The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 223 The Crown Prince’s Return

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"Alright." Jack cut thru the serious atmosphere. "With the duke as our ally and little princess the future queen, all is set. We can now talk about our escape plan this weekend while the queen is not around."

"Yes." I remembered. "Duke Matias, we will need your help."

Duke Matias nodded after hearing me. "I will do everything in my power to help you." He said solemnly. "But I am afraid your plans to escape this weekend will be difficult."

"And why is that?" Jack asked. "It is the perfect time while the queen is away."

"Yes it is the best time to escape while the queen is away but the problem doesn\'t lie on that." Duke Matias said. "The crown prince will be back soon. As my informants told me, he will probably arrive tonight."

"What?!" I asked in surprise. I never imagined I would meet Gladiolus again face to face.

My heart was thumping faster with the mention of his return. I can feel a mix of fear and anger rising inside me. Gladiolus was the one that planned the attack on our engagement parade more than a year ago and it resulted to the destruction of a part of the Alvannian capital.

"My brother is returning?" Satiana asked. "I also didn\'t know about this."

"I am afraid the crown prince has made his journey back discreetly." Duke Matias said. "He is traveling with his bride to be as I have heard. She would be your sister I believe." He said to me.

"His first visit in Alvannia was for the purpose of finding a bride. My father has promised Elizabeth to be the crown prince\'s bride because I am already engaged with Regaleon while Veronica is about to be married to Sir Bradford." I remember.

"I heard that the crown prince had sent someone back to the palace in advance to prepare his wedding." Duke Matias said. "As I hear the wedding will be held two weeks from now."

I can just imagine Gladiolus and Elizabeth walking down the aisle and speak their marriage vows at the altar. But I don\'t plan on staying here to witness their \'joyous\' event.

"If the crown prince will be arriving, then we will have a problem on our escape plan." Jack said. "He maybe marrying another woman but I know he is still obsessed with you princess. He won\'t take his eyes off of you."

I clenched my fist feeling irritated. If I just knew that he will be arriving tonight then I would have executed our escape plan sooner. I feel at a loss on what to do.

"I have a plan princess." Duke Matias said.

My eyes sparkled from what the duke said. "What is it duke? I will do anything just for us to escape that place." I looked at the duke with renewed hope.

"It will be Princess Satiana\'s birthday next week and also it is her coming of age." Duke Matias said. "A royal princess must not miss such an important event of her life even though the queen doesn\'t have a plan to hold a ceremony for it. I will be the one to manage and host Princess Satiana\'s coming of age ceremony in the palace. And I plan to invite all noble families of Jennovia."

I listened to Duke Matias\' words. "The coming of age ceremony for the only princess of Jennovia will be a big event. If you plan to invite all the noble families of Jennovia and not just the ones inside the capital, then there would be many guests."

"That is correct." Duke Matias nodded. "The palace will become rather busy with many noble guests coming in and out that day. That will be most opportune time to try and escape."

I understood what Duke Matias meant. With so many people coming and going inside the palace and also many personnel that would be hired for the celebration itself, escaping the palace unnoticed would be very easy.

"That seems to be a good idea." Jack said nodding in agreement. "We just have to adjust our schedule by that time. We still plan on stealing the pendant, right?" He asked me.

"Yes. It is important for us to get the pendant out of my aunt\'s hands." I said.

"Wouldn\'t it be fine just to leave it?" Jack asked. "I mean, if your aunt doesn\'t get the hand on your mother\'s half of the pendant, then she can\'t use the map to search for the parts of the key."

"What you said is correct but I think that the princess has a reason why she wants to steal away her aunt\'s half of the pendant." George said. "The pendant still contains a fragment of the Almighty One\'s magic power. The queen was able to use its power unknowingly and made this unending winter. You wouldn\'t want your aunt to use it again to harm other, am I right your highness." He asked me.

I nodded with George\'s words. "Yes, that is the reason why I want to steal the pendant."

I can see George smile gently. "You really have a kind heart your highness. I will also help you the best that I can."

"Thank you Sir George." I thanked him from the bottom of my heart.

"Please princess, you can call me Uncle Geo." George smiled warmly. I can feel that having him by my side helps lift some of my burdens.

"I will also help big sis." Satiana said with pure dedication. "It is the least I could do after what you have done for me this past year."

"Do not worry your highness, I will do everything I can to help you on your escape." Duke Matias said.

"Well princess, with everyone\'s help I am sure we can escape without any problems." Jack had a huge grin on his face.

I looked at all of them with thankful eyes. I am lucky to have met such wonderful people. "I won\'t forget all of your help. I will be sure to repay all of your kindness." I stood up and made a bow towards them.

\'Just in a weeks\' time and I can escape this place.\' I thought. \'Leon, how are you doing?\'


Regaleon was riding his horse Midnight in a forest area. With him were Dimitri and his handful of men, escorting them from behind.

"Judging by the scenery, we will be crossing the border in two days\' time your majesty." Dimitri replied.

"Mm, I understand." Regaleon replied.

Their pace was not fast but also not slow. Their group were wearing commoner\'s clothes and hooded cape to avoid suspicion from the people they pass by.

"Your majesty, are you sure you really don\'t want to go back to the capital before crossing the border?" Dimitri asked. "You know that you can trust me with this mission. I will surely not fail you."

Regaleon looked sideways towards Dimitri. "Do you think that I doubt your capabilities?" He said with a cold tone.

"I-It\'s not that your majesty." Dimitri worriedly denied Regaleon\'s words. "I am just worried about leaving your commander\'s seat in the palace vacant."

Regaleon understood Dimitri\'s worries. "Don\'t worry too much Dimitri. I left the capital after arranging everything that needs to be arranged. With my capable advisors there, I trust they can do everything even with my absence. I also left a body double so that our enemies won\'t know I have already left the safety of the capital."

Dimitri sighed. He was against Regaleon leaving the safety of the palace and the capital and go to a dangerous place. But Regaleon was hard headed and was dead set on doing to this mission himself.

"After crossing the border, we will be near the junction of the Duess Canal. General Vincent would be stationed near there." Dimitri reported.

"The naval fleet of Jennovia is on the move and our sources says that the queen maybe with them." Regaleon said in deep thought. "She also left the confines of her palace, thinking that their sneak attack might be the opening for their victory. I also want to greet the queen personally." He smirked.

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