The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 215 A Secondary Wife in Name

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"It is in the middle of the night Princess Elizabeth. What are you complaining on about this late?" Prince Gladiolus smiled.

"Y-You… Why are you here?" Princess Elizabeth pointed her finger at the crown prince.

"And why won\'t I be here?" Gladiolus smiled with a hint of sarcasm. "I am your soon to be husband. Can\'t I visit you at least?"

Elizabeth had a bitter expression on her face. "I don\'t need you to visit me." She sneered. "I didn\'t even approve of this union to happen."

"Oh, but you are here now traveling to my country as we speak." Gladiolus looked at Elizabeth with scorn. "Leave us." He said to the maid still kneeling on the ground.

"Y-Yes your highness!" The maid stuttered and exited the tent in haste.

The interior of the tent became silent for a moment. Elizabeth felt dread being alone in a closed area with Gladiolus.

"Y-You… what are you planning to do?" Elizabeth took a step back.

Gladiolus smirked with seeing Elizabeth\'s reaction.

"Why? What do you think am I planning?" Gladiolus slowly stepped forward towards Elizabeth. Like a beast stalking its prey.

"D-Don\'t come near me!" Elizabeth said with a more forceful voice.

When Elizabeth made another step back, her leg was caught at the edge of her bed and her body fell on top of it. She got startled and quickly got up when Gladiolus held her hands in place. He pinned her down on the bed forcefully with a grin on his face.

"Y-You! Unhand me at once!" Elizabeth scolded Gladiolus. She tried to get out of his grip, wiggling under him to no avail.

"You are a very naughty girl princess." Gladiolus said. His face slowly inched towards Elizabeth\'s face.

"Let me go! What do you think you are doing?!" Elizabeth screamed but to no avail. Gladiolus was a man which is more powerful than her. Her struggles seamed weak in the hands of Gladiolus.

When Gladiolus\' face was just inches from Elizabeth, she closed her eyes waiting for what was impending. But what she only felt was Gladiolus sniffing at the side of her face. And then she felt his grip on her loosened.

Elizabeth opened her eyes to see that Gladiolus has retreated. He was now standing on the bed side.

"Pfft… hahahaha. I only sniffed the sheets of your bed. You said it smelled bad." Gladiolus roared out in laughter. "Did you think I would do something to you?"

"W-Wha… You! Preposterous!" Elizabeth scolded. "Who do you think you are to bully me?"

"Who am I, you ask." Gladiolus looked at Elizabeth coldly. "I am the future king of this continent. Be grateful that I will take you as a wife."

Gladiolus grabbed Elizabeth\'s chin and forcefully lifter her face up. She struggled from his hold but to no avail. Gladiolus rubbed Elizabeth\'s face with his thumb and her make up came off with a smudge. Underneath the thick make up were scratch scars.

"With this kind of face, be grateful that I will take you in as my secondary wife." Gladiolus sneered.

"S-Secondary wife?" Elizabeth was furious. How can she, the second princess of Alvannia, only be a secondary wife?

"Did you think I will take you as my main wife?" Gladiolus looked at her coldly. "You will never qualify as a main wife to any prince, let alone this crown prince who will be the future king of this land." He forcefully let go of Elizabeth\'s face.

"The position of my main wife will only be for Alicia." Gladiolus eyes sparkled when he mentioned Alicia\'s name. "There will be no other that can bear my children. As to say, I only took you in as a wife because of your father\'s qualms."

"You dare! How can I, the legitimate daughter of the king of Alvannia be second to that b*tch?! She is only a bastard daughter of my father!" Elizabeth hissed. "My father will not let you get away with this!"

Gladiolus fumed in anger after hearing Elizabeth slander Alicia in front of him. He looked at her with murderous eyes.

"I advise that you don\'t run your mouth here, Princess Elizabeth." The menace in Gladiolus\' voice was evident. "Many accidents can happen in traveling between countries. You know what I mean."

Elizabeth was taken aback and shivered in fright. She knew very well what Gladiolus meant, he was threatening her.

"Y-You dare?" Elizabeth\'s voice faltered. "My father will surely investigate if something bad happens to me. This alliance will be broken for sure."

"It is easy to fabricate an accident at the middle of the forest princess." Gladiolus inched towards Elizabeth\'s ears and whispered. "While you are here under my protection, I suggest that you won\'t anger me even more."

Elizabeth felt cold all over after hearing his threatening words. This definitely isn\'t an empty threat. Gladiolus stepped back and turned around.

"You have been unruly from the beginning of this journey. I have been very understanding to you because you are to be my secondary wife." Gladiolus turned his head back to see Elizabeth who was looking at him in fear. "If you delay our journey even more, I won\'t be as good as before. Remember that."

Gladiolus turned around and was about to exit the tent. "All I want is to go back to the palace of Jennovia and see my future wife, and proceed with our wedding ceremony. Oh and by the way, don\'t expect for a ceremony for yourself. As my secondary wife, it will be sufficient to just sign the marriage contract."

And after that Prince Gladiolus left Princess Elizabeth alone inside the tent. After the whole conversation, Elizabeth can feel the mix of anger and fear. She gripped the sheets of the bed so tightly that it was about to tear.

"Why… why is this happening to me." Elizabeth started to cry. Loud sobbing was heard inside the tent.

Outside, Gladiolus walked under the moon lit night.

"Your highness." The male attendant that was waiting for Gladiolus outside the tent greeted.

"We will proceed as schedule tomorrow." Gladiolus said. "We won\'t stop for anything. If someone is lagging behind, then let them be left behind." He said coldly.

The attendant knew very well what Prince Gladiolus meant. This journey has been delayed many times because of Princess Elizabeth\'s tantrums. But now that they were a week away from the capital of Jennovia, they won\'t make any stops for the princess any longer.

"As you wish, your highness." The attendant bowed. "I will relay your order to the others."

"Send a message to the palace prior to our arrival. Tell them that once I arrive, the wedding ceremony will be held immediately. I will no longer wait to take Alicia as my wife." A smiled crept on Prince Gladiolus\' face.

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