The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 235 Only a Few Days Lef

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After what happened with Gladiolus, I made sure that I did not go anywhere without a companion. William has been glued by my side ever since then. There were times that we coincidentally bump into Gladiolus in hall ways but so far he didn\'t do anything like the last time.

\'Oh my! I would have never thought he would do such a thing to you.\' My mother said telepathically.

Since Gladiolus arrived in the palace, my mother and I were playing it safe just in case. She maintained her act even when I was in her quarters visiting her.

\'I am not sure why he is so obsessed with me.\' I told her.

\'It is because of our family\'s act of intermarriage. They believe that our magic powers will lessen if our blood were to be mixed with people of not royalty.\' Mother sighed.

\'Has he been coming here to visit you?\' I asked.

\'Yes. Since he came back, he at least visits me once a day.\' Mother replied. \'Don\'t worry, he didn\'t do anything to me. He has been very respectful with every visit.\'

I felt relieved that Gladiolus didn\'t do anything to my mother. I have left Snow by my mother\'s side and I was relieved I made a good decision.

\'Don\'t worry Alicia. I will protect your mother, trust me.\' Snow said while having a good spot on my mother\'s lap.

\'I know you will Snow.\' I smiled. \'And you have to report to me if ever an emergency comes up.\' Snow nodded and resumed leisurely lying on my mother\'s lap.

When I took Snow home, I have left her here with my mother as a guard. I gave an excuse to the people in the palace that mother has loved cats in the past and can help her heal.

\'Our escape has been scheduled on Satiana\'s coming of age ceremony.\' I told my mother.

\'Poor Satiana.\' Mother said sadly. \'She is still young and she has to carry this huge burden on her back.\'

I have told mother of our plans with Duke Matias. She also knew Satiana will have to fight with her mother and brother for the throne of Jennovia.

\'The throne is hers by birth right.\' I said.

Satiana is the only child of the former king hence she is the only heir by birth right. Gladiolus doesn\'t have an ounce of blood from the former king. Their mother Queen Patricia is only using this country for their personal agenda and I am afraid that Gladiolus has been brainwashed by his own mother.

\'Is there no other way?\' My mother asked. \'I wouldn\'t want anything bad to happen to my sister and her children,\' There was a sad expression on her face.

I held her hand that was resting on the chair\'s arm and squeezed it gently. I can feel that my mother is sad of having to fight with only living relative.

\'I am sorry mother, but I am afraid there is no other way.\' I said sadly.

\'I know. Patty is really stubborn since we were little.\' Mother said. \'She only listens to big brother. Even father wasn\'t able to stop her tantrums.\'

\"Princess Alicia.\" Jack called from outside. \"Princess Satiana is here to see you.\" I looked towards the door.

\"Let her come in.\" I ordered.

The door opened and Satiana came in gracefully. Since she was on our side, I have told her that mother has come back but we still acted as if she is still like a living doll.

\"Good morning Aunt Leticia, big sis.\" Satiana gave a curtsy.

\"Good morning Satiana.\" I greeted back. \"How are the preparations for your coming of age ceremony going?\" I asked.

These past few days Satiana and Duke Matias have been very busy arranging for the coming of age ceremony. Many people gave started to come and go from the palace just for this event. All of the employees are starting to become busy with the preparations.

\"The preparations are going smoothly.\" Satiana said with a smile.

\"Only a few more days.\" I said.

My words have two meanings. One is that Satiana\'s coming of age ceremony will be in a few days time. The other was that our escape plan will be executed on the same day.

\"I came here to ask you to come with me.\" Satiana said. She looked around cautiously. \"Duke Matias would like to meet you in secret. It is about the escape plan.\" She whispered near my ear.

I looked at her with understanding.

\'But there is a problem.\' I replied to her telepathically that surprised her. I never told her about my telepathic abilities yet. \'Sorry if I surprised you. You can talk to me in your mind if I am linked to yours.\'

\'Wow big sis, this is amazing.\' Satiana said with sparkling eyes. \'Can you also read minds? What other things can you do? I wish I have such magic abilities.\' I giggled with her enthusiasm.

\'You are still young. I am sure you will still develop other magic abilities other than what you have right now.\'

Satiana has been improving her earth magic ability. So far, the palace had started to have color other than the dead white because of snow. Since I have controlled the weather in the past, the snow has gradually stopped but the weather here is still cold. At least greenery has started to bloom in the southern parts of Jennovia and in the northern parts, plants that can endure the cold started to flourish once more. Life had started to flourish here in Jennovia bit by bit.

\'Where are we meeting Duke Matias in secret?\' I asked Satiana.

\'In the town not far from here.\' Satiana said.

\'But how about your brother?\' I asked.

Since Gladiolus came back, the guards guarding me increased in number. I am not sure if he can sense that I have plans to escape from here.

\'You are not a prisoner here!\' Satiana said with anger. \'You are our cousin. I don\'t know why big brother is treating you as a prisoner with so many guards around you.\'

\'I do not know what your big brother is thinking. He even married my sister Elizabeth as a concubine and not as a main wife.\' I sighed.

\'I am sorry for what my big brother is doing.\' Satiana said with a sad face. \'But I can see that he really has fallen in love with you. I am not sure what my brother is thinking but knowing my brother, his feelings for you seems genuine.\'

Satiana looked very sad. I know that their sibling relationship is good. I am sad that they would be enemies in this battle.

\'I am sorry, Sati.\' I said with deep regret and sadness. \'The one I love is only Regaleon. No one can have my heart except him.\'

Satiana composed herself and looked at me. \'Don\'t worry big sis, I will help you escape from here and go back to your love.\' She looked at me with certainty.

\"First, let\'s go and ask permission from brother to go to town. It is a town with famous clothing and jewelry stores. Our trip would be a shopping trip.\" Satiana said out loud and winked at me. \"You would need a beautiful dress and jewelry for my coming of age ceremony.\"

I smiled with Satiana\'s excuse in going to town.

\"Of course.\' I replied. \"I can\'t look any less in your coming of age ceremony. Being as I am your cousin and also of royalty.\" I giggled.

I hope Satiana\'s plan will go smoothly.


\"You are going to town for shopping.?\" Gladiolus asked.

Satiana and I paid a visit to the Queen\'s office where Gladiolus was. With the queen\'s absence, it was the crown prince\'s job to do the monarch\'s work. He was sitting in front of the desk filled with stacks of documents.

\"Yes big brother.\" Satiana said gleefully. \"As you know, my coming of age ceremony is only days away. Big sis doesn\'t have any ball gowns for the occasion. Not to mention any jewelry as well.\"

Gladiolus was holding his chin in thought.

\"Do not worry, we will have our guards accompany us.\" Satiana said. \"Nothing bad will happen. It is just an ordinary girl\'s shopping.\"

I looked at the siblings talk with each other. I was just standing behind Satiana being silent. I am still wary being in the presence of Gladiolus.

\"Then I will come and accompany you as well.\" Gladiolus said.

\"W-What?\" Satiana asked in surprise.

\"Why? Can\'t I accompany my little sister and my soon to be wife to go shop?\" Gladiolus asked with curiosity.

\"I-It\'s not that.\" Satiana waved her hand in denial. \"It is just that accompanying girls shopping can be very boring for a man like you. And I can see that you have much work to do. I don\'t want to bother you.\"

\"But I am worried about you two going alone, even with guards accompanying you.\" Gladiolus said.

\"Your highness, the little princess is correct. You have much work to do and don\'t have the time to accompany them.\" The High Priest that was standing by Gladiolus\' side said. I think his name is Hector or something? He is the queen\'s most trusted advisor.

\"If you want everything to be on schedule to your wedding, then I suggest you finish all of these first.\" The high priest gestured to the stacks of documents on the desk. \"If I suggest, I will ask some of your mother\'s trusted knights to accompany and guard them.\"

Gladiolus looked at us and looked at the stack pile of documents and sighed in defeat.

\"I understand. Tell my mother\'s trusted knights to prepare to accompany my little sister and my future wife\" Gladiolus said. \"Oh and also ask Elizabeth to come with you. She has been copped up inside the palace for days now and I haven\'t had the time to show her outside. Satiana, take care of her for me.\"

\"Of course big brother.\" Satiana made a curtsy and I followed as well.

When Satiana and I was about to leave, Gladiolus called for us. \"Wait.\"

Gladiolus stood up from her seat and walked towards us. His every step made my skin crawl. He stopped right in front of me.

\"I got this for you my wife.\" Gladiolus took something from his pocket and showed it to me. It was a gold necklace with a small heart pendant. The gem at the center of the pendant looked like an opal stone. \"I didn\'t have the time to give it to you because of my busy schedule. Come, let me place it on you.\"

Looking around me, I saw people that were under Gladiolus\' command looking at me. I cannot do anything but to play obedient and obey him. I saw William with his fist clenched by his side looking like he was about to pounce out to defend me. Thankfully Jack was in front of him blocking his way and secretly calming him down.

I turned around and lifted my hair. I can feel Gladiolus\' breath just inches away from behind grazing my neck and it sent shivers down my spine. He carefully placed the necklace on my neck.

\"There, it\'s done.\" Gladiolus turned me slowly to face him and looked at me with a satisfied look. \"Beautiful. Be careful on your shopping in town.\" He placed a kiss on top of my hair.

I endured his touches that sickened me to the core until we were able to leave the office. Once outside I heaved a sigh of relief.

\"Big sis, are you all right?\" Satiana asked worriedly.

\"Don\'t worry. I am fine.\" I composed myself. \"What we need now is to know how to escape the eyes of the knights your brother assigned to guard us.\"

\"Don\'t worry, I got a plan.\" Jack who was behind us said. \"I will be needing William\'s help on this.\"

\"Me?\" William looked at Jack with confusion.

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