at peace once more.\" I smiled at them. At least with this I can establish a good diplomatic relationship with the Jennovian country when I become queen.

\"I am happy to hear that your highness.\" Duke Matias said. \"Then let\'s proceed with our discussion.\"


As we have discussed, Satiana\'s coming of age ceremony will be a grand celebration. All the nobles of the country will attend the whole day event. The palace will be crowded with many people commoners and nobles alike. Commoners will be the employees that were employed especially for the said event.

A grand ball will be held by night were all of the noble guests will wear formal attires and masks. As planned, it will be a masquerade ball.

\"This will be the best time to slip out when there are many people on the ball.\" Duke Matias said.

\"The gown you will be using is made by my aunt.\" Karolina said. \"We will make a duplicate of the said gown and I will be replacing you in the ball room once the plan has started.\"

\"You will become my body double?\" I asked in surprise and Karolina nodded in reply.

\"My daughter has the same body built and height as you your highness.\" Duke Matias said. \"We will just let her wear a wig. The eye color can\'t be change but fortunately the lighting would be dim so it won\'t be a problem.\"

I looked at them with worry. Being my body double is good if not spotted. But what if Gladiolus knew that Karolina was not me, what will happen to her.

\"But that\'s dangerous.\" I told them both. \"What if the Gladiolus found you out?\" I said full of worry.

\"That is why we must do this your highness.\" Duke Matias said. \"For sure the crown prince won\'t take his eyes of you. That is why we have to make an opening that will switch the both of you. We also have a plan to buy you as much time as possible to escape.\"

\"Do not worry about me your highness.\" Karolina said. \"I have a plan to be away from his highness the crown prince, but still seen by him.\"

So their plan was to have some distance from Gladiolus while Karolina was pretending to be me. I really don\'t like the idea that she will be in harm\'s way, but they are serious about this plan.

\"Then I will go with your plan.\" I said and sighed.

\"That\'s good.\" Duke Matias said. \"This will be your escape route, please memorize it and then burn it after.\"

Duke Matias gave me a map and the route I will take. It was a detailed map of the hidden underground passageways. Like all palaces and big mansion estates, they have hidden passageways as escape routes if ever there is an emergency.

\"We will give you enough time to escape outside the palace. Once outside, horses would be available for you to use.\" Duke Matias said.

Riding in horseback will be much faster than in a horse carriage. I don\'t have any problem in riding in horseback because Regaleon has thought me how to ride when he was my personal knight, but I was not sure about my mother. If by chance that my mother doesn\'t know how to ride in horseback, then I would leave her to ride with William.

\"But there is still something that I need to get before escaping.\" I told Duke Matias.

Duke Matias nodded. \"Yes, Jack has told me about the pendant that you need to steal from the queen\'s hidden vault. Jack and I planned that he would be the one to steal it with the help of some of my men. I will have some of my men infiltrate the palace with the busy happenings for the ceremony.\"

I have told Jack the detailed layout of the treasure room of the queen. I am sure the he is capable of stealing it himself being that he is the leader of the Crimson Bandit. I cannot feel but worry for him. The path to the hidden treasure room was filled with magic traps and the room itself was one big trap.

\"I know that you are worried for him your highness. But with the short while I was with Mr. Jack, I can see how capable he is.\" Duke Matias said to assure me. I nodded in agreement to his words.

As we were still discussing, one of Duke Matias\' subordinates came inside from the other door.

\"My lord, forgive me for being rude.\" The male subordinate said and bowed. \"I have some important information that you need to know urgently.\"

\"What is it?\" Duke Matias seemed irritated with the sudden intrusion of his subordinate but brushed it off.

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