The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 233 My Deranged Family Members 1

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Gladiolus held strands if my hair on his free hand and smelled it. His gesture sent shivers on my skin, as if many ants were crawling on them.

"I missed your smell. I missed the feeling of your skin." Gladiolus said while doing things that sickens me to the core.

\'Was he doing such things when I was still asleep?\' I thought. This just sickened me more.

"And I missed the feeling of your lips on mine." Gladiolus smiled and pulled his hand away from my mouth.

I was about to shout for help when his lips took over mine. He was kissing me!

"Ugghhmm…" I pushed him with all my strength but I cannot overpower him.

The feeling of his lips on mine disgusts me to the core. How could he do such a thing to me, his blood related first cousin. And to think he was to be wed to Elizabeth in a few weeks.

I remembered the move Regaleon thought me if I was in a tight spot. I used right leg to stomp my healed shoe on Gladiolus\' feet.

"Ahh!" Gladiolus groaned in pain but he was still holding my hands and pinning me on the wall. I used my knee to hit him on his groin. "Ughh…"

Gladiolus was now kneeling on the floor from my attack. I took this time to lengthen the space between us.

"You… how dare you kiss me?!" I shouted in anger while wiping my lips with my hand rigorously.

"Heh… hehehe." Gladiolus laughed but was still kneeling on the floor clearly in pain from my attack. "You are really a feisty one. I like that about you." He looked up at me with such intense eyes that made me shiver.

"I will never forgive you for what you have done!" I shouted in anger. "NEVER!"

I ran from there in haste. While running I can feel tears coming out of my eyes. It was a mix of fear and relief that made my tears flow. I was lucky to get out of that situation but I am not sure if I can do that next time.

\'No, there shouldn\'t be a next time.\' I thought to myself while running thru the corridors.

I was able to escape because Gladiolus didn\'t put his guard up on me now. But for sure the next time he would be prepared for any attack coming from me.

I was able to get back to my quarters safely. I closed the door and leaned my back there while catching my breath. Tears stained my cheeks and I wipe the tears on my eyes.

"Your highness, what happened?!" Martha who was arranging my beddings for the night was surprised to see me distraught. "Are you okay?"

"I-I\'m fine." I stuttered a reply. "Can you please go and fetch me a basin to wash my face? I would like to freshen up before sleeping."

"O-Of course your highness." Martha replied.

I wouldn\'t like my eyes to be swollen tomorrow because of the crying. I don\'t want the others to worry about me, especially William. I just ordered him to rest tonight after knowing he wasn\'t having ample time of sleep since he got here. If he knew that Gladiolus sexually assaulted me just now, he would blame himself for not being present to stop Gladiolus.

"Oh and please relay to head servant if he can be the one to guard my door this evening." I told Martha before she exited the room. "I have ordered my personal night to rest for the evening."

"Yes, of course your highness." Martha nodded her head and exited the room.

I would feel much safer with Jack and William guarding my door. But for now, Jack would do. It would be better to keep what just happened, a secret for now.

I sat on the couch near the fireplace and sighed. My cousin is really dangerous.

"Leon, I want to see you." I said in a whisper.

This event just made my longing for Regaleon more intense. If he was here, I am sure he would protect me.


Morning came and I freshen myself up for breakfast. When Martha came in, she said that Gladiolus had asked for the members of the family to eat together this morning.

\'I am going to see him again.\' I sighed in defeat.

With what he did yesterday night, as much as possible I don\'t want to see him again. But he gave an order this early in the morning. He is still the crown prince of this country and I am but a hostage. Even if I refuse, I am sure they will force me to go there.

\'I have to collect myself first.\' I told myself. \'I cannot show to Gladiolus that I was greatly affected from what happened last night.\'

If he saw that I was affected then he will be much bolder these coming days. I have to do everything in my power to stay safe until Satiana\'s coming of age ceremony. After that we could escape from here and I can see my beloved Regaleon again.

"Just a few more days." I encourage myself.

"Your highness, are you ready?" Martha asked. "The Princess Satiana, the Crown Prince and his fiancée are on their way to the dining room."

"Yes, I am all set." I replied to Martha. "Thank you for informing me."

I walked out my room and I saw William waiting for me. He smiled at me but when he saw my face, his smiled turned into a worried expression.

\'Did he see my eye bags?\' I thought to myself. \'But I covered it well with make up.\'

I walked in front of him and William followed from behind as my escort knight.

"Didn\'t you sleep well last night?" William whispered behind me. "You look tired."

I sighed knowing that William is really observant of me. He can see any little detail about me.

"Y-Yeah." I whispered a reply. Let\'s just go with what he was assuming. "I was thinking of many things last night that I didn\'t realize the time and slept late."

"Don\'t stay up too late next time okay. You just scolded me for lacking sleep just yesterday, so same goes for you." William let out a smile.

"Hehe." I giggled. "I will keep that in mind." I replied.

Not long we arrived at the dining room. My heart was racing fast with nervousness. I know that I have to act unaffected by Gladiolus\' assault last night, but the fear I experienced last night was remembered by my body and was shivering.

"Are you cold your highness?" William asked me.

"A-A little." I forced my body to stop shivering. \'Come on Alicia, you can do this!\' I scolded myself inwardly.

I closed my eyes and inhaled heavily. When I opened my eyes, my resolve was firm.

\'I won\'t let him see that I am a weak person.\' I thought. If Gladiolus saw that I am weak, then he would take advantage of that and attack me even more.

"Would you like me to get your coat?" Martha asked when she heard that I was cold.

"No need. I guess the cold has passed." I smiled.

My eyes surveyed the rectangular table. The one that was sitting was only Satiana. Gladiolus and my sister Elizabeth hasn\'t arrived yet.

"Big sis." Satiana smiled happily after seeing me enter. "Come and sit right next to me."

By order of hierarchy, Gladiolus is the highest with the queen absent so he will be sitting at the head of the table. Satiana will seat on his right side while his fiancée Elizabeth would seat on his left where the wife should seat. I will seat beside Satiana, being I am a family member.

I took the seat beside Satiana and composed myself. I looked around and saw Jack standing at the servants\' side. It looked like he was the one that escorted Satiana this morning.

"I only heard my big brother\'s arrival late last night." Satiana said. "He didn\'t stop by my quarters when he arrived. Maybe he thought I was asleep. This would be my first time seeing him after more than a year."

"Oh, is that so." Was my only reply.

\'Gladiolus didn\'t see his sister upon his arrival but had gone to see me and my mother.\' I thought with a bitter face. \'It would have been better if he hasn\'t gone to see me last night.\'

Just the thought of what had happened last night made my skin crawl. I felt a mix of fear and anger.

"Crown Prince Gladiolus and Princess Elizabeth have arrived." The servant announced.

Satiana and I stood up upon their arrival. Gladiolus walked first while Elizabeth was behind him. Satiana and I looked at each other in puzzlement for a second and proceeded to look at the couple that arrived. The common entrance of the royal couple should be walking side by side with their hands or arms intertwined. But by looking at their current positions, it looked like Elizabeth was a concubine.

"Greetings to the future sun and moon of the Jennovian Kingdom." Satiana and I said in unison and curtsied.

"Good morning dear sister Satiana. Good morning my dear Alicia." Gladiolus greeted us while Elizabeth stayed silent.

Elizabeth was standing across me with the table separating us. She looked at me with loath and anger. I was surprised with her reaction upon seeing me.

\'What do to her?\' I thought to myself. I haven\'t seen her for more than a year now, maybe two. So why is she glaring to me like I did something bad to her.

Gladiolus pulled a chair and let Elizabeth sit. What shocked me and Satiana was the seat offered to Elizabeth was not the first one on Gladiolus\' left but the second one. Elizabeth didn\'t say anything and took the seat offered to her.

When Gladiolus and Elizabeth has seated, Satiana and I was about to seat as well. But when I was midway into my seat, Gladiolus stopped me.

"Alicia, my dear. You must seat here." Gladiolus offered me the seat on his left that should be for his wife.

"B-But that…" I was about to reject the offer Gladiolus gave me a glare as if saying I cannot resist.

Gladiolus was reminding me that I have no freedom here and this was his domain. Even if I want to oppose him, I can\'t. I need to follow him so that he won\'t suspect my movements or our escape plan would be in jeopardy.

I walked silently towards the seat Gladiolus offered and sat silently. I looked at the people in the dining room discreetly and all had an expression surprise and confusion.

\'This seat was for the main wife of Gladiolus and the future queen. This should be Elizabeth\'s place. But why was I seating here now?\' I thought.

"Let\'s start eating breakfast then." Gladiolus said with a smile on his face, seeming very content. The maids started to serve our breakfast and we ate in silence.

Mid way in our breakfast, Gladiolus started to make idle chat.

"Sati, your birthday is next week." Gladiolus said. "I heard Duke Matias will be the one hosting for your coming of age ceremony. I am sorry if I was late on coming home. I should have been the one planning for your coming of age ceremony but I am currently busy with the wedding preparations."

"It is fine big brother. I know that you are busy with your wedding coming up." Satiana replied. "It is kind of Duke Matias to be the one to host my coming of age. I will also be working hard on my ceremony so you don\'t need to worry big brother."

"That\'s good. I hope you are not mad at big brother for neglecting you this past year." Gladiolus said in a worried tone.

"Of course not big brother. Why would you think that?" Satiana smiled awkwardly.

It was just yesterday when Satiana knew about her mother and brother\'s plans. I am not sure if she can continue acting being that she and her brother are close.

"B-By the way, how is your wedding preparations with Princess Elizabeth going?" Satiana changed the topic in an instant. "I hope you would like it here Princess Elizabeth. Jennovia might be a cold country but the people here are warm hearted."

Elizabeth flinched with hearing the topic has gone to her. She was visibly distraught, as if frightened of something.

"I-I guess I\'ll get used to it here." Elizabeth replied.

I looked at Elizabeth with curiosity. I have lived with her since we were kids and she was always feisty and hard headed. But now she was as tame as a sheep.

\'This isn\'t like her.\' I thought to myself.

"The wedding preparations are going on smoothly and would be held in two weeks time." Gladiolus replied. "But my bride won\'t be Princess Elizabeth."

Satiana and I looked shocked after what Gladiolus just said.

"N-Not Princess Elizabeth? Then who?" Satiana asked the same question that was in my head.

"Elizabeth and I had already signed the marriage contract and there is no need for any ceremony to be held because she is just a concubine of mine." Gladiolus replied. "The one I am marrying is my future queen."

Gladiolus looked my way with endearing eyes full of affection. He took my hand and placed a kiss on my knuckles and smiled.

"My future queen of course is no other than Alicia." Gladiolus said with a voice full of endearment.

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