The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 222 Satiana’s Final Decision

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The conversation in the duke\'s office flowed quite in my favor. We were deep in our talks when I heard something from the direction of the door. I looked at that direction and saw the door was opened slightly.

\'That\'s weird.\' I thought to myself.

As I remember, the last ones that came inside were the butler and maid that brought our tea and snacks. I was sure they closed the door before they left. Two guards are also stationed just outside the door.

"I will excuse myself for a while." I told the gentlemen in a hushed voice.

I stood up and walked towards then slightly opened door. I made sure to walk at the blind spot, if ever someone is really peeking inside the room and eavesdropping in our conversation. When I was just by the door, I quickly opened it and in one swoop someone fell down on the floor with a thud.

"Aww, aww, aww." I hear a familiar voice of a girl.

"Sati?!" I looked surprised. I never thought that the one eavesdropping on us was Satiana.

"H-Hi big sis." Satiana said shyly. She was caught in the act of eavesdropping in our conversation.

"Your highness." Duke Matias stood up and bowed respectfully.

"Greetings your highness." George did the same.

"Your highness, what were you doing outside the door?" Jack quickly walked towards Satiana who was still lying on the floor. He held his hand out to help her get up.

With a blushed face, Satiana took Jack\'s hand and he pulled her up. When I looked outside, I saw the guards were lying on the floor, snoring.

"Did you do this?" I pointed to the sleeping guards.

"U-Um… well, it\'s because you have been gone for some time now big sis and I have gone out to look for you." Satiana reasoned out. "When I walked by the duke\'s office, I heard your voice having inside and I was a little bit curious. I used sleeping powder from the plants that I have grown with my magic." She held her head down knowing what she has done was wrong.

"Impressive." George complimented Satiana\'s magic abilities. "For you to grow plants in this cold weather is rather amazing. And to think you have grown a plant with sleeping compound and extract it is just simply spectacular. You may have low magic aptitude but still royal blood is running thru your veins. You are still a bit above average."

Satiana was dumb founded with everything that George just said. She still doesn\'t have full knowledge in her magic abilities.

"Don\'t mind my old man." Jack grinned. "He really keeps on yapping on things."

"O-Okay…" Satiana was still at a loss.

"Sati, why did you eavesdrop on us?" I asked. Satiana looked hesitant at first. "Don\'t worry, I won\'t scold you."

Satiana looked up at me and then the duke. "Well I didn\'t mean to eavesdrop, it\'s just I heard the duke mentioning my name."

"How much did you exactly hear your highness?" Duke Matias asked.

"I-I heard from where… mother was the one that killed father." Satiana said, tears were seen in the rim of her eyes. "A-And I heard that big brother is not really father\'s son. Is it really true big sis, that big brother Gladi isn\'t my father\'s biological son?"

Satiana held my arms and I can feel her grip tighten. I can see that she was trying to fight back the tears.

I nodded slowly. "I am afraid it\'s true Sati."

Tears fell from her eyes after hearing my answer. "I-Is it all true? Did mother really killed father?"

I can feel Satiana\'s pain. Her father really loved her and she loved him back. And to know that her own mother was the one behind her father\'s sickness and death, it was quite a shock. Satiana saw how her father deteriorated over the years because of the poison. She knew her father\'s hardship for those years.

The room was silent except for the sobbing of Satiana. Jack carefully led her to the couch and let her seat. All of us were looking at her with sad and pitiful eyes. Her mother didn\'t favor her since she was born; the brother that loves her dearly also kept a secret from her and now she knew that the father that loved her truly was killed by her own mother.

I felt really sad for my cousin but I also felt anger. Satiana didn\'t deserve this kind of treatment from her own birth mother. She was innocent from her father\'s sins.

"Princess, did you hear our plans?" Duke Matias said once Satiana calmed down. She nodded in reply. "Then you know that we are planning to dethrone the queen from her position. You are the sole heir of your father. I am willing to stand by your side and assist you."

"I…I…" Satiana was at a loss. I am sure this was still too much for her young mind.

"Sati…" I held her hands and it felt cold. "Don\'t worry. There is no need to rush. You can think of this thoroughly. This is a big decision to make. Just remember that we are here for you no matter what your decision is."

Satiana smiled after hearing my words. "Thanks big sis. But mother… she had done many terrible things, not only to father but also to the country." She looked at the duke with seriousness. "I am still young and lack knowledge in heading a country. But if you will stand by my side Duke Matias, then I am willing to take the throne for the people of Jennovia."

The duke quickly kneeled down in one knee in front of Satiana and bowed his head. "I, Duke Matias, swear upon the Matias Ducal House\'s name that I will forever serve you. Also in behalf of the noble resistance faction, I swear to give our full support and loyalty for the brighter future of Jennovia."

The duke\'s action is a solemn oath of a noble to his chosen ruler. With this, Satiana is the heir that the noble faction has chosen to support from now on.

"Sati, you know what this mean right?" I looked at her with seriousness. "You will carry your whole country in your back and you will have to fight against your mother and brother." Satiana looked at me and nodded. It looks like she has already decided.

"I want to be like you big sis." Satiana said. "I also want to stand on my own two feet and do what I think is right. I have been cowardly and only know how to hide from my mother. But knowing what she has done, I can\'t hide anymore. My country needs me big sis. I am afraid I can\'t come with you." I smiled with her words and nodded.

"You have grown up rapidly since we first met." I smiled. It is true that she has improved from the frightened shy girl I first met and now she is starting to be brave and stand up.

"Duke Karl Matias." Satiana stood up and walked in front of the still kneeling duke. She rested her right hand on his left shoulder, a gesture of a ruler to her trusted subordinate. "I, Satiana Elise Jennova the heir to the throne of Jennovia, accept your oath. Rise Duke Matias."

The duke kissed the back of Satiana\'s hand and stood up. With this Duke Matias\' oath had been received by Satiana. She has now the backing of Duke Matias\' noble faction.

"Alright." Jack cut thru the serious atmosphere. "With the duke as our ally and little princess the future queen, all is set. We can now talk about our escape plan this weekend while the queen is not around."

"Yes." I remembered. "Duke Matias, we will need your help."

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