The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 225 Naval Battle 1

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(Regaelon\'s POV)

Since my arrival at the hidden base, I made time to survey the surroundings and the junction of the Deuss River itself. General Vincent briefed of their plans along the way.

"My fleet has been split into two units. Each unit has been specifically placed beyond the fork of the junction." General Vincent explained.

The Deuss River junction runs from Jennovia down south to Grandcrest. The junction splits into two ways, down to Grandrest and the other is out to the west seas. General Vincent\'s plan is to launch a surprise attack from both directions.

"If I am correct, you are planning a pincer attack against their naval fleet." I said as a matter of fact.

"Yes your majesty, the plan is to lure them in with our original defensive fleet at the center. And when they are in the correct range, we will launch a pincer attack." General Vincent replied.

"That is a good plan." I praised. "With this, their retreat path will also be cut off." I smirked.

Because the junction is a good location for a pincer attack, we can stop their advancement to our borders and also their retreat back to their own territory.

"Thank you your majesty." General Vincent nodded. "I have already assigned my lieutenants and the leaders of each unit their tasks. This plan will be executed flawlessly."

I nodded in agreement. General Vincent\'s experience is something you cannot deny. He has been working with his lieutenants and subordinates for a long time and for sure they will be completely in sync in this upcoming battle.

"Let\'s not underestimate our opponent general." I reminded him. "Our enemy is cunning. They also have the advantage of magic stones in their hands.

I have already briefed my generals and advisors about the enemy\'s use of magic stones. At first they were surprised to hear about the forgotten country of Atlantia and the use of magic. We have discarded the taboo and talked about the Atlantians and the use of magic. The young ones that haven\'t heard of the Great War were astonished with the tale of the old soldiers\' experiences. The old ones that were lucky enough to survive the Great War were only young lads in those days. They fear that history would repeat itself.

"I was only starting as a crew in the naval fleet when the Great War happened." General Vincent said. "I can still remember our naval fleet battling with the Atlantian naval fleet at the east sea when the unthinkable happened. It was day time but the sky darkened like it was night. The sea wind blew fiercely and the waves became so intense that we cannot continue to battle with the enemy. And then… a roar was heard at the mainland of Atlantia. The roaring waves stopped and the wind became calm. That was the calm before the storm I guess."

I looked at General Vincent and saw the fear in his eyes. "You saw Atlantia fall?" I asked in curiosity.

"Heh… I have seen it with my own two eyes." General Vincent said. "After the calm, another force came rushing and then we saw the land ashore to crumble like it was cookie being crushed. I saw the land which was Atlantia slowly sink under the waters of the east sea. We hear the people on the enemy boats cry in agony seeing their home land crumbling and sinking beneath the waves. I can\'t blame them, thinking if my family was there I will also cry out in agony."

With General Vincent\'s own personal story, I can conclude how frightening the forbidden magic was and what it could do once the enemy gets their hand on it.

"Let\'s try our best to not let history repeat itself general." I said with firm resolve. I am not going to let that happen once again, not in my watch.

"Dimitri, has your men arrived?" I asked.

Dimitri was my right hand man who is loyal to me since we were young. That is why I trust him with commanding the unit in my Black Dragon Army with Atlantian members. This was the unit that specializes in tactical espionage and secret missions. They are also trained in other battle situations including naval battles as well. Because they are magic users, they can freely use their magic in battle situations that can be favorably to us.

"Your majesty, they will be arriving after noon." Dimitri replied courtly.

"Once they arrive, have your men introduced to General Vincent\'s fleet. They will need to work together in this upcoming battle." I ordered.

"Of course your majesty." Dimitri bowed in understanding.

Because our enemy has magic stones at their disposal, we can only depend on our Atlantian unit to counter their magic attacks.

"Split your men into two and put them both in each of General Vinent\'s units." I said. "With thi, we can have a fighting chance against the enemy\'s magic attacks."

"We are lucky to have Atlantians by our side." General Vincent murmured.

"It is thanks to my mother\'s linage that I had the luck to meet them." I said with a smile. "But I never once thought of using them in a war like this." I sighed sadly.

I have planned to officially give them amnesty and Grandcrest citizenship after I became king. But I never thought that a war would break out before I get the throne.

"Your majesty, we owe our lives to you and your mother. We will be forever in your debt." Dimitri said with seriousness. "I speak in behalf of my fellow Atlantians under you that we will fight by your side whole heartedly. We are ready to give our lives for you, your majesty."

Dimitri kneeled down in one knee to show his upmost loyalty. He was speaking in behalf of his men and also for his own. His words made me happy inside.

"Rise Dimitri." I helped him get up. "You have been by my side since we were young and I would never doubt your words."

"Thank you." Dimitri replied.

"Let\'s just make sure to win this battle." I said out loud.

The soldiers around us looked at me after hearing my words.

"This battle will make a huge impact in this current war. We cannot afford to lose in this. Our lives, family and our home are at stake. Let us fight for them!" I said with vigor. "Let us win this battle and this war!"

"YEAH!!!" The soldiers yelled in response to my words. I looked at them confidently and raised my arm in a fist.

"Let\'s win this war!"

"We trust in you your majesty!"

"With your majesty here, we will surely win this battle!"

The soldiers cheered positively. A boost of confidence before a battle begins is a plus and as their commander in chief I have to stand firm and proud in front of them. I will lead them and all Grandrest in victory.

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