The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 218 Satiana’s Decision 2

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"Sati, I want to ask you. Would you like to come with me?" I asked while looking into her eyes. "I want to take you away with me, out of that palace."

Satiana was silent in surprise. Maybe she didn\'t expect me to ask her to come with me when I escape the palace.

"I would love to go with you big sis." Satiana\'s eyes sparkled with life. "I am happy that someone other than big brother Gladi loves me as family." Tears started to go down from Satiana\'s cheeks.

"Oh Sati." I felt touched with Satiana\'s expression. I hugged her in my arms and patted her head. "I am happy to have a little sister like you."

Satiana was sobbing in my arms and calmed down after a while. I took out my handkerchief and wiped her tears away.

"Now, now. We don\'t want your eyes to swell from crying, would we?" I was also holding my tears back. These were tears of joy. I was feeling Satiana\'s happiness. "We would be arriving soon. Let\'s freshen you up." I smiled at her.

"Thanks big sis." Satiana giggled.

\'So this was the joy of having a little sister.\' I thought.

I only had Richard as a little brother and our gender difference conflicts some of our interests. I have older sisters, but our relationships were bad. I was really happy spending time with Satiana, having girly talks and shopping together. I really felt like a big sister with her.


Not long, the carriage has just entered the front gate of the Matias\' estate. The estate was quite big, the time for us to arrive at the main mansion from the front gate took us about ten minutes or so. No wonder the ducal house of Matias is one of the powerful houses in Jennovia.

\'Well they are both rich and powerful.\' I thought, when the carriage stopped at the entrance of the mansion.

Satiana and I got down from the carriage and were escorted by William and Jack. The other knights were asked to stand guard outside. The mansion was guarded with Matias\' own guards and so our safety isn\'t a problem within the premise. Only Jack and William was granted entry as our own personal escorts.

Inside, a line of maids and male servants formed two parallel lines to greet us.

"We give greetings to the stars of Jennovia." The butler said.

"Greetings to the stars of Jennovia." The maids and male servants said in unison and bowed after the butler\'s greetings.

From atop the stairs a middle aged man with the aura of supremacy and dignity stood. He had dark grayish hair, green eyes, and a mustache on his face. He was accompanied by a young lady with the same age as Satiana. She had long auburn wavy hair and green eyes.

Both of them walked down the stairs, with the father escorting his young daughter. They stopped in front of us.

"Greetings to the stars of Jennovia. I duke Karl Matias welcome you to our humble estate." The duke bowed his head.

"Greetings to the stars of Jennovia." The young lady curtsied. "I am Karolina Matias, duke Matias\' only daughter." She introduced herself to me.

After their greetings, both Satiana and I curtsied in reply.

"Thank you for receiving us in your humble estate at such short notice Duke Matias." I said with a smile.

"It is always a pleasure to cater the royal family." Duke Matias replied. "Please follow me to the receiving room."

Duke Matias and his daughter Karolina led the way and we followed behind them. The Matias\' mansion was rather simple. Their decorations and furniture are elegant but not too grand. Their ducal family is known for governing the lands near the mountain ranges where mines are located. It is said that the mountains here in Jennovia are rich with gold and precious rocks, making their fief the richest in Jennovia. Their estate and mansion is huge but the interior is a bit too frugal for a rich ducal family.

"I can see that the mansion is simple yet elegant." I made some small talk along the way.

"Forgive us if the interior of the mansion is little bland." Duke Matias replied. "Since my wife died years ago, I didn\'t see the need to focus on managing the estate that much. I am rather busy with managing my fief and left the house management to the butler and house maid."

"Oh, I am sorry to hear that." I apologized instantly. "I meant no offense. I am sorry for your loss."

I was informed prior that the duchess Matias has passed away for quite some time now because of sickness. I didn\'t know that complimenting the mansion will let the duke remember his departed wife.

"It\'s okay. It has been a long time since my wife died." Duke Matias replied with a smile.

"By the time I come of age, I will help my father in managing the estate." Karolina said. "My father is a very hard working person, always thinking about the people of our fief. At least I want to help him in his burden and manage the estate."

"That sounds great." Satiana replied. "I am sure you will be great in handling the role of duchess in your fief." She chimed happily.

"Your praise so mush princess." Karolina replied. "I just want to do what I can to help my father and of course Jennovia as well."

Looking at the conversation, the father and daughter are good people. They might have power within their hands but they use it to help the people under their governance.

We enter the receiving room after a while. The inside was as I expected, simple yet elegant. The furnitures are made of high quality wood. The floor is made of premium carpet and the decorations are made of gold but they are few in quantity.

"Please take a seat." Duke Matias said. "I will be taking my leave from here. I wish you girls a good time. Don\'t hesitate to ask the butler or the head maid if you need anything. I will be in my office if you need me."

As expected, the duke bid farewell and retreated. Our said purpose for this visit was for me to get acquainted with duke Matias\' daughter.

Before the duke turned away, I see his eyes linger on me for a few seconds and then left the room. My true purpose for coming here was to talk to the duke, meeting his daughter was an alibi. And so I have to make time to go out after having a chat with Satiana and Karolina.

"I hope you will like the tea." Karolina said with a smile. "I brewed it myself."

"Karolina\'s tea is the best I have ever tasted big sis, you can count on my word." Satiana energetically said. Both Karolina and I giggled.

"By the way princess Satiana, your coming of age is just around the corner. If I am correct, it will be by next week." I was surprised with this information and looked at Satiana. She looked embarrassed.

"Your coming of age? Is it your birthday next week Sati?" I asked in surprise.

"W-Well, yes…" Satiana said while placing the cup of tea she was drinking down on the table. "But I really never celebrated my birthday."

"That is absurd!" I said with a little hint of irritation. "You are a princess. Of course you have to celebrate your coming of age. Even I who was not favored had my grand ball on my fourteenth birthday."

I never thought that my aunt will be this cold towards her own blood related daughter. I can feel anger by just thinking how she discards her daughter.

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