The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 214 Start Planning on our Escape 2

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Jack came back with a palace map, paper and pen in hand. I described him the passage way the best I can and he drew it on the paper.

"It looks like the round room is located underground, maybe somewhere in this vicinity." Jack was pointing the pen at an area of the map near the west wing.

"Yes, that\'s probably where it is." I nodded.

"So we are planning to infiltrate the west wing." William said. "Didn\'t you say that the place has many magic traps? And not to mention it is also heavily guarded."

I understand William\'s words. "We need to do something about the magic traps and also the guards." I said. "We need to do this discreetly as possible."

"The guards won\'t be that of a problem." Jack said with a cocky smile. "You remember my right hand man, Brad? He makes the best sleeping powder there is. Those guard will be knocked out for hours."

I suddenly remembered the boy with Jack when we first met in the woods. I nodded to Jack in confirmation.

\'It looks like Jack\'s Crimson Bandits have people with talent.\' I thought.

"I still need time to figure out how to disable the magic traps in our way. I know that my father has notes regarding those. I just need time to find and learn them." Jack explained.

"It\'s okay, but we don\'t have that much time so if you can do it as soon as possible. It is not safe for us to stay for longer here in Jennovia. I am thinking we must plan our escape the same day as we steal the pendant." I told them my idea.

"That sounds good. Once they realize that the pendant is gone, we would be long gone by then." William said.

"And so we will be splitting in two groups. I will be going with Jack to steal the pendant and William will be escaping with my mother." I looked at William with my full trust. "William, I entrust my mother to you."

"Shouldn\'t you come with us?" William asked. "Stealing the pendant will be a dangerous mission."

"Yes princess. It would be best if you leave with your mother and William. Leave the stealing mission to me." Jack seconded.

I shook my head. "I know it is dangerous, that is why I need to go with you Jack." I said. "You need someone to watch your back along the way. I don\'t want anything bad to happen to you while I escape safely." I looked at Jack with resolve.

Jack seemed touched by my words and smiled. "I understand princess."

I heard William sigh. "If you ask me, I don\'t want you to be in danger. But knowing you, I know you wouldn\'t want to be idle knowing that your friends are in danger." He smiled.

"You know me too well." I smiled back at William. "But before we escape, I need to set a few things here in Jennovia. Jack, I heard from Satiana that there is a noble faction that opposes the queen. I heard that this opposing faction is headed by a duke."

"What of it princess?" Jack asked.

"I need to meet with him. I need to tell him what their queen\'s true goal is." I said. "Before we leave here, we need to start an internal strife in the Jennovian court. They should know what the queen is really up to."

"Then I will dig any information about this faction." Jack said. "Oh princess, may I ask? How about the little princess Satiana?" He asked.

I sighed remembering about my cousin. "If you ask me, I also want to take her away from this place. Her life here is simply not good. I can see my old self in her." I said. "I will talk to her one of these days. I will tell her everything. Then I will let her decide if she wants to come with us when we escape."

William and Jack nodded in agreement. Our days here in Jennovia are numbered. We can go back to Grandcrest, I can see Regaleon again.

"I will see you again, my love.\' I whispered within my heart.


(At the borders between Alvannia and Jennovia)

The camp fire was burning brightly in the camp site. The army that the king of Alvannia lent to the crown prince of Jennovia is resting for the night after a whole day of traveling.

The camp consists of the Alvannian army and Prince Galdiolus\' men. The journey back to the capital of Jennovia from the capital of Alvannia took at least a month in most cases.

"Your highness." A male attendant bowed down to Prince Gladiolus who was sitting beside the campfire. "Aren\'t you cold? We are just beyond the borders of Jennovia. The weather from here will be getting even colder. Why not go inside your tent to take a rest. From here, it will only take about a week to arrive in the capital."

Prince Gladiolus smiled lightly. "This will be the last time I can see the night sky clearly. Do not worry, I will be going in soon."

"I understand your highness." The attendant bowed down and was about to leave.

"Is Princess Elizabeth already sleeping?" Prince Gladiolus asked.

"As I recalled, she has just retired to her tent your highness." The attendant replied.

"Haha, she is really a handful." Prince Gladiolus chuckled.

The whole journey would have been faster and much better if Princess Elizabeth hasn\'t been throwing tantrums here and there. The journey that should have been a month long took double the time because of the moody princess.

"I think I will be visiting her tent before going back to mine." Prince Gladiolus said.

Prince Gladiolus walked towards where the princess\' tent was pitched. Unlike the tent used by the soldiers, the tents of the prince and princess are at least five times bigger and looked more elegant. When the prince was near, he can here Princess Elizabeth\'s yelling voice.

"Why is my bedding like this? It smells musky and awful!" Princess Elizabeth yelled.

"P-Princess, you asked us to wash the sheets this morning. They didn\'t get enough sunlight to dry all day, s-so it smells a little damp." A woman, probably her personal maid, replied.

"Aren\'t there any other bedding then? I won\'t sleep in these awful smelling sheets." Princess Elizabeth said in anger. "I don\'t even know why I am here in the first place. I never gave my permission to be wedded to that crown prince!"

"A-Apologies your highness. Because the journey is long, we traveled light. We didn\'t pack that much." The maid replied with a trembling voice.

"Do you mean you want me to sleep in that filthy thing?! Y-you…" Princess Elizabeth was about to slap her personal maid when Prince Gladiolus entered.

"It is in the middle of the night Princess Elizabeth. What are you complaining on about this late?" Prince Gladiolus smiled.

"Y-You… Why are you here?" Princess Elizabeth pointed her finger at the crown prince.

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