The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 22 Horseback riding 2

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I was standing behind the rails of the riding field. I am wearing the riding clothes Tricia had prepared for me. It consists of a white long sleeved blouse, a pair of black gloves and boots, and a riding cap. My hair was braided into a fishtail.

I was holding a riding crop lazily.

"Where is Leon?" I asked getting a little bored.

"As I know he was preparing the horses just a while ago." Tricia answered.

Just after a few minutes I see two horses trotting not far from where I was standing. One is a black horse and the other is white. There was a man riding the black horse while he was holding the reins of the white one.

When they got nearer I saw that the rider was non other than Leon. The pure black horse looked majestic and regal like it was the king of all the horses. And together with Leon riding it tall and proud, they emitted a kingly aura.

Leon stopped just a few meters in front of me. He alighted the horse and hold both the horses reins. He walked slowly towards me.

"Princess Alicia, sorry for making you wait." Leon smiled. "Are you ready?"

I was still in a daze just a while ago by staring at Leon when I suddenly snap back into reality.

"Ah? Oh yes. I\'m ready sir Leon." I smiled awkwardly, hiding my embarrassment.

Leon tried to hide his chuckle. "Well then princess, let\'s start."

Leon offered his hand to me and I took it. He helped me over the fence. I felt his hand hold me by the waist trying to support me. A blush crept on my cheeks.

"This is Margaret." Leon was rubbing the head of the white horse. "She is a gentle horse and is a best match for you who is a beginner."

I looked at Margaret with wonder. "She looks so beautiful. Can I pet her?" I asked.

"Sure." Leon smiled. He held the reins closer to me and I was able to hold the bridge of her nose. Leon chuckled looking at me.

Surprisingly I felt a pair of hands on my waist. I was being carried up a foot from the ground.

"Ahhh." I yelped. "What are you doing?!"

"You are too small to reach so I carried you." Leon said teasingly.

"Well I am still young so of course I\'m still little. Wait and see when I grow up. I\'m sure to catch up to you. Hmph." I said irritated.

"Of course princess. I can\'t wait for you to grow up." Leon said with a smile. I can\'t help but feel that he had a hidden meaning to his words.

Leon smiled brightly at me that I can stay irritated at him. So I let him carry me so that I can pet Margaret.

\'Neigh\' the horse made a sound.

"It looks like Margaret likes you." Leon said.

"Really?" I was amazed. "Then let\'s be friends okay. I will be in your care." I said to Margaret. And then Margaret neighed again. I giggled.

"Come now. Let\'s get you up on Margaret." Leon said.

He carried me easily and put me on Margaret.

"Okay first let me teach you the right position in horseback riding." Leon started to instruct. "Start by sitting straight."

I do as I was told and sit up straight.

"That\'s good. Don\'t get stiff." Leon said.

I relaxed my lower back so that I won\'t sit too stiff.

"Okay next let\'s align your shoulder, hip and heel. They should be aligned on a straight line." Leon helps me.

"There, then me sure that both of your sides are balanced out. You must not tip over one side or you will fall off the horse." Leon instructed so I balance myself up.

"Okay so now hold the reigns. Be sure that in holding it you sholdn\'t hold it too loose or to tight. Just the right amount." Leon said. "There should be a straight line from your elbow to your hand and to the horses mouth."

I made a mental note on all of what Leon just said.

"That\'s good. With this current position we are making sure that you have the right balance once the horse starts moving." Leon smiled at me.