The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 224 Preparations for Battle

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(Regaleon\'s POV)

After our long journey we have arrived at our destination, the junction in the Deuss River. I have already sent word of my arrival to General Vincent in advance and so he had a small group of his soldiers to meet us.

"Greetings to the sword and shield of the Grandcrest Empire." The soldiers made a formal greeting and bowed.

"Rise." I said with authority. The soldiers obediently followed my words.

"Your majesty, we will escort you to the general\'s camp." The leader of the group said.

"Mm, lead the way." I said.

The soldiers got back to their horses and led the way to the hidden camp. The ride didn\'t take too long. We arrived at the hidden camp set up the General Vincent\'s men. Along the way the soldiers in camp gave their salute to me.

After coming to a stop I alighted from my horse and gave the rein to one of the servant boys on standby.

"Tell the stable boy to take care of the horses well. They just withstood a long journey." I told the servant boy while gently patting Midnight\'s mane.

"Yes your majesty." The servant boy bowed and proceeded to take Midnight to the stables first. I here Midnight neigh when he was taken.

"Your majesty, the general is waiting for you at his tent." The leader of the group that escorted us to camp said. "Right this way."

"Mm." I nodded. "Dimitri, you go with me. Let your men take time to rest."

"Yes your majesty." Dimitri bowed.

The soldier lead me and Dimitri to the general\'s tent in the heart of the camp. I entered the camp and saw the general with his lieutenants discussing. At their center was a big table with the map of the surrounding areas.

"Greetings to the sword and shield of the Grandcrest Empire." The general and his lieutenants kneeled in one knee and bowed before me.

"Rise." I ordered. The men stood up after hearing my words. "General Vincent, how are your preparations going?" I asked.

I walked towards where the general was standing and looked at the map on the table. I can see the junction of the Deuss Canal that connects the south Jennovia to the north of Grandcrest. At the junction it is known that my country has at least three to four ships at the perimeter, they serve as guards at the water ways entering Grandcrest.

Atop of the map, there were miniature ships that represent our own ships and also the enemy\'s. General Vincent used this to explain the preparations he and his lieutenants have made.

"Your majesty, the intel that you sent us about the naval fleet of Jennovia is correct." General Vincent said. "As of now a battalion of ships are making its way down south from the Jennovian borders to here." He used the miniature ships that represent Jennovia\'s fleet. It was nearing the junction of the river.

"How long until they reach the junction?" I asked.

"With their speed, we estimate they will arrive by tomorrow late afternoon to early evening." General Vincent replied.

"So, they are planning to use the darkness of the night to launch their attack." I held my chin in thought. "The cover of darkness is effective for surprise attacks like what they have first planned. But unfortunately we obtained intel about this." I smirked.

"It is thanks to that intel we have prepared for their surprise attack." General Vincent said. "I am afraid if we didn\'t get wind of this beforehand, then their naval fleet might have entered our territory."

It was Jennovia\'s plan to make this surprise attack to enter our borders and make their way towards the capital of Grandcrest using the river ways. They were planning to attack the city and kill me, the commander in chief.

"It was good that our spy inside Jennovia got their battle plans beforehand." I remembered that it was William that sent as the plans they recovered from the library. "I am sure to reward them once they get back."

I thought of my beloved Alicia that was still held captive in the Jennovian Palace. How I wish to go there myself and rescue her from the clutched of that damn crown prince.

"Have you gotten any word about the rumors of the queen travelling with the naval fleet?" I asked curiously.

"Yes your majesty." General Vincent replied. "My sources have seen the queen to board the lead ship of the naval fleet. I am certain that she is travelling with them."

"Hahaha, that\'s interesting." I laughed out loud. "Is she that confident that her naval fleet will plow it\'s way to the capital. Does she plan to kill me herself?"

"I am afraid she is underestimating you, your majesty." Dimitri said.

"Yes, that is what I am also thinking." I smiled. "The queen thinks I am a young naïve king that only took the throne recently. I guess she was thinking of \'strike while the iron is hot\', knowing that I have only took power recently and that my power hasn\'t been consolidated yet. Well that will be her downfall."

Anyone would think that a newly appointed king would still have less power. It was true that before the war with Jennovia started, the battle with my brothers have divided the court into other factions. But I quickly consolidated my power by wiping out anyone in the opposing factions. Meaning, I don\'t have to appease any people that held power because I wiped them all. Anyone that opposed me I executed and I put the ones I trust the most in the high positions of the court.

"We will be the one to give them a surprise when they arrive tomorrow." I smiled satisfyingly. "Where did you hide your fleet general?" I asked.

General Vincent\'s main naval fleet is our strongest one. He has been the commander of the naval army for a long time now and his experience is something to admire.

"My main fleet is hiding here and here your majesty." General Vincent pointed the two locations at both sides of the junction. "At night the fog gets thick in this part, therefore they won\'t see our ships that easily."

"But how do you fare on fighting on water with the fog?" I asked curiously.

"Do not worry your majesty, I have been at the sea, majority of my life. I have experienced everything there is to experience on water." General Vincent said confidently. "I have trained my fleet to battle with the cloak of darkness and fog. They will surely launch an attack successfully and won\'t attack friendly ships by mistake." His confidence reassures me about this upcoming battle.

"Mm, I know. I trust your experience and instincts general." I said. "If we win this upcoming battle, expect a huge reward from me." I gave them my word as an incentive.

"Yeah!" The lieutenants inside the tent all shouted with confidence.

With this kind of spirit, I am sure that we will win this battle.

"It will be also good if we were able to capture the queen." I said. "I want her, dead or alive." The chill from my words were felt by the people inside the tent. My anger towards the queen and her son is something, my generals know. This war isn\'t just for our country, I also hold a personal grudge against them.

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