The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 236 Prima Bella Clothing Store 1

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I was riding a carriage with Satiana and Elizabeth to town. Looking outside, we have more knights guarding us as usual. These were the knights Prince Gladiolus has ordered to guard and assist us on our trip to town.

From the beginning of the trip, the inside of the carriage was silent. Being in an enclosed space with both Satiana and I was normal. But now we have Elizabeth with us that made the atmosphere inside a little bit suffocating and awkward.

\"This will be the first time big sis Alicia and Elizabeth to visit the town where the famous garment and jewelry shops are in the country.\" Satiana broke the silence midway of our trip. I smiled knowing that Satiana\'s personality isn\'t very used to being silent.

\"Yes, it is my first time.\" I smiled at Satiana. \"I heard that the jewels in Jennovia are more dazzling and exquisite, compared to the other countries.\"

As I have known in my history lessons, Jennovia is rich with minerals and valuable stones used for jewelry. It is because the mountain ranges of Jennovia are filled with such stones and minerals and the country flourished because of its mining.

\"Yes, I am sure the two of you would be able to see exquisite and fine jewelry.\" Satiana said. \"Feel free to buy whatever the two you like. My brother said he will pay for all of it.\" She smiled.

I felt awkward hearing that Gladiolus would spend money for me. I never wanted anything from him after what he has done. Even if he showered me with expensive gifts, I would never forgive him.

Elizabeth on the other hand stayed silent. Her eyes were plastered on the window looking outside the scenery. Along the way were trees starting to sprout leaves like spring has arrived. The mountain ranges are visible on the horizon.

After a while the scenery had change and we saw houses and such along the way.

\"We are here.\" Satiana said beaming with joy.

The carriage stopped at the center of the plaza of town. There was the right amount of people walking along the streets. They looked like nobles with their attires.

\'I guess this town is like a shopping district for the nobles.\' I thought to myself.

Satiana was first to alight the carriage with me following from behind. As per usual, it was William that escorted me while Satiana is being escorted by Jack. Elizabeth followed us from behind with a knight escorting her.

I looked around the town plaza and there were many shops lined up. Like Satiana said, there were clothing and jewelry stores. But apart from that there were also restaurants, bakeries and such.

\'Well this is a town.\' I thought to myself. Even if the town is known for their clothing and jewelry stores, of course there would be other stores present.

\"Where will we go from here?\" Elizabeth asked. This was her first time to talk after the whole trip.

I am a little surprised with Elizabeth\'s tone that was humble sounding. I am used to her being so arrogant and bossy that this change feels so not like her.

\"If I may suggest, I know a very famous clothing store here in town.\" Jack interjected. \"It is where her majesty the queen always orders her dresses and attires.\"

I looked at Jack curiously knowing he was up to something. I remembered our conversation a while ago.


\"What we need now is to know how to escape the eyes of the knights your brother assigned to guard us.\" I said.

\"Don\'t worry, I got a plan.\" Jack who was behind us said. \"I will be needing William\'s help on this.\"

\"Me?\" William looked at Jack with confusion.


Jack looked my way secretly and winked. I was surprised and looked around if anyone saw it but fortunately the knights that were guarding as were surveying the perimeter and Jack\'s little action has gone unnoticed. I sighed in relief.

\"Then please lead the way.\" Satiana replied to Jack\'s suggestion.

Jack led the way to the clothing store. The store was not that far from the plaza. We walked a few blocks and we arrived at the store in no time.

\"Here we are.\" Jack made a polite gesture and opened the doors to the clothing store.\" This way please, your highnesses.\"

I looked at the signage on top and it read \'Prima Bella\'.

*ring,ring* the bells hanging on the door rang.

\"Welcome to Prima Bella clothing store.\" A young woman that looked like the receptionist of the store greeted us with a smile.

The receptionist looked at us and the knights outside and knew instantly who we were.

\"Oh my gosh.\" I heard the receptionist whisper. She held her mouth in surprise but quickly composed herself in no time. \"Welcome your highnesses. This was a bit of surprise. Please forgive my rudeness.\" She bowed sincerely.

\"It\'s okay.\" Satiana said with a smile. \"We came without prior notice so it is to be expected.\"

Satiana was really a kind hearted person. I can see that when she becomes queen, her people will benefit. But I am a little worried because her kindness can also be used by scheming people to their advantage.

\"Please wait here and make yourselves comfortable while I get the madam.\" The receptionist said. She walked inside the door that was covered with beautiful curtains.

We three girls took our seat on the comfy looking sofas. After I sat, I realized that the sofa doesn\'t only look comfy but also felt as well. I was wondering what material of cloth was used while slowly feeling it with my hands.

\'It is comfortable to touch.\' I thought while feeling the texture. The name of this cloth was in the tip of my tongue but I can\'t seem to remember what it was called.

\"I can see you like the texture of the velvet sofa.\" A female voice said.

I looked up and saw a woman in her early forties came out from the curtained door with the receptionist and another young woman following from behind.

\"Oh yes, this cloth is called velvet.\" I remembered.

\"It is a pleasure for the princesses of the kingdom to visit my humble shop. My name is Viola, I am happy to be of service.\" Viola curtsied.

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