The Forgotten Princess - Chapter 208 The Queen’s True Goal 1

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The next day, my temperature went down but I still have a slight fever. Because of this I wasn\'t given permission to visit my mother in her quarters.

William has resumed his post, standing guard outside my room. Martha came in the morning and helped me get changed.

"It is good that your fever went down your highness." Martha said. "I was really worried when you were burning with fever yesterday."

"Thank you for the concern Martha." I replied. "I still have a slight fever but I am sure this will go away after I rest."

Martha carefully tucked the blanket at the lower half of my body. She brought a bed tray with her and put it over my lap.

"I have told the kitchen to prepare you a light breakfast since you are sick." Martha placed a bowl of steaming porridge on the bed tray. "Please eat to regain your strength your highness."

"Thank you once again Martha." I smiled at her.

I picked up the spoon and started to eat the steaming porridge slowly.

"The queen ordered me to tell you that she will be coming to visit you after breakfast your highness." Martha said while pouring some water inside my glass.

"The queen?" My hand that was holding the spoon stopped midway towards my mouth.

"Yes your highness. She said that she is worried about your wellbeing and wants to see you." Martha replied.

"That is very kind of her majesty… but there is no need to visit me." I said. "I am sure that she is very busy. And I am doing fine as you can see. Why not send word that she doesn\'t need to worry about me."

I am sure that my aunt has another meaning to this visit of hers. She might inquire what had happened in the greenhouse yesterday. I have a brief idea what her goal is and why she wants me to make contact with my mother, but I am not yet prepared. I haven\'t met my mother after the incident in the greenhouse and we don\'t have any concrete plans on what to do.

"I am afraid it is too late for that your highness." Martha said. "I heard she is on her way right now."

I sighed and was in thought while finishing the porridge I was eating. My mother had said to me that she has to maintain her lifeless acting to trick Aunt Patricia for now. So I have to create a lie on what happened inside the greenhouse yesterday.

After eating my breakfast and tiding up, I heard a knock on my door.

"Her majesty the queen has arrived." I heard Jack\'s voice announcing the arrival of the queen.

I carefully stood up with Martha by my side assisting me. The door opened and I saw my Aunt Patricia come inside followed by her ladies in waiting.

The queen was wearing a bright red dress with gold threaded embroidery. Her hair was carefully styled up in a bun and was adorned with a beautiful golden flower hair accessory. She has the identical look of my mother but with some distinctions. My mother has a bright face paired with gentle eyes and a warm smile, while my Aunt Patricia has fierce eyes and a cold domineering smile.

"Greetings to the moon of Jennovia." I curtsied.

"All hail to the queen." Martha bowed down.

"Rise." Aunt Patricia said. "My dear niece, no need for formalities. You are sick so lay down in bed. Martha, help the princess to her bed." She ordered.

"Yes your majesty." Martha assisted me back to my bed. I sat down and Martha placed the blankets in the lower half of my body. I smiled to Martha as gratitude.

"All of you, leave us." Aunt Patricia ordered. "I need to speak with my niece."

The queen\'s ladies in waiting and Martha bowed down to my aunt\'s words and left the room in an orderly manner. Once we were alone, Aunt Patricia looked at me with a smile.

"Oh Alicia, I have heard what happened in the greenhouse." Aunt Patricia looked at me worriedly. "I sent for the royal physician immediately when you arrived in your quarters after the incident. I heard you were burning with a high fever. How are you feeling?" Her face was full of worry.

"Don\'t worry Aunt Patricia. As you can see, I am doing fine." I smiled. "My temperature went down and now I only have a slight fever. I am sure this will be gone after some rest."

Aunt Patricia patted my hands gently. "That is good then." She smiled. "Can you tell me what happened yesterday? The servants and guards said that the greenhouse was nearly destroyed. Fortunately no one got hurt and the greenhouse has withstood the incident."

Like I thought, Aunt Patricia will inquire and ask about what happened inside the greenhouse.

"I am afraid I might disappoint you Aunt Patricia." I acted to be meek. I have to convince her of what I am about to say.

"It is okay Alicia, you can tell aunt." Aunt Patricia insisted.

"Well, like the other days I went to the greenhouse and try communicating with mama inside her head. By the time I was inside her mind, like the other times I saw a huge wall blocking my path." I said. "The wall was unlike the other ones before. It was higher and looked more sturdy and thicker than the others. Then I thought maybe this was the last defense."

What I was telling her was the truth. I have decided to mix the lies on the later part.

"I see. And then?" Aunt Patricia asked.

"So I tried to use a more powerful magic force to try and break the wall." I looked down to my hands and sounded regrettable. "But I failed and the powerful magic I have used caused a backlash on me."

I acted being sad and tried to shed tears to make it more real. I should look as if regretting that I wasn\'t able to break that last walled defense.

"I… I am sorry aunt. I tried really hard to no avail." I was sobbing now. I just hope my acting was good. "I thought I can see my mother and free her from the prison inside her mind."

I heard Aunt Patricia sighed. I felt her hand pat my head gently.

"It is okay Alicia. I am sure you did your best. I can see in the aftermath on the greenhouse." Aunt Patricia said. "I guess your magic power is still not that strong to break the prison your mother is in. You are still young and it is understandable that you lack power."

Luckily my aunt bought my acting. I feel that I have at least gained her trust these few months that I was here on Jennovia.

"Do not worry aunt, I will try again." I looked up with my eyes stained with tears. "I hope you are in no hurry."

Aunt Patricia smiled and sighed. "I am afraid that time is of the essence my dear niece."

I looked at her curiously. "What do you mean Aunt Patricia?"

"Besides wanting your mother back with us, I also want to ask her something." Aunt Patricia said. "She has some information that is essential in winning this war."


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