The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 228 Confrontation 2

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"What\'s that noise?! What\'s going on?!" Queen Patricia was inside her cabin with her lady in waiting.

The sounds of fighting can be heard inside the cabin.

"I-I will go and check your majesty." The lady in waiting said with fearful eyes. She knew that something bad is going on outside.

But when the lady in waiting was about to open the door, someone opened it.

"Your majesty!" The vice admiral came in and gave his salute. "We are under attack. You need to escape from here fast."

"What?!" Queen Patricia stood up in surprise. "How can this be?!"


Explosions left and right are heard in the vicinity. The queen stood up in a hurry from her seat and dashed pass the vice admiral.

"Y-Your majesty?!" The vice admiral was surprised with the sudden movement of the queen. "Please wait."

The queen ascended the steps towards the deck. The yelling and screaming of people were being heard more clearly with every step she takes. By the time she reached the deck, she looked around and saw a sea of fire in front of her.

"What is happening?!" The queen screamed with the mix of anger and surprise. "This shouldn\'t be happening. Our plan was flawless."

The vice admiral and the lady in waiting were able to catch up to the queen. They were panting while trying to catch up to her.

"Y-You majesty…" The vice admiral was catching his breath. "I-It\'s not safe here. We need to leave and lead you to safety."

"Tell me first what is happening!" The queen shouted in anger. "This wasn\'t the plan. Why are we now the one under attack?!"

Their plan was made in complete secrecy. No one should have known other than her trusted advisers. The plan was to attack the defensive line of Grandcrest in the junction of the Deuss River. But now they were the ones under attack.

"This shouldn\'t be happening." The queen said with wide eyes. She cannot believe what was happening before her eyes.

"Your majesty, we also didn\'t know what happened." The vice admiral said. "Since just a while ago, our plan was being executed flawlessly. But then there were ships that came from the fog out of nowhere."

"How did they know?!" The queen asked furiously.

"I-I also do not know your majesty." The vice admiral was clearly agitated with the queen\'s current emotions.

\'Was there a mole in my palace?\' The queen thought.

Not long another explosion was heard and it was not that far from where they were.


All of them ducked with the new explosion. It was getting nearer from their location. As if those who were making those explosions was targeting their ship in particular.

"Your majesty, you are not safe here. We need to hurry and escape." The vice admiral said with urgency.

"A-Alright." The queen said with low spirits.

They were betting to win this battle. Everything was flawlessly planned. But if this battle was a loss, then it was better for her to get out of danger. Getting herself back to safety was more important. Retreat and fight another day was the best option for her.

When the queen was about to follow the vice admiral the next explosion was heard. It was on a friendly ship near their location.


The blast impact from the explosion was very powerful that they were thrown off from where they were standing.

"Ugh…" The queen felt her body ache when she was trying to stand up. Her back hit a wall on deck. She looked around and saw the ice admiral was feet away from her, also struggling to stand up from the explosion. Her lady in waiting was left unconscious on the ground.

"W-What just happened?" The queen asked while still in disarray. She looked around and saw a sea of flames dancing around the area.

"Well, well, well. Look what we found here." A chilling voice was heard behind the sea of flames before her.

The flames were dancing in the night wind, like it was being controlled. In the gaps of the flames, the queen saw a young man in black. His hair was as black as night, his eyes were like gleaming sapphires against the raging flames.

"I was wondering where you were queen. I was lucky to find you just in time." The young man\'s smile was chilling. The queen can feel the fear behind that smile.

"Y-You…" The queen stuttered. "The young king of Grandrest. Why are you here?" The queen pointed at him in disbelief. It was as if she was looking at a ghost.

Regaleon walked thru the sea of flames. The flames parted as if letting him through on purpose.

"I heard that the great queen of Jennovia personally sailed with her fleet to battle." Regaleon grinned. "It is courtesy for a royal from Grandcrest to receive a royal from Jennovia, correct?"

It was a custom from the four countries in the past that if a royal was to visit another country, then also another royal was to receive the guest.

"Y-You… presumptuous!" The queen yelled in anger.

"Hahahaha… What did you expect Queen Patricia?" Regaleon said mockingly. "Is my welcoming party not to your taste?" His grin was mocking the queen that infuriated her.

"How did you know?!" The queen asked furiously. "The plan should have been flawless."

"I have my means, queen. And I have no intentions on showing my cards, of course." Regaleon said. "Of course I am here to escort you to our country. Are you ready Queen Patricia?"

The queen was shivering in fear. She didn\'t know why she was frightened with a young brat like him.

\'I am older and more experienced than him. I have gone thru more difficulties than this. But why am I shivering in fear in front of him?\' The queen thought. "I need to get out of here, I need to escape.\'

Regaleon took another step, making his distance to the queen lessen.

"Don\'t come any closer!" The queen yelled.

Regaleon was about to board the ship the where queen was. Her fear was enveloping her whole being. Regaleon\'s every step was frightening to here.

"I said do not come any closer!" The queen yelled more loudly and took a step back. She waved her hand towards where Regaleon was.

The ship where Regaleon was standing started to shake violently. And out of nowhere the ship started to break.

"Ugh." Regaleon knelt on one knee. He can feel his body becoming heavier and heavier, as if a boulder was pressing on top of him.

"Your majesty!" Dimitri shouted.

With this Regaleon fought off the heavy feeling and stood up. Dimitri ran towards him and helped him and they jump of the ship they were standing to the other ship. The ship they were at broke into pieces like it was crushed by an unseen force and started to sink beneath the sea.

"So, this is your magic power." Regaleon stood up after feeling that the force weighing on him was lifted. "I can\'t let my guard down just because you are a woman."

Regaleon pulled his sword out of its sheath and pointed it towards the queen.

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