The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 216 To Meet with Potential Allies

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My body has regained its health after a few days of rest. I am currently in my mother\'s room this morning as usual, before eating breakfast.

\'How is your health Alicia?\' My mother asked telepathically.

Now that my mother has regained her consciousness, she still has to play like a lifeless doll with little to no emotions to fool my aunt. And so our conversations are done telepathically to avoid others from hearing my mother.

\'Don\'t worry mother, I am perfectly fine.\' I smiled to reassure her.

My mother sighed. \'If only you were in your full health when you received that blow form my sister\'s gravitation magic. Your body wouldn\'t have broken down like that.\'

My mother was worried when I wasn\'t able to visit her for more than a week. I wasn\'t able to move that much within that long period of time because of the impact I have gotten from my aunt\'s magic trap. My body was weak from breaking my mother\'s mind barriers before receiving the damage from the magic trap, which is why my mother is blaming herself for what happened to me.

\'It\'s not your fault mama. Please don\'t blame yourself.\' I held her hand. \'By the way, our escape plan is all settled. By the end of this week, we can escape from here.\'

\'I am afraid I will just slow you down?\' My mother asked. \'It is okay to leave me here. Patricia might be a cruel person to her enemies but she won\'t harm me.\'

I shook my head lightly. \'No mama. I won\'t ever leave you behind. We have been separated for so many years now and I thought you were dead in all that years. Now that we have reunited, I don\'t want us to be apart.\' I looked at her, standing firm with my words.

\'I understand.\' My mother smiled lightly. \'I will do my best to not slow you down.\'

\'But before escaping, I need to do something first.\' I said.

I caught information that my aunt, Queen Patricia, will be out of the capital for a week to visit the soldier\'s camps and bases down south.

\'It is the best time to meet with the Jennovian noble resistance while Aunt Patricia is away.\' I told my mother. \'After breakfast, I will be visiting the head of the noble resistance to discuss about things that they must know.\'

This past week, I have given Jack a mission to find the leader of the resistance. And as expected of him, he was able to find the identity of the leader in no time. The leader of the resistance was no other than Duke Matias, the head of one of the oldest and powerful families in Jennovia.

I have sent Duke Matias a secret letter which contains my intention of meeting him. He replied immediately and has set the date of our meeting today.

So that our meeting won\'t seem conspicuous, I asked Satiana to accompany me to the Matias estate. Duke Matias has a daughter the same age as Satiana and coincidentally they were good friends. I told Satiana that I was bored being cooped up in my room when I was sick and wanted to meet one of her friends. I expressed my intention to be acquainted with Duke Matias\' teenage daughter. Satiana happily agreed and we set our departure after breakfast.

\'Do you think that the resistance will ally with us?\' My mother asked.

\'If they hear everything about what I know, then I am sure they will aid us.\' I said.

The resistance is still hesitant in opposing the queen. But if they knew that their country is in danger, then I am sure they would be willing to take down the queen from her position before it is too late.

\'Then I will be going mama.\' I stood up from my chair. \'I will be back before dark. I will visit you again later.\'

\'Be careful Alicia.\' Mother\'s voice was full of concern. \'I don\'t want you to be in danger.\'

\'Don\'t worry mama, I will be careful.\' I kiss the top of her hair and walked out of the room.

As usual, my retainers were waiting for me outside. Once they saw me, they stood straight and bowed. I walked pass them and they followed behind.

\'Is everything according to plan?\' I asked Jack telepathically.

\'Yes princess, all is properly arranged.\' Jack replied. \'Princess Satiana is waiting for you in the dining hall for breakfast. And after that we will be escorting you to Duke Matias\' estate.\'

I sighed internally. I will be lying if I say that I am not nervous. Duke Matias is a middle aged man that has experienced many things, while I am only a seventeen year old princess from a neighboring country.

\'Will he be willing to hear my words?\' I thought to myself. \'Will he take all that I say seriously? Won\'t he see me as just a little girl and won\'t believe any of what I will say?\'

These are my worries. It is true that I am just an inexperienced teenage girl and also a foreigner in his eyes. I was thankful that Duke Matias gave me the opportunity to meet him. I just hope that I can move him with my words.

\'Don\'t worry princess. I know you can do it.\' Jack said. I didn\'t realize that our thoughts are still linked. \'You have that kind of charm that makes people trust and follow you. Believe me princess, I have experienced that first hand.\' He reassured me.

I smiled lightly. I remembered the day I first met Jack in the forest. He was a bandit that was about to rob us but I was able to turn that around and gain him as an ally. I was really thankful for that day Jack and I met. He really has been a huge help here in Jennovia.

I also looked at my left side where William was walking just a few steps behind me. I was happy that he was here with me. I don\'t know if I could move forward this far by myself.

Feeling my gaze on him, William looked at me and smiled sweetly. I also returned him a sweet smile.

\'By the end of this week, we will be leaving this place.\' I thought. \'I plan to leave here safely with all us intact.\'

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