The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 23 Horseback riding 3

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I made a mental note on all of what Leon just thought me.

"That\'s good. With this current position we are making sure that you have the right balance once the horse starts moving." Leon smiled at me.

I felt my heart thump when I saw his bright smile.

"Alright then, try giving Margaret a nudge for her to move forward." Leon instructed. I do as I was told and gave Margaret a gentle nudge with my feet. Margaret started to move.

"Oh my, she\'s moving." I say with amazement. Leon was by the horse\'s side maintaining a safe distance.

"That\'s good. Don\'t be so stiff while she is walking. Let your body flow with the horse\'s movement." Leon said.

I tried to do what Leon said. I felt that Margaret was moving in an easy pace.

"You\'re doing great princess." Leon praised me.

"Really? Thanks." I smiled happily.

"Now try trotting. Give your nudge more strength." Leon instructed.

I give Margaret a much stronger nudge and she was trotting.

"Look Leon I am doing it. Margaret is trotting." I said excitedly.

"That\'s good princess." Leon said.

I see him mount the black horse and catch up to me.

"Let\'s trot together." Leon smiled. "This is here Midnight. He is a very proud horse. He only let\'s me ride him." I see Leon rub Midnight\'s neck.

"Really? Then he is a choosy horse." I giggled.

"Well he has a majestic breed. So he knows how to pick his rider." Leon bragged.

"So you are saying you are someone majestic that Midnight selected you to be his rider?" I teased him.

"Not to brag but that would be the point. Hahaha." Leon laughed out loud.

"Hahaha I never thought you are a narcissist." I giggled.

"Well I\'m just stating the truth." Leon smiled.

I looked at him intently. It is true that he looks rather majestic. Even with casual riding clothes he looks handsome. His aura emits a royal and majestic hint that he looks more like a prince rather than a knight. I thought that I would want to be always by his side.

When I realized my train of thought and blushed.

\'What was I thinking?\' I thought. Being with him was an unexpected desire I have just accumulated.

"You look beautiful." Leon said suddenly.

"Huh?" I looked at him confused.

"You look beautiful when you blush." Leon repeated. "Having some color to your pale skin makes you more radiant. It is just right to make you come out to take some sunlight."

I blush even further after what he has said. I looked away from him embarrassed.

"I guess because I was always indoors that\'s why I am a little pale." I explained. "When I first came here in the palace I had felt that I was never wanted from the start. So I just stayed indoors. That\'s until Richard started to play with me. But I have always been inside Richard\'s courtyard."

Leon looked at me with sad eyes.

"Don\'t worry about me. I have always known that I was never welcomed here and accepted that." I said sadly.

"Tell me Alicia, what are the things you want to do if you were given and opportunity to travel?" Leon asked me.