The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 232 The Return of Crown Prince Gladiolus

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We have just come back from our visit in Duke Matias\' estate. The sun was just setting in the horizon when we got off our carriage.

"Big sis, I will be retiring for the night." Satiana curtsied and walked away after we have come inside the palace.

"The little princess has to carry a huge burden on her small back." Jack murmured to me while looking at the departing Satiana.

"I admire her strength." I said while also looking at Satiana departing. "When I was her age, I was still a coward and didn\'t know what to do." I sighed remembering my past.

"But you have grown into a strong and independent woman now." William who was by my side said to me.

"It is thanks to all of you and all my friends that I became strong." I smiled at him. "I will be going to my mother\'s quarters. Jack, please inform the kitchen that I will be eating my dinner there with my mother."

"Of course your highness." Jack bowed and left to do as I have ordered him.

"After escorting me to my mother\'s room, you can take a short break Will." I said. "I am sure you are also tired from our outing today."

"You know that I won\'t leave your side." William said with a frown.

"You have been guarding me too well Will, you also need to rest." I said.--

I don\'t know how William was sleeping with the time he has been guarding me. Early in the morning, I see him standing guard outside my room. Even in the middle on the night he was still guarding me attentively. I am getting concerned over his health.

"But it is my duty to stay by your side and guard you as your personal knight." William reasoned out.

"I know. And you need to be in top health if you want to guard me in your one hundred percent. Tell me how long do you sleep in the middle of the night?" I glared at him.

"W-Well quite enough." William had an unsteady smile in his face.

I sighed knowing that he was doing this because of his guilt of not protecting me in the past. "I order you to rest." I said with a serious voice. "Don\'t worry about me. I can take care of myself. And what danger can come to me inside my mother\'s quarters."

William sighed in defeat. "As you wish your highness."

"Get a good rest, okay?" I smiled in triumph.

The two of us walked towards my mother\'s quarters.


Mother and I were done eating inside her quarters. I have told her of what happened today and our escape plan on Satiana\'s coming of age celebration.

"It is good that you have found reliable allies Alicia." Mother said with a hushed voice.

"Yes. I am fortunate to have found such good people." I replied with a similar hushed tone.

"Are you still planning on stealing your aunt\'s half off the pendant?" My mother asked with a worried tone. "You know you can just leave it be. We can escape even without getting it."

"I understand what you are worried about mother but I can\'t just leave the pendant here on aunt\'s hands." I replied. "The pendant in itself can be a danger to us when it is used. It stored the Almighty One\'s magic power and can amplify tenfold any magic." I explained. My mother nodded in understanding.

*knock knock*

"Excuse me your highness." An attendant said from the outside.

My mother composed herself and got back to acting emotionless.

"Crown Prince Gladiolus has come to pay a visit." The attendant said.

My heart was pounding loudly after hearing who was just outside the door. Duke Matias has said that the crown prince was arriving this evening. I never thought I would meet him this early in the night.

The doors opened and I saw Gladiolus coming in. He has matured this past one and a half year that I haven\'t seen him. He was wearing a gray outfit with silver lining. His aura was more intimidating since the last time I saw him.

"Greetings to the future sun of the Jennovian Kingdom." I stood up and gave my greeting and curtsied.

"It is good to see you again Alicia." Gladiolus smiled widely. He walked towards us and I involuntary shivered. "Greetings Aunt Leticia." He walked past me. He kneeled in one knee in front of my mother, took her hand and kissed it as a sign of respect towards an elder.

My mother maintained her emotionless state. Gladiolus got up and smiled at me.

"I am happy to see you are doing well here in the palace." Gladiolus said. "I haven\'t seen you for a long time. I have missed you."

His words just made my stomach churn. It was rather sickening to hear.

"I will excuse myself your highness. I am a little tired after the day\'s event and want to retire for the night." I made an excuse just to get away from him. I curtsied and left my mother\'s quarters in a hurry.

\'I cannot stand looking at him for any longer.\' I thought to myself.

Gladiolus was the one that made the attack on our engagement parade and put many lives in danger. He also kidnapped me for his own selfish reasons. He maybe a blood relative but I cannot forgive him for what he has done.

I was about to turn on a corridor when I felt someone grab my hand and pulled me into a corner. I was pinned behind a wall on a dark corridor without a single person in sight. When I look up, I saw the one that pulled me and pinned me down.

"G-Gladiolus!" My eyes were wide in surprise. "Let me go!" I tried to yell but he out his hand over my mouth.

"Shh… don\'t be so loud." Gladiolus said with a smile. "I missed you so much Alicia. When I departed to Alvannia, you were still asleep."

Gladiolus held strands if my hair on his free hand and smelled it. His gesture sent shivers on my skin, as if many ants were crawling on them.

"I missed your smell. I missed the feeling of your skin." Gladiolus said while doing things that sickens me to the core.

\'Was he doing such things when I was still asleep?\' I thought. This just sickened me more.

"And I missed the feeling of your lips on mine." Gladiolus smiled and pulled his hand away from my mouth.

I was about to shout for help when his lips took over mine. He was kissing me!

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