The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 231 The Next Step

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

We have retreated back to where the naval battle was being fought. By the time when we get there, many of the enemy ships were burning. By the time we were on the river\'s shore, I see General Vincent coming towards us.

"Your majesty, it is good that you are safe." General Vincent gave me his salute.

"What is the status here?" I asked.

"As you can see your majesty, we have won this battle." General Vincent said with a smile. "The enemy\'s that have laid down their arms are in the custody of my men."

"Good. Be sure to treat the prisoners of war with respect." I said. "I don\'t want to hear any maltreatment towards them." I ordered.

"Yes your majesty." General Vincent said and then left.

"What is your plan with the Atlantian siblings your majesty?" Dimitri who was beside me asked.

I looked at the two unconscious siblings. "For now you put them in a secure and isolated place. Where you put them, I will leave it up to you."

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri nodded and told his men on what to do. "Any other orders your majesty?" He asked.

"For now let\'s go back to camp." Regaleon said.

This was a long night and we got the victory for this huge battle. The men are weary after a long battle and they need rest.

"I also need to gather my thoughts after failing to capture the queen." I sighed with both regret and tiredness.


I was in the tent back at camp. I can hear the joy and merriment the soldiers outside are doing. After winning this naval battle, they came back with joy in their faces.

Dimitri came in my tent holding two mugs of beer. "Your majesty, how about a glass before going to bed?"

"Thanks Dimitri. I think I am going to need it." I took the glass and made a few gulps before putting it down the table.

"Aren\'t you going out to join the soldiers\' merriment?" Dimitri asked while sipping from his mug.

"I have just came from the outside and gave the soldiers my thanks and also given them permission to drink to their hearts content tonight. They have earned it." I said with a smile. "I am very blessed to have such people serving me by my side."

We have just won this battle but I cannot stop myself to think of what is to come next.

"I am sorry I wasn\'t able to help in capturing the queen of Jennovia." Dimitri kneeled in one knee before me.

"What are you doing Dimitri? Get up." I helped him get up. "It is not your fault. I was also slow in capturing the queen in time." I sighed in regret.

"What are you planning next your majesty?" Dimitri asked.

I was thinking of my next step after failing to capture the queen tonight. I have gotten news that Prince Gladiolus has returned to the capital of Jennovia with his bride to be. Alicia will be in much more danger if she remains in the palace of Jennovia.

"The last letter I got from Alicia informed me of her escape plan this coming weekend." I said deep in thought. "The weekend is only a day away. I would like to meet her on the way after if that is possible."

From where we are now, it will take a week to journey towards the capital of Jennovia. I cannot arrive by the time Alicia and her group escapes but at least I want to meet her along the way. Entering Jennovia incognito won\'t be hard for us with a small group.

"I want to see my fiancée as soon as possible." I said looking at the direction of the Jennovian capital.

"Speaking of Princess Alicia, I have just received a new letter from her." Dimitri handed me the letter.

I took the letter from Dimitri\'s hand and opened it carefully. Inside I saw Alicia\'s beautiful hand writing and it just made me miss her more. I read the letter silently.

"It looks like they will reschedule their escape for about a week." I said after reading the letter.

"And why is that?" Dimitri looked confused and also worried. He knew that Prince Gladiolus being in close proximity with Alicia is a danger in its self.

"It looks like they have won the alliance if the noble resistance faction of Jennovia. With that Duke Matias, the leader of the noble resistance faction will help them escape the day of Princess Satiana\'s coming of age ceremony." I explained. "With many noble guests and also people to be employed with the said event going in and out of the palace, it will be the best time to get them out unnoticed."

"The princess has gotten the alliance of the noble resistance faction of Jennovia?" Dimitri sounded surprised. "That is an incredible feat."

"Of course it is my fiancée we are talking about." I smiled feeling proud of Alicia\'s achievement. "And so out plans will also change."

"What are you planning now your majesty?" Dimitri asked.

"We will be going to the capital to secure their escape." I said with a smile. Dimitri had a surprised expression.

"B-But your majesty…" Dimitri was about to argue.

"No buts Dimitri." I stopped him from continuing his sentence. "I have waited for quite a long time to get reunited with my love. And to think she is just a week\'s travel from where I am now. I cannot wait to get her in my arms and embrace her tightly."

Dimitri sighed in defeat. "I know that I cannot change your mind once you have made your decision Leon." Dimitri called me by my name meaning it was his choice as a friend to let me off. "But I will accompany you just in case."

"Yes, that was what I was planning." I smiled at him. "Pick two of your men that can come with us. The smaller our group, the better to sneak in Jennovia unnoticed."

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri nodded his head in agreement.

"We will be departing tomorrow morning so please prepare the things needed for travel." I ordered.

"I understand." Dimitri bowed his head and left my tent.

I took the mug and gulped down the remaining beer in it and wiped my mouth.

\'I will need a good night\'s rest for the start of our journey tomorrow.\' I thought while walking towards the bed. After lying down I looked at the ceiling of my tent. \'I will see you in one week\'s time my love.\'

I closed my eyes and imagined my love\'s face. It has been too long when we got separated and after a week, I will be able to see her once more.

"Just one more week, wait for me." I whispered to myself.

The night was getting deeper and the sounds of merriment were still heard outside. I was drifting to sleep thinking of my beloved one.

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