The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 209 The Queen’s True Goal 2

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Luckily my aunt bought my acting. I feel that I have at least gained her trust these few months that I was here on Jennovia.

"Do not worry aunt, I will try again." I looked up with my eyes stained with tears. "I hope you are in no hurry."

Aunt Patricia smiled and sighed. "I am afraid that time is of the essence my dear niece."

I looked at her curiously. "What do you mean Aunt Patricia?"

"Besides wanting your mother back with us, I also want to ask her something." Aunt Patricia said. "She has some information that is essential in winning this war."

I looked at her with curious eyes. "If I may ask, what would that information be?"

My aunt looked at me with such sad eyes. "Well, before the war our father, your grandfather the king of Atlantia, tasked his researchers to study the ancient texts from our country. The research team made a huge discovery that would give our country eternal glory. They found where the forbidden magic was and where the parts of the keys were hidden in this vast continent."

I listened carefully to what my aunt was telling me. I am not sure if she will disclose all information to me or only bits and pieces. I am also not sure if she is telling all truth or are they mixed up with lies. But one thing I know is I need the other half of the pendant.

"A map was made to mark the areas where the parts of the key for the forbidden magic were hidden. The map was embedded in two magic stones, one was given to me and the other was given to my twin sister Leticia." My aunt explained. "With the use of the forbidden magic, we can win this war easily. We can live in peace and prosperity without any conflicts, with us as the ruling monarchs of this continent."

My aunt\'s words were gentle and serene as if she was wishing for a unified continent and to rule in peace. But I know her true intentions deep down. She was seeking revenge to those that oppressed Atlantia. More specifically she was getting revenge for herself.

"I want to ask Leticia where she has placed her part of the magic stone was. The time I retrieved your mother from your old house in the village, I tried searching for it but it wasn\'t there." My aunt said and sighed. "If only Leticia would come back to her original self. I also want to see her usual cheery self."

"Can\'t you use your part first aunt?" I asked curiously.

"Unfortunately, the map won\'t show itself with only one half. I need the other half and complete the pendant for the map to show itself." Aunt Patricia said and smiled sadly.

"Umm…Aunt Patricia, may I know what that magic stone looks like?" I asked. "Well, maybe I can help."

My aunt looked at me in surprise but I caught her eyes gleam with a hidden meaning. I have a feeling she was using me to retrieve some information about my mother\'s half of the pendant now that she thought my mother is not showing any signs of coming back.

"Well, the magic stone was carved in a shape of a pendant that was cut in half. My half is identical to your mother\'s half of the pendant." Aunt Patricia said and looked at me with sad eyes. "I would like to show it to you. But you are currently sick now. Maybe when you get all better, I will show it to you."

"On the contrary, I am feeling better now Aunt Patricia." I smiled at her. "I am a little bored lying down in bed since yesterday afternoon and maybe a short walk will do me good. And also, I want to help you if I can. You have been very good to me since the day I woke up here in Jennovia. I am sorry if I was apprehensive and defensive to you at first. It is because I awoke in an unfamiliar place. But these past months I felt closer to you. Maybe it\'s because you are a family member that is similar to me with magic abilities. I also want to repay your kindness."

My aunt patted my hands. "I understand Alicia. I know you were shocked at first. But like I said I am family and here to help you the best I can. You are also like a real daughter to me." She smiled. "Well if you can walk then I can show you my half of the pendant."

I nodded informing her that I can walk.

"Martha, aid the princess in walking." Aunt Patricia ordered.

After hearing my aunt\'s order, Martha came inside the room.

"Yes my queen." Martha bowed and helped me get up from bed. "Careful your highness." She said to me.

"Follow me. I will walk slowly so that you will not strain yourself." Aunt Patricia gently said.

The three of us walked out of the room. Outside the queen\'s ladies in waiting were waiting with William and Jack standing guard at my door.

"Let us go. Follow behind the princess." The queen ordered her ladies in waiting.

William and Jack also followed behind us. Because they were my close aides, where I go they follow.

My aunt led the way thru the corridors inside the palace. I have at least memorized the layout inside this palace and can navigate more easily. The places that I am not yet familiar with inside the palace were the places I am off limits, specifically the west wing of the palace. And now my aunt was leading us towards the west wing of the palace.

\'Like I thought, the west wing was her private space.\' I thought when walking along.

I paid attention to the way we were going and memorized the inner and outer layout of this palace. This will help me plan an easier way when I return here secretly.

At the entrance of the west wing, I saw six guards were stationed. They stood upright by the time they saw us coming.

"Greetings to the moon of the empire. Glory to the queen of Jennovia." The guards greeted in unison and saluted.

"At ease." My aunt said.

We passed by the guards easily. As I remember the first time I went astray over this place, the guards halted me and told me that the west wing were off limits. Now I know that this part was the personal space of my aunt the queen and guarded heavily.

\'Isn\'t having six guards guarding the entrance a bit too much?\' I thought when I first went astray here. Now I know why this place was heavily guarded.

I looked back at Jack who was following behind me, and our eyes met.

\'Jack.\' I tried to reach him telepathically.

My mind abilities have enhanced since the time I started entering my mother\'s inner consciousness. For now I can only have telepathic communication with people of Atlantian linage mainly those with magic abilities. I tried telepathically communicating to William but still to no avail.

\'Yes princess?\' Jack replied in no time.

\'Have you been in this part of the palace before?\' I asked.

\'No, princess. Like you, this is my first time coming here.\' Jack said. \'By the looks of it, this place is heavily guarded. Not only that, there are many magic traps around.\'

\'Magic traps?!\' I was surprised with Jack\'s words.

\'If you look closely, you can see magic symbols on the wall that cannot be seen by normal people.\' Jack said. \'Try to concentrate princess and you will also see it.\'

I tried what Jack said and concentrated my magic in my eyes. And like what Jack said, there were magic circles and symbols on the walls.

\'What are these?\' I asked.

\'I only saw these magic circles in my father\'s books and research journals. And like I said they are magic traps.\' Jack explained. \'It is not activated now because we are walking with the queen. Meaning we were granted permission to enter. But I am afraid if someone breaks in, these magic circles will activate.\'

I looked around the corridor, the walls and also the floors have these circles invisibly engraved on them.

\'Jack, please try and memorize their position and analyze them for now. We might need to break in here in the near future.\' I said.

Jack made a sigh and smiled. \'Haha you are surely brave princess. I will see what I can do.\'

I am determined to get that other half of the pendant no matter what it takes.


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