The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 234 My Deranged Family Members 2

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"Elizabeth and I had already signed the marriage contract and there is no need for any ceremony to be held because she is just a concubine of mine." Gladiolus replied. "The one I am marrying is my future queen."

Gladiolus looked my way with endearing eyes full of affection. He took my hand and placed a kiss on my knuckles and smiled.

"My future queen of course is no other than Alicia." Gladiolus said with a voice full of endearment.

"What?!" I abruptly stood up from my chair. "That isn\'t possible!" I shouted in frustration.

"That is my decision and you cannot do anything about." Gladiolus said with a confident smile. "By two weeks times, you would be my bride and wife."

I gripped my hands into fists hard. Gladiolus\' plan was so ridiculous that it was crazy.

"Take your seat for now Alicia." Gladiolus shot me a glare and I can\'t do anything but to obey. I took my seat with a heavy heart.

I decided to stay silent and obedient for now. In two weeks times I won\'t be here and so this marriage won\'t come thru. It is best to not ignite her cousin\'s bad mood. It will not benefit them if Gladiolus threw a fit now and make the marriage arrangements earlier than two weeks.

"B-But brother, you have promised the king of Alvannia to marry his other daughter right?" Satiana said with caution.

"And I have married her, isn\'t that right Elizabeth." Gladiolus threw a smile on Elizabeth\'s way. She looked perplexed when the topic now came to her. "She knows that my marriage to her is just for political reasons. Do not worry my dear Alicia, I promise that I won\'t touch Elizabeth. You are the only one I want." He took my hand and plant a kiss on it. His gesture just made me sick.

Then in an instant, the glass of fruit juice on my right tumbled down towards me.

"Ahh." I was startled and wasn\'t able to react fast. The fruit juice spilled to my dress and stained it in the process. I stood up in an instant so that the remaining juice won\'t further wet my dress.

I looked at the overthrown glass on the table while the remaining juice poured down the table towards the floor, dripping slowly until it was empty. I unconsciously looked at Elizabeth who was still sitting in her chair just beside me. She was also frozen in place and then our eyes met. Her eyes were filled with resentment towards me. It looks like she was thinking it was my fault that her marriage turned out like this. I can only sigh to myself thinking why my family members are like this.

"Did you do that?" Gladiolus looked at Elizabeth with piercing eyes. The cold tone on his voice just indicates how angry he was with this incident.

"N-No…" Elizabeth replied. "I didn\'t know what happened. I just realized that the glass of juice was overthrown and…"

"So you are saying that the glass overthrew itself." Gladiolus\' icy glare can put anyone in a state of fear.

"No…No… it just…" Elizabeth was shivering in fear.

This was the first time I saw my step sister be afraid of something or someone other than our father. Back in Alvannia, she was so high and mighty that no one can stand against her. But now she was shivering in fright.

"Have you forgotten what we have talked about, Princess Elizabeth?" Gladiolus stood up and walked towards where Elizabeth was sitting.

"I-I am sorry." Elizabeth apologized. "I didn\'t mean to do that. It was just an accident."


The crisp sound of the slap vibrated inside the room. With the force, Elizabeth was thrown of her chair and landed on the floor. She held her cheek that was clearly swollen from that slap.

Satiana and I looked at Gladiolus and Elizabeth in shock. We never would have thought that the crown prince of Jennovia would do such a thing to his wife that is a princess from the neighboring country.

"Y-You…" Elizabeth was about to retort to Gladiolus but she left her sentence hanging.

"Know your place my dear concubine. Alicia is my soon to be main wife and the future queen of Jennovia." Gladiolus said with a cold tone. "You cannot continue to do things you have been doing to her in the past and go unpunished. I will surely see to it that you will get your just punishment."

Elizabeth just nodded after Gladiolus\' words. She was visibly distraught and just closed her mouth to not further anger Gladiolus.

"Then that\'s good." Gladiolus said and approached me. "Are you alright Alicia?" He asked with a worried tone.

"I-I am fine. "I replied while dodging his helping hand. "I will go back to my quarters to change. Please excuse me."

I curtsied and hurriedly walked away from that place. I was rather glad for what Elizabeth did. At least I was able to escape from there. I think I cannot last any longer with Gladiolus and his show of affection towards me. It just sickens me to the core how he visibly shows his affection.

"Alicia, are you alright?" William was able to talk to me when we were in a safe distance.

When I saw that there was no one around, I gave in to my troubling emotions. I cried after keeping it all in.

"Ahhh…huhu…*sob*" I just felt so helpless after what just happened that I cannot hold back my tears.

"Don\'t worry, I am here." William took me into his embrace and comforted me. "Shh… I am here." He patted my head.

These past year or more had been the most trying times for me. I was kidnapped and thrown to a place I am unfamiliar with. I was separated from the love of my life and my family. These many hardships have weighed in me and now another problem has occurred. These emotions have been so heavy that now I wasn\'t able to contain them inside any longer and it burst out.

"Don\'t worry Alicia. We will leave this place before that happens." William said knowing what I was thinking of. "I won\'t let him do anything bad to you while we are here, I promise."

I cried my heart out on William\'s chest. This will be the only time I will show my weakness. After this I have to be strong and make sure to be able to escape from here.

"Thank you Will." I said in between sobs.

After this ordeal, I can see him again. I can see my beloved Leon once more.


(Regaleon\'s POV)

I, Dimitri and his men were having a rest by the side of a flowing stream. We stopped to get our water containers filled and to eat breakfast.

Dimitri\'s men and our horses were resting under a tree\'s shade and eating their bread for breakfast while I was by the stream getting my water container filled.

"We are now inside the Jennovian country your majesty." Dimitri said. "From here on, it will take another five to six days until we reach the capital of Jennovia where the princess is."

"Yes, just a few more days and we will be arriving in the capital." I said. \'And I will be able to see Alicia again.\' I thought in my mind and in my heart.

When I was about to stand up I felt a slight tremor inside my heart. It was like a slight pinch that made me uncomfortable. I held my chest thinking of what might have caused this uncomfortable feeling.

"Your majesty!" Dimitri was shocked and worried after seeing me. "What happened?"

Then somewhere deep within in me, I just knew that Alicia was crying. I can feel her burden weighing in on her.

"Dimitri." I stood up in haste.

"Y-Yes your majesty?" Dimitri looked at me with curious eyes.

"Tell the men that we will be departing now." I ordered.

"W-What? You mean right now?" Dimitri was surprised. Not an hour had passed since they stopped to take a rest.

"Yes, now." I ordered with a more forceful tone.

"O-Of course your majesty. I will tell them right away." Dimitri ran towards his men to relay my message.


I whistled and not long Midnight came to me trotting and neighed when he was in front of me. I patted his mane and quickly got on his back.

I looked around and so the Dimitri and his men were now riding their horses and ready to depart sooner than they have expected.

"We are ready to depart your majesty." Dimitri said.

"Hmm." I nodded. "I am sorry to cut or rest short but we need to get to the capital faster than we have planned." I said. "I felt something foreboding and would like to hasten our pace."

Dimitri and his men nodded in understanding.

"Thank you for understanding." I said and slightly smiled. I was fortunate to have subordinates like them.

"Hiyah!" I clapped Midnight\'s reigns and we were off towards the capital.

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