The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 213 Start Planning on our Escape 1

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I open my eyes a little disoriented. The light in the room was a little dim but there was still some light from the sun outside.

"Is it afternoon already?" I asked myself. "What happened?"

I sat up from my bed but my body felt heavy and I was feeling a dull pain. Then I remember what just happened this morning. My aunt brought me where the other half of the pendant was hidden in the west wing of the palace. The room I went for sure has a magic trap that activates when my aunt is not in physical contatct with a person that is inside.

\'I need to have a plan and get in that room to take the pendant.\' I thought. And there was no one other than Jack that can help me about those magic traps.

"Martha." I called out.

Not long the door opened and Martha came inside the room.

"Your highness, you are awake. Thanks the heavens." I saw Martha sigh in relief. "All of us have been worried when you came out of the room unconcsious. The doctor that checked up on you said that your body is still too weak and need to recover. Moving for a long time is not advisable for now princess."

"Is that so?" I replied nonchalantly. \'Of course my aunt won\'t tell them that I tripped on a magic trip inside a hidden room.\' I thought.

"How are you feeling your highness?" Martha looked worried.

"I feel a little weak. Maybe the doctor is right, I need to rest to recuperate my body." I smiled at her. "Well I am a little hungry. Can you go to the kitchen and tell them to cook something light for me to eat?" I asked.

"Of course your highness." Martha beamed. "I will be right back."

Martha hurriedly exited my room and closed the door.

\'Jack, are you there?\' I tried to communicate to him telepathically. I have never tried this with Jack without in my range of sight so I am not yet sure if he heard me.

\'Princess, you\'re awake!\' I hears Jack\'s joyful voice in my head. \'I\'m so happy that you are okay.\'

\'Thanks Jack.\'I giggled lighty with hearing his voice. He was always refreshing to hear. \'Can you come in with William? Martha will take a while before coming back. I need to talk to you two.\'

\'Sure, no prob.\' Jack replied. And after a few seconds the door opened.

I see Jack and William walk inside silently. Jack closed the door behind me. William swiftly walked towards me and kneeled beside my bed side.

"Alicis, how are you feeling?" William\'s eyes are full of worry. I am sure he was so worried seeing me coming out of the treasure room unconscious.

"Don\'t worry Will, I am doing fine." I patted his hand that was resting just beside me to reassure him.

"Tell us princess, what happened inside that room?" Jack was now standing besides William. "We were shocked when we saw you come out unconscious."

I looked at both of them seriously. "That room was the treasure room of this palace. It was filled with reasures the former king had. But the most important is that the other half of the pendant I was talking to you about is found there. Well more accurately the entrance is found in that room."

"You mean the half of the pendant that also contains the other half of the map?" Jack asked. "And what do you mean about and entrance?"

"The queen led me to a hidden door inside the treasure room. That door led to a winding staircase down and when we reached the bottom, we walked for a while in a hallway. At the end of the hallway was a round room where the half of the pendant is located." I described what happened the best I can. "But the room, I think there is a magic trap there."

"Didn\'t you see any magic circles? You should have been fine with the queen with you." Jack said in confusion.

"The hallway towards the round room was filled with the magic circles but inside the room I didn\'t seem to see any. And by the time I stepped inside, my body felt heavy that I couldn\'t keep myself standing." I explained.

Jack was holding his chin deep in thought. "I am not so sure but I guess that magic must be different from a magic trap. Then how did you overcome that feeling?" He asked.

"When the queen held my hand I felt my body become light once more." I said.

Jack was deep in thought once more. "I can only conclude that the magic inside that round room was the queen\'s own doing. It must be some gravity controling magic?"

"Gravity magic? They can do that?" William was shocked.

"For us normal Atlantians that is an impossible feat. But for those of the royal blood, they can. They are special compared to us." Jack said while smiling my way.

I told Jack and William what happened inside the round room. How I have fabricated a story with my mother\'s half of the pendant and how my aunt became furious and pushed me.

"Then that means a small area around the table in the center is a safe zone." Jack concluded.

"I never thought of that." I looked at Jack surprised. "Jack, I need to get that pendant before we escape from this place." I said with conviction.

"I understand. I will get a paper and pen so draw the outlinenof the staircase and the hallway leading to the round room. We will make a plan to steal that pendant." Jack went out to get it.

I saw William with his head bowed down. "What\'s the matter Will?" I asked.

I heard him sigh. "I am sorry if I am of no help Alicia." William said.

I can feel his sadness. He was feeling that he was of no help to me.

"Your wrong Will." I patted his hair. William slowly lifted his head to look at me. "With you near me is a big help. I cannot do anything by myself and with you here I feel much more stronger than being alone by myself in this unfamiliar place. So don\'t demean yourself."

William smiled lightly and nodded. I smiled to hin in reply.


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