The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 217 Satiana’s Decision 1

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I was eating breakfast in the dining hall with Satiana in front of me. I can see her glancing every now and while eating. I was curious what she was looking at and followed her gaze. What I saw made me giggle. Jack was quietly standing at the side, looking serious. Satiana\'s gaze definitely lands on him.

When I finished my meal, Satiana was still half way done. She was distracted with someone and wasn\'t able to finish quickly.

"Ahem." I put down my utensils and wiped my mouth with a napkin. "If you eat that slowly, I am afraid we will be late with our meeting with Miss Matias." I teased Satiana.

Satiana was startled with my words. It was evident that her attention is with only one person.

"I-I am sorry big sis." Satiana blushed in embarrassment. "I will finish eating quickly." Her reaction made me giggle.

"Don\'t worry Sati, I won\'t leave you behind." I teased her again.

Satiana sped up her eating and was done in no time. Her embarrassed face made we want to tease her more.

"Your highnesses." Jack walked near after seeing that Satiana and I were finished eating. "The carriage is ready. If you are done, then I can call for it to wait at the entrance."

"Yes, please do." I smiled at Jack.

Jack bowed and left the dining room. My gaze fell upon Satiana looking at the retreating back of Jack.

"You know Sati, if your gaze was the sun and he was chocolate, I am afraid he had melt a long time ago from your stare." I whispered to Satiana and giggled.

"B-Big sis… don\'t tease me like that." Satiana blushed.

"Hahaha. How will I not tease you when you are looking this cute with my teasing?" I laughed. "Look at you, your face is all red like a tomato." I playfully pointed a finger at her face.

"W-What?" Satiana held her cheeks with her hands, trying to hide her red cheeks.

"As if that will cover your blushed face." I giggled. "Keep calm, he will be back any minute now." I teased.

Satiana inhaled and exhaled heavily. After a few minutes, Jack returned.

"Your highnesses, I have called the carriage. It will be at the entrance any minute now." Jack said.

"Thank you." I replied with a smile. "Well Sati, let\'s get going."

I stood up from my seat and Satiana followed me from behind. As per usual, a group of knights will be escorting us two princesses in our trip. William who was assigned to guard me personally was a few steps behind me. Satiana was still flustered with my teasing and quickly walked to catch up with me. She passed by Jack and he followed right behind her.

Satiana caught up with me and we walked side by side.

"Princess Satiana, are you feeling unwell?" Jack whispered with worry. "Your face is a little red. Do you feel sick?"

"I-I\'m fine." Satiana nervously replied. "Maybe because it felt a little hot today." I giggled knowing the true meaning behind her red face.

"Come to think of it, the days now are becoming hotter. I heard that the snow in the southern parts of Jennovia is starting to thaw and melt." Jack said.

"Really?" I asked curiously.

"Uh-hmm." Jack nodded in reply.

After the day I was able to make it rain, the weather here in Jennovia has been improving. Judging from the month, summer should be starting in Alvannia and the northern parts of Grandcrest.

\'This just made my hunch even stronger, this abnormal winter here in Jennovia is definitely made by magic.\' I thought to myself.

The carriage was parked by the entrance and was waiting for us. Upon entering, William lends me his hand to assist me in going up while Jack was tending to Satiana.

"We will be riding behind you." William gave me a reassuring smile and closed the carriage door gently.

In no time, the carriage started to move forward. The travel to the Matias estate will take about thirty to forty-five minutes at most. The time is still long and I decided to talk to Satiana now that we are alone inside the carriage.

"Sati, can I seat beside you?" I asked politely. With seating beside her, we can talk discreetly without the coach man hearing us.

"Of course big sis." Satiana replied happily. She made room for me to seat beside her.

"Sati, we have been together for a long time now. I really see you as a little sister to me." I said with sincerity.

"It has been more than a year now because I met you when you were still in a coma." Satiana smiled. "I also look up to you as a big sister."

I inhaled deeply and braced myself on what is to come. "Sati, you know that I was taken here by your brother and mother against my will. And I want to go back to the people I love, especially to Regaleon my one true love."

Satiana was shocked at first but then had a sad face. "I know what you mean big sis."

"Sati, I have been away from my loved ones for a long time now. And I think it is time for me to go back to them." I looked at her with conviction.

"Y-You mean you\'re leaving?" Satiana looked at me in surprise. "But the queen… my mother, she won\'t let you."

Satiana knew that even though I am free to go anywhere inside the palace and around the capital of Jennovia, I am still a prisoner and cannot go too where I really wanted to be. Guards had been stationed around me and were monitoring my movements.

"I know that. That is why I have planned my escape from the palace by the end of this week." I told her. "I have to tell you, the head servant you have a crush on, his real name is Jack. He was sent to me by Regaleon to help me escape from here."

"The head servant… his real name is J-Jack?" Satiana looked confused. "He really isn\'t a male servant here?"

I shook my head regrettably. I didn\'t mean to keep it from Satiana. I just thought it will be more dafe for her not to know much. "I am sorry if I hid this from you Sati. Please understand, I am in the enemy\'s lair and I need to be cautious in everything I do. Also the knight that was assigned to me is also in disguise. He is my best friend from Alvannia, William. He was able to infiltrate here with the help of Jack."

Satiana was silent for a moment. Maybe she was taking all of this information in. I know that this deception is a lot to take for a little girl, but I am here right now trusting Satiana with my secrets.

"I-I understand big sis." I can see small tears at the rim of Satiana\'s eyes. "I know you belong somewhere else big sis. It\'s just that I will be very sad and lonely when you leave."

My heart ached looking at this little girl crying. The two of us really have bonded within this past year, we that really didn\'t belong inside the Jennovian palace in one way or another.

"Sati, I want to ask you. Would you like to come with me?" I asked while looking into her eyes. "I want to take you away with me, out of that palace."

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