The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 226 Naval Battle 2

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The sky started to darken and night fell. There was silence in the surrounding area and only the splashes of water that hit the ship\'s bow were heard.

"Your majesty, we have arrived at the junction as scheduled." The admiral and the commander of the naval fleet of Jennovia said to his queen. "If I may suggest your majesty to go to a much safer place before we commence the attack."

On the deck of the biggest ship on the Jennovian naval fleet, Queen Patricia was looking on ahead with a serious expression.

"That won\'t be necessary admiral." Queen Patricia said with a flat tone. "I trust that our naval fleet can deal with a few ships defending the junction. This ship is in the most rear of the fleet so I doubt the battle would be felt from here."

"W-Well, you are correct your majesty." The admiral was reluctant to let the queen stay on the ship while there is a battle being fought.

The ship where the queen is currently in was the lead ship. In this battle with a small number of enemy ships, only the front ships will engage in battle while the ships in the rear will support from behind. Their plan was to make a surprise attack without the enemy knowing their advance. With this plan, not all ships in the Jennovia naval fleet would need to engage in battle and they will surely win with only a few enemy ships defending the junction way.

"I am sure that this battle won\'t last that long. Our information is that only three to five Grandcrest ships are left to defend the junction way into their country." The queen said. "I am sure our fleet can rake its way thru those ships with not much of a problem."

Confidence was seen in the queen\'s eyes. She had invested the money that they have gotten from the war taxes into expanding the naval fleet. With this many ships at their disposal, Jennovia would emerge triumphant in naval battle and their enemy would sink in defeat.

"This battle is not of that much importance." The queen said. "Our main objective is to sail our way towards Grandcrest\'s capital and lay siege. I want to see their young king\'s head on this very deck when we are done." The queen\'s eyes glistened with killing intent.

The queen had developed hatred with this new young king of Grandcrest. Her long plan on waging war and defeating the countries that brought Atlantia to its end was put on hold because of this young king\'s skillful leadership and tactics.

\'Just because of the king I can\'t achieve my plans.\' The queen thought. \'But no matter, I will surely kill him soon. And without a leader to lead such a big empire, the will surely crumble. I won\'t need the forbidden magic if this plan goes thru.\'

"Then please go inside where it is safer your majesty." The admiral said politely.

The queen nodded in agreement and started to walk towards the stairs with her guards and one lady in waiting.


(Regaelon\'s POV)

Darkness has enveloped the surroundings and the fog was starting to spread on water. The night sky was filled with stars twinkling like diamonds. The moon has yet to rise up on top and so the surroundings were dim. I boarded one of the ships that would launch a pincer attack from behind. General Vincent didn\'t agree at first but being as stubborn as I am, he agreed in the end.

"Your majesty, are you sure you won\'t sit this one out?" Even Dimitri was reconsidering me being here.

"This isn\'t the first battle I have been in Dimitri." I said with a sarcastic tone.

Of course I have been in dangerous battles where my life has been at stake for numerous times. Not mentioning the numerous assassination attempts that a battled my way out to save my life since I was young. Fighting has been a constant thing in the entirety of my life. The only thing that gave meaning to my life that was bathed with blood and death, is meeting the love of my life Alicia.

"I know that you have been in numerous battles your majesty but today it is different. You are now a leader of a nation, the king of Grandcrest." Dimitri said.

"I understand what you mean Dimitri and I thank you for your concern." I said with a smile and patted his shoulder. "Do not worry. I don\'t intend to lose my life here. I still have to marry the love of my life and produce an heir to my empire, haha." I chuckled.

Dimitri also smiled with my words.

"I am confident that we will win this battle. With you and my men here, we will surely win." I said with confidence and Dimitri nodded in agreement.

A long silence had engulfed the surrounding areas. The ships were on standby until the general gives his order. All the lights on the ships are turned off to avoid detection from the enemy. Not long the faint sound of waves intensified and we heard splashes of water.

Looking at the distance is difficult because of the fog but with the sounds now we conclude that the enemy\'s ships are advancing.

I looked at Dimitri and he nodded in understanding. We maintained the right amount of distance so that the enemy won\'t know that we were there hiding. We were also silent to avoid detection.

After a few more minutes we heard the firing of canons. It was the sign of the battle starting. The defense ships were bait to lure their ships into our formation and make a pincer attack from behind without them even knowing. Now we are just waiting for Generals Vincent\'s signal to attack.

When I looked up towards the sky I saw Tempest flying in circles above us.

\'Leon, there is another fleet that remained at the entrance of the junction.\' Tempest said.

\'You mean they split their fleet into two?\' I asked in surprise.

\'Yes, they only let the front ships engage in battle while the rear ships are on standby.\' Tempest replied.

\'Thank you for the information Tempest.\' I said with gratitude. \'I will need you to send a message to the general on the other fleet and fast.\'

We expected the enemy\'s fleet to advance in one go. Because of this we need to revise some of our own plans and fast.

"Dimitri, tell the men in the other ships to standby on my commands." I ordered. "There will be a slight change of plans."

Dimitri knew that I had just communicated with Tempest. He knew that I got information that will have a huge impact in this battle.

"Understood your majesty." Dimitri bowed his head.

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