The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 227 Confrontation 1

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"Dimitri, tell the men in the other ships to standby on my commands." I ordered. "There will be a slight change of plans."

Dimitri knew that I had just communicated with Tempest. He knew that I got information that will have a huge impact in this battle.

"Understood your majesty." Dimitri bowed his head.

Dimitri hurriedly conveyed my orders to the men aboard the ships. It was the same order in the letter I sent General Vincent.

I have planned half of the ships will break of from the pincer attack and head towards the enemy\'s location. I will personally lead these ships myself. By the time General Vincent gives the signal for the start of the attack, the ships under my command will head towards the other half of the enemy\'s naval fleet that lies in waiting.

Not long, Dimitri came back on deck. "Your majesty, your orders have been sent." He said.

"Good. Any minute now, General Vincent will send the signal." I said and looked to the night sky.

The battle not far from here was heard. The exploding cannons and the cries of men pierced the foggy night. Not long into the battle a signal flare was seen flying towards the sky.

"It\'s the general\'s signal." I said. "Men, proceed with the new plan! Onward!" I shouted with force.

"Yeah!" The men cheered in unison.

The fleet started to depart its hiding spot. Half was going forward for the pincer attack while the other half was under me and proceeded towards the other side where the other fleet of the enemy lie in wait.

Our speed was fast. I was targeting a surprise attack on the other fleet. So far, they only know that a few ships defended the junction and they won\'t expect an attack.

When we were nearing the location of the enemy, the other half of our fleet met up. Our numbers doubled and this made our chances of victory go up.

"You majesty, the enemy\'s fleet is just in front." Dimitri said with an excited voice.

"Ready the cannons!" I ordered.

The men on the ship readied themselves for the fight that was about to come. With a deep breath, we brace ourselves for the plunged.

When I saw the silhouette of the ships in the fog I raised my hand with vigor. "Fire!!!"

The cannons on our fleet started to fire. Blast by blast was heard on this side of the river junction. The fog started to get thin after the launching of the cannons.

"Ready your swords! Archers, ready your bows and arrows!" I ordered.

The men on deck pulled their bows and aimed towards the enemy\'s ship. The men on the enemy\'s ship started to scramble in surprise.

"We are under attack!"

"Get ready to fight!"

The enemy ships in front caught the cannons we fired and were destroyed instantly. I saw the ships sinking slowly and the men aboard jumped overboard.

"Archers, prepare to fire!" I ordered.

With the wave of my hand, I lighted the tips of their arrows on fire.

"Fire!" I yelled.

The archers fired their arrows onto the other ships. This made the other ships caught fire.

"Put the fire out. Put it out!" I hear the enemies scream.

From the distance I can see them use the magic stones to put out the fire. Water came out from these stones and the fire that started was quickly put out.

"Tsk." I was irritated knowing that the enemy can use magic.

"Prepare the cannons and fire at will." The enemies shouted.

Cannon balls came firing at us from the enemy ships. I can see them flying towards us from the sky.

"Tell them try and evade the best they can." I told Dimitri. "And tell your men to start boarding the enemy ships once they are in vicinity. Destroy every magic stone they can find." I ordered.

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri said and conveyed my order to one of his men. His subordinate quickly left to relay my message.

Chaos spread throughout the surroundings. Cannon balls have hit some of our ships. Both sides are gaining damage. I saw a cannon ball coming our way quickly used my magic to engulf it in flames and used some force to deflect the landing. Fortunately the cannon ball landing on water and didn\'t endanger my men.

"Charge!" My men yelled when the enemy\'s ships are at the right distance.

My men boarded the enemy\'s ship and pulled out their swords. Not long the clashing of swords are heard in the vicinity.

"We are being left behind Dimitri." I smiled wickedly. "Let\'s not lag behind now."

I drew out my sword and readied myself for battle. Dimitri and I boarded the enemy ship and started plowing our way thru.

I swing my sword skillfully while using my magic to counter enemy attacks. As expected, our enemies have magic stones in their possession and are using it in fighting. Luckily, Dimitri\'s men are quick and were able to disarm the enemies using the magic stones and destroy them in the process.

"Your men are doing a good job Dimitri." I praised them.

"Thank you, your majesty." Dimitri replied.

Our surprise attack paid off splendidly. The enemy wasn\'t on guard when we attacked and now they are uncoordinated.

"Your majesty, look there." Dimitri pointed out the rear most part of the enemy\'s fleet.

There I saw the biggest ship in the enemy\'s fleet. I knew for sure that this was the commanding ship of the enemy. I smiled just by looking at the ship laying there in wait.

"If the queen is really here, I bet she is on that ship." I said with a smirk on my face.

The commanding ship was defensively guarded by other ships in the vicinity. This just made my thoughts in the queen being aboard there credible.

"Let\'s head over there." I told Dimitri. "Bring your best men with us. I bet the queen has her own magic users with her."

"Yes, your majesty." Dimitri said. He raised his hand and used his magic to create a signal that his men would understand.

"Let\'s pay a visit to her majesty the queen." I smiled and marched off to the direction of the commanding ship.


"What\'s that noise?! What\'s going on?!" Queen Patricia was inside her cabin with her lady in waiting.

The sounds of fighting can be heard inside the cabin.

"I-I will go and check your majesty." The lady in waiting said with fearful eyes. She knew that something bad is going on outside.

But when the lady in waiting was about to open the door, someone opened it.

"Your majesty!" The vice admiral came in and gave his salute. "We are under attack. You need to escape from here fast."

"What?!" Queen Patricia stood up in surprise. "How can this be?!"

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