The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 237 Prima Bella Clothing Store 2

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\"I can see you like the texture of the velvet sofa.\" A female voice said.

I looked up and saw a woman in her early forties came out from the curtained door with the receptionist and another young woman following from behind.

\"Oh yes, this cloth is called velvet.\" I remembered.

\"It is a pleasure for the princesses of the kingdom to visit my humble shop. My name is Viola, I am happy to be of service.\" Viola curtsied. \"This is Kristina my receptionist and Katarina my assistant.\"

Both of the girls who looked like sisters curtsied after Viola\'s introduction.

\"How may I help you, your highnesses?\" Viola asked.

\"I heard that this shop is the one that designs and makes my mother\'s dresses.\" Satiana said.

\"Yes, I am the one that design and make the queen\'s regular and formal attires.\" Viola said.

\"Then we would like to see your catalogs. I am planning to have my dress for my coming of age ceremony.\" Satiana said. \"Can it be done in haste?\" She asked politely.

Madam Viola was in thought. \"As I have heard your coming of age ceremony is just a few days away. This will be very hard.\" Viola said and Satiana looked sad with her words. \"But I can make an exemption for your highness. But I am afraid I cannot make you a customized dress in such short time. If it is okay, you can select a dress from my catalog.\" She smiled at Satiana.

\"Yes, of course.\" Satiana said happily. \"I am not that picky in dresses so I can just select something from your catalog.\"

\"It is fortunate that I don\'t have any dresses scheduled this week so I can focus on making your dress.\" Madam Viola said. \"How about the other highnesses? Why don\'t you look around the store and if there is something you like then I can make it to your measurements after the ceremony.\" She looked at me and Elizabeth.

\"Then if I may.\" I stood up and walked around the store.

The store was full of clothing essentials. There were bolts of fabric with different in one side. While on the other side there were some accessories such as buttons and laces. There were also threads of different colors and sizes.

\"The finished dresses are in here your highness.\" Kristina led the way towards a parallel room.

In the room I saw different kinds of dresses worn by mannequins. The designs were all beautiful and exquisite. This just proves that Madam Viola was really a renowned dress maker.

I touched the dress and the fabric was soft to touch. I imagine that it will be very comfortable to wear this and the design was beautiful as well.

\"I would like to take this, and this and that.\" I heard Elizabeth\'s voice from behind.

When I looked around I saw her pointing on different dresses that are to her liking.

\"Would you like to try them on your highness?\" Kristina asked politely.

\"Of course not.\" Elizabeth said flatly. \"Why would I fit these readymade dresses? You take my measurements and make new dresses with these designs. Oh I would like to make it in a different color and add some more accessories and such.\"

\"Y-Yes your highness.\" Kristina felt awkward after Elizabeth\'s rumbling.

I sighed knowing that Elizabeth is still the same. Of course you can\'t change a behavior that has been there their whole lives.

\"Then I will let my sister take your measurements.\" Kristina said. \"Right this way your highness.\"

Both of them had gone and I was left alone looking at the dresses.

\"I suggest you pick one your highness.\" A girl\'s voice from behind said.

I looked around and saw Karolina Matias standing behind me with a smile.

\"Karolina.\" I was surprised seeing her here.

\"Shhh…\" Karolina made a gesture with her finger to keep it quiet. \"This shop is owned by my aunt.\" She smiled.

And there I knew that this was all set up by Duke Matias. Maybe Jack knew about this and specifically led us here in this shop so that Duke Matias and I can meet.

\"Pick many as you want and tell them you want to try them on.\" Karolina winked. She walked to the back door and disappeared.

Kristina came back after. \"Have you decided what you want your highness?\" She asked.

\"Yes.\" I replied. \"I would like this, that, and that one as well.\" All in all I picked five dresses.

\"Would you like to try them on?\" Kristina asked with a polite smile on her face.

\"Yes, I would like to try them on.\" I replied.

\"Then please follow me to the dressing room.\" Kristina said and I nodded in agreement.

I followed her back to the reception area and there I saw Satiana and Madam Viola still talking and looking at the catalog. The knights were split in to two groups. One group was guarding the entrance of the store outside while the other group was inside standing at the side.

Kristina led the way to the curtained door when one knight stopped us in our tracks.

\"Where are you going?\" The knight asked.

\"I was leading the princess towards the dressing room.\" Kristina replied confidently. \"She said she wants to try on the dresses she has picked.\"

The knight looked perplexed. \"I am sorry, but the crown prince has ordered us to not let your highness out of our sights.\" He said to me.

I looked at him with a piercing gaze. \"Am I a prisoner that needs to be watched in every move I take?\" I said coldly. \"Do not forget who you are talking to. I am your future crown princess, the future main wife of your crown prince. If he hears that you have angered me, what do you think will he do to you?\" I said menacingly.

The knight flinched with my words. Of course I was just acting but it was a fact that everyone knew that Gladiolus was marrying me in the future. I need to act the part.

\"I-I am sorry your highness.\" The knight bowed.

\"Do not worry, I will take my personal knight with me to guard the door.\" I said and looked at William.

\"At your service your highness.\" William went along with my act.

\"If you are still not convinced then you can look at the dressing room first sir knight.\" Kristina said.

\"Then I will take up that offer.\" The knight said and gesture to another knight to follow him to inspect the dressing room.

Kristina led us into the curtained door and towards another door which should be the dressing room. She opened the door and gestured the knights to look inside.

\"Please.\" Kristina said.

The two knights went in first and inspected the room. After a while they came out.

\"It is safe your highness.\" The knight from before said.

I nodded and went inside the room with Kristina.

\"Do not worry, I won\'t let anybody come in.\" William said with confidence.

\'So this was what Jack said when he asked William to help.\' I thought.

I nodded at William and closed the door. Inside was an enclosed room without any windows. Maybe that is why the knights that investigated the room were confident to let me in without anyone guarding me. There were no escape routes here.

Kristina walked towards a big wooden cabinet and pushed it with some force. I was surprised to see that there was a passageway behind the cabinet.

\"Your highness, please follow the stairs. The duke is waiting for you below.\" Kristina said politely.

\'So the employees here are with the duke.\' I thought.

\"I will be doing my best to buy you some time to talk with the duke.\" Kristina said. I nodded in gratitude.

Kristina took a candle holder with a candle and lit it up. She gave it to me and I walked inside the dark stairway. The candle I was holding illuminated the small space going down. When I took a few steps I heard the large wooden cabinet was being closed once more. I looked back and the passageway was blocked once again by the wooden cabinet.

I inhaled deeply and continued going down the narrow staircase.

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