The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 221 The Prophecy and the Probable Chosen One

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"My aunt… she is planning on searching for the forbidden magic and to use it in this war." I said with utter seriousness.

George was the one to have the most reaction from them. I am sure that he had seen first-hand the destruction the forbidden magic has brought on the last Great War.

"The forbidden magic must not get into the hands of those who are unworthy." George muttered.

All three of us in the room looked at him questioningly.

"What do you mean by \'unworthy\' dad?" Jack looked at him puzzled.

George breathed in and sighed deeply. "I am not here just because of the request the king of Grandcrest has given to me, I am also here to see who the true bearer of the forbidden magic is." George said with conviction.

"The true bearer, is it about the prophecy of the chosen one you have told me before?" Jack asked and George nodded in reply.

"Princess Alicia, you might not know but I was the lead researcher of the mad king before the Great War. I was the one that found the forbidden magic and exposed it to the whole continent." George looked bitter. "I was the reason why all of this had happened."

"Dad, you are at it again." Jack scolded his father. "The last war wasn\'t your fault. It was the mad king\'s madness that drove the country of Atlantia to ruin."

"Please tell me what happened." I asked George.

George started to explain how he found the ancient texts about the forbidden magic and also about the chosen one that will bring either prosperity or destruction to the continent. All of us inside the room were listening to him intently.

"I was just but a young lad by the time of the Great War." Duke Matias said. "I wasn\'t there at the last battle on the plains and thus didn\'t see the destructive power that sunk the whole country of Atlantia. But the tremors that it brought were felt all over the continent. I cannot believe how frightening this power has and you say that the queen wants to use this power?"

"Yes." I nodded. "I only heard what it was capable of. I am sure those of your generation would have at least felt its destructive power."

"I can only imagine what will happen if the queen get her hands on this destructive power." The duke shook his head. "After the war, talking about the Atlantians had become taboo and so the new generation doesn\'t have any idea about Atlantia. They would not know how to counter such a great force."

"The young king of Grandcrest is half Atlnatian." George said. "He has planned counter measures about this threat and is being done as we speak."

"Regaleon is taking action about this?" I asked George. Even just a little bit of information regarding Regaleon makes me happy inside.

"Yes your highness." George said. "And I have also come here to make further research of the possible chosen one."

"The possible chosen one? Do you mean you have listed who are the possible candidates?" Jack asked in awe.

"Well as the prophecy goes, the chosen one must have the blood of the Almighty One running thru his or her veins." Geroge said.

"That just narrows your search to those of the royal family of Atlantia that are still alive. They are the direct descendants of the Almighty One, right dad?" Jack asked and George nodded in reply.

"Does that mean I am one of the possible candidates?" I asked in surprise.

George nodded. "I have excluded your mother and aunt from the possible candidates because I have already assessed them in the past. The only ones remaining is the new generation of royal blood."

"You mean Prince Gladiolus, Princess Alicia and also Princess Satiana?" Jack asked.

"I have crossed out Princess Saitana in the list of candidates." George said. "The chosen one is said to have high aptitude in magic and Princess Satiana has low aptitude."

"And how did you know that old man?" Jack looked at his father curiously.

"Hahaha, I have my means. And I am not going to tell you." George smiled.

"Sheesh… just thinking that an old man is stalking you is kinda creepy. Don\'t do that the cute princess okay, promise me?" Jack scolded his father.

"Hahaha… okay, okay. Let\'s go back to the topic." George became serious once again. "I have three candidates on my list, you Princess Alicia, the crown prince Gladiolus and King Regaleon."

"Regaleon as well?" I asked in surprise.

George nodded. "The king also has royal blood flowing thru his veins, though it might be a little diluted but still he is a candidate." He explained. "King Regaleon\'s mother was from the branch family of the royal family. Those were the ones that didn\'t practice incest and interbreeding and so their blood line was deemed impure. His magic aptitude is high as well thus making him a candidate."

Hearing this information surprised me. Does that mean Regaleon and I are still family?

"Don\'t worry your highness. Even if the king has royal blood, your connection to him is very, very far away from the family tree." George assured me as if he read my worries. I sighed in relief unconsciously.

"But the king is below the list, with you and Prince Gladiolus battling for the top spot." George said.

"What makes you think that I can be the chosen one?" I asked George out of curiosity.

"I have not yet researched about Prince Gladiolus\' magic abilities but with the rumors of his cunning abilities in the battle field, I will say he has high magical aptitude." George said. "But you on the other hand princess, I have heard from King Regaleon what happened when you first used your magic abilities when you were fourteen. And not only that, what happened in the capital of Alvannia before you were abducted in your engagement parade was also something to note."

I knew about the first time my magic abilities manifested and gone out of control, but I was at a loss about what happened before I was abducted in my engagement parade. I cannot recall what happened after I lost consciousness in the battle between Regaleon and Gladiolus\' men. When I woke up it was six months after and I was in the enemy\'s country. I didn\'t have the time to ask about what really happened back then.

"Princess, you nearly obliterated a quarter of the capital and that was when you were unconscious." George said. "With that I can say your magical aptitude is quite high and nearly off the charts."

My eyes went wide with what I heard. "W-What…? I-I nearly obliterated a quarter of the capital?!"

My magic powers became out of control once more. The fear that I can hurt people because of my uncontrollable magic just came true. I was shivering in fright of what I have done.

"Princess, are you okay?" Jack said worriedly. He patted my shoulder just to calm me down.

"I-I have hurt many people?!" I said. "I-I am a monster." I whispered to myself and tears fell from my eyes because of the fear I was feeling right now.

"Princess, please calm down." I hear George say. "Don\'t worry, no one died because of the outburst of your magic power that time. Fortunately just before your magic power had gone berserk, the area was evacuated swiftly with the joint forces of Alvannia\'s soldiers and Grandcrest\'s soldiers that were under King Regaleon\'s.

"Really?" I looked at George hoping that what he said was truly real.

"Yes, I swear on my name princess." George solemnly said.

I wiped my tears ways and nodded. "Thanks Sir George." I had momentary relief knowing I didn\'t harm anyone when my magic powers went berserk.

"One of the reasons why King Regaleon sent me to you is also to help you with your strong magic powers." George said. "And he also said that you have acquired some of the old ancient books of Atlantia?"

"Oh yes." I remembered the books that I wasn\'t able to read because of its ancient texts. "I was able to find them in the hidden section in a library managed by Queen Patricia."

George nodded. "The books can help me do more research about the forbidden magic and also about the chosen one. If ever you are the chosen one, I will do everything in my power to help you."

I nodded in agreement. I was thankful that Regaleon had sent George to help me. If ever I am the chosen one of the prophecy, I am afraid that I could accidentally lead this continent to ruin.

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